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  1. Lol. Was he really drafted ahead of Guentzel? Astounding. I mean, the Flyers weren't the only ones who missed there, but wow.
  2. With 10 chances, I take Rittich every time.
  3. I realize it's got to be foreign to HIM. I'm not thinking of anyone else. I don't care what is or isn't foreign to him. I'm wondering what GM hires him as a starter. But he's not a #1 goalie. His best-case scenario is he finds a tandem situation somewhere (similar to what they have on the Islanders). He was good as a backup in New York, and he was decent his first year in Edmonton. But there is a lot of work to be done there. If I'm a GM, I'm not hiring him as my starter. Not even at league minimum. Not if I'm soberly attempting to actually win anything.
  4. I remember that 15 minutes fondly. (No, I agree with you. Just being a wise guy)
  5. Don't like the signing, but agree completely about Talbot. If Fletcher really did look around and Elliott was simply cheaper, or better value at that amount (and others may not have done only one year), then I'm okay if it enables the Flyers to have enough to extend the kids in a prudent manner.
  6. In all seriousness, who the hell is hiring the guy to be a #1? Columbus? LOL I'm really trying to think of a team that is stuck and would take a chance on him even being a stopgap until a kid arrives. He should go to Buffalo; I know a guy who will love him for 5 minutes until the nude poster of Miller over his bed starts to weep.
  7. Then he'll have to figure out how to improve so his play doesn't seem like No. 2.
  8. Show me where I was polite! SHOW ME! Go #### yourself! Kidding. Good to see you, you bad influence!
  9. Hi @aziz I see you lurking there. Hope you're well.
  10. Besides, Andrew MacDonald proved you don't necessary have to be cut out for the NHL to never the less have a lengthy career in the NHL.
  11. On free agency (not kidding) I would have talked to Kinkaid and McElhinney. Kinkaid is actually good in a limited, 20-35 game role. Not terrific. Good. I was going to say that I think the Flyers priced themselves out of a free agent signing, but I don't think either goalie would have been much more than what they signed Elliott for. And less likely to get hurt putting cream cheese on their bagels.
  12. Well, what else could it possibly mean? I think the correlation is abundantly clear.
  13. Not so much stapled. See, there was this fly and, well, the frog's tongue got stuck in the chicken's ###.
  14. Often wishful thinking. Sometimes the answer to "why did the chicken cross the road?" is simply "he was walking that direction and didn't give two ####s about the road" and nothing more. But some like to put meaning to why a potato is shaped as it is.
  15. Yeah, I think I'm with you. Just thinking he's UFA and not expensive and could slot on. Not excited and TFG is right, he's horribly inconsistent. Yeah, okay, pass
  16. I don't think I'm excited, but what do we think of Richard Panik at 3RW? I don't think it would cost that much and he could be dropped to 4th and Pitlicker could be jettisoned or moved to #13 if a kid steps up.
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