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  1. I don't know. I said Avs in 6. Then again, I also said Tampa in 5.
  2. Yes. But i don't want to mix passengers with those that are simply too many duplicate players that are working hard. We do have passengers. But my nagging concern is what tucson was talking about. Too many redundant grinders and passers. Like a bunch working hard grinding to get the puck (it happened once. It was a Wednesday. I remember because it WASN'T raining) but once they get it and can pass it, there's few if any to pass it to that know what to do with it to take a good shot. We have a bunch of point guards with no jumper but no shooting guard, power forwards or centers. But yeah, the passenger thing, too.
  3. I was with you until this last part, specifically regarding the islanders. They were actually worse than the Flyers in overall offense and power play (3rd worst overall on PP). The brilliance of Trotz is he had them playing incredible team defense. Best overall. The Flyers and them were similar in offense, but the Flyers with nearly "who cares?" better numbers. The reason the Isles are still playing and the flyers are not is because we gave up over a goal more a game than them. While they were first in the league, we were third from last. I don't want that to undermine your basic premise, though. We need more shooters. I don't want the pendulum to swing too far, but we're out of balance with too many mucker/grinders.
  4. Thank you for the edit! I came to that word and it wasn't what I wanted but couldn't get my head to come up with "personalities." That's perfect.
  5. Yeah, I agree. I can excuse the deadline. I really can't excuse last summer. Between coach and lack of anything last summer (JVR, but that shouldn't have been the beginning and end of it), that had to have been a negative message received by players.
  6. There's definitely all of this. I've been thinking about something else and I'll float it because I'm not sure whether it has merit. This might apply to slow starts to the season as well, in some way. But I've been thinking about their slow starts to games the entire time Hakstol was here. Some players complained that there was too much thinking and that Hakstol was too complicated. Is it possible that they started the games trying to do whatever insanity Hakstol wanted, which caused them to over-think and therefore be tentative and a step behind the game? As the game went on they began reverting back to just reacting and playing hockey. The problems here would be many. First, they'd often be behind quickly and the game away from them before the revert. Second, players would revert at a different rate, so some would be playing while others were still thinking. So you'd, in essence, have one team playing with multiple philosophies simultaneously. Just throwing that out there in the event it makes the slightest bit of sense.
  7. Until this season, we were strapped by the cap, but I don't think there's any excuse for this past summer or even this deadline. The deadline I'll allow that we didn't want to give up the prospects it would have taken just for a big "if." At the deadline, we still had a pretty big mountain to climb. But that doesn't excuse the cap room we left on the table last summer. Maybe the options just weren't there last summer. But definitely agreed on the coach thing.
  8. Yeah, I thought about right wing for Giroux shortly after, and I think OR mentioned it as well. I think that's plausible. So I'm willing to shop for a leftwinger again.
  9. For the record, I told you that you were wrong. Lol. I didn't see a minute of that (or any) series. My exhaustion level is reaching critical mass. But was this series about the Isles or the Pens? Or both? In other words, did I grossly underestimate the Isles or grossly overestimate the Pens?
  10. Oh dear God. It only took Columbus a kazillion years. And we're negatively comparing flyers scouting to Columbus. I mean look what they added at the deadline. There's negative, and then there's simply foolishness. Good lord.
  11. That's an option too, especially if they're hell bent on Panarin or Skinner. Then, you're set except for center. It's not horrible.
  12. I think I stay away from him. He should be really good, but something is off. I mean maybe, but I guess I'm suspicious.
  13. Unless we're trading JVR, I have no need for a high priced left wing. It's not even on my radar. I want right wing and center. And defenseman (maybe). Sorry, but neither Panarin nor Skinner fill a need for me. I mean, nice accessory, but doesn't fill a need. I'll pass. I'd do Hayes, actually. I hear the reasons you state and have a hard time arguing with your points on him. I try anyway. I absolutely agree about Duchene. I have zero interest. EDIT: On the other hand, if you move Giroux back to center, Coots becomes your 2C and now you suddenly have a help wanted sign at left wing.
  14. Yeah, that's my thought as well. And I don't think substituting Patrick for Frost goes in the right direction.
  15. Well, that is true, but his PPG isn't really far off. Just saying, for a defenseman, 45 points in 53 games isn't "missing in action." It's a 70 point season over 82 games. It wasn't his shots that were down. His shooting percentage fell off. A lot. That *can* be an aberration. I mean, he's still getting his shots. I don't watch a lot of Sharks hockey, but I wonder how different his assists were. I guess what I'm wondering is if his assists in Ottawa were more of the "creative" variety (passes, etc) whereas he got assists in San Jose because his shots hit people on the way in. I don't know. For whatever reason, I too perceive a drop off and think that will continue. I'm also worried now about his health. I think it would actually be a mistake to sign him for what he's going to demand.
  16. Perfect suspension, IMO. I didn't see this poll until just now, and I honestly don't know which answer I would have given not knowing the decision. This one feels right to me. Plus, they probably remove a complete powder keg if he took the ice in this series again (okay, so slight disappointment on that count).
  17. Blues will win the Cup! Gotta get Lindy Ruff back in Buffalo! Miller too!
  18. Yeah, I'm pretty close to where you are on Frost. If Patrick + got it done, I'd push you out of the way to make it happen. LOL I really wouldn't even blink.
  19. @radoran @OccamsRazor Just for fun, not for reality probably. You my fanboy thing for Frost. But Frost (and maybe something--Ghost?) for Point gets them out of cap hell and gets us a young 2C. Counter or dismiss.
  20. Yeah, the offer sheet briefly passed through my mind as well (followed quickly by, "I wonder if we have any cheese"). I just don't see the Flyers, in particular, going that route, and I don't see other teams having the stomach for it, either. I think the teams are happy to continue with their collusion.
  21. I'm not sure his offense is missing in action, but I think it will be and I definitely agree with the rest of it. I don't want the money nor the term. We'll be SCREAMING in the second half of it. And I don't think the team he's currently on--which is much better than the Flyers--is going to win with him. I just don't see the ROI unless one is talking about sweater sales.
  22. Hey, I just saw your vote on the other thread. This isn't meant as "what the hell is your problem?!?!" I'm seriously asking because i'm interested in your take: what is your concern? I think I vaguely remember your not being interested when we were talking in complete hypotheticals, but I don't remember the reasons.
  23. You know what, though. I know you're kidding, and you know I'm not a fan of his as a head coach. But they (Buffalo) would actually be well-served if whomever they do hire as a head coach brings in Stevens as an assistant. As an assistant, he's as good as it gets. He could really help Dahlin and Risto, I think. (As long as the brass promises to never make him interim head coach--let alone "permanent"--I wouldn't be real opposed to Stevens on the staff in Philly. I'm assuming that bridge has been burned, but I don't know that.
  24. Nobody bakes a cake as tasty as a....oh, nevermind.
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