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  1. This. 12 teams Get rid of the stupid points and the shootout. 10 minute overtime 3 v 3. If it's still tied, it's still tied. If a team is out by Christmas, so be it. Get them next year. But an owner might be quicker to do what he needs to do to correct it if he doesn't want his investment to die. And again, I hate the casual fan. Go casually step in traffic.
  2. I agree less teams should make the playoffs, but I don't agree with the argument. My problem is the exact opposite. It's the early season games that are boring for me. Well, all of it, but especially the early games. Actually, it could be the fact that I cheer for a team that is NOT one of the 80% getting in (and don't win anything if they accidentally do), but the entire regular season has been cheapened and has become boring (could also legitimately be age, too). The past several years, I've been much more involved with fantasy hockey standings than nhl. It's not just the "too many teams get in" thing. It's the three point games that hide some real suckage among some of the teams and delude some really not too bright fans into believing their team is good. (no offense, Minnesota) All this to attract "passive fans." Well, screw passive fans. We've sacrificed competition and excitement on the altar of universal mediocrity and bloated contacts. The resulting product is bland and uninteresting. It's really not much different than watching people skate at Rockefeller.
  3. I'm not saying it's justified. I'm saying there are humans involved. And Kekalainen may feel the need to prove he can tack someone down since he hasn't previously been able to. You know, keep the fans from realizing NO ONE really wants to stay in Columbus given the choice. It's small, but Columbus is actually a fairly nice town--if it weren't in Ohio.
  4. This is aside from the Trouba discussion. As a fan or even as a GM, do you want to sign him now for the 8 years and at least have that cost-controlled, or go for the $6.5m bridge and either pay through the nose at UFA or lose him? I'm not entirely sure how to answer that. I think they may be at a place currently where they need to do the $6.5M now because it's the least immediately painful and worry about tomorrow tomorrow. But I think I might try for the 8 year deal. Not sure, though.
  5. Right, but your post doesn't seem to indicate you understand this isn't about a Trouba to Provorov comparison (neither stats nor circumstance). The argument is Trouba to Werenski and then Werenski to Provorov. Your point about Provorov vs. Trouba is, I think, valid. And frankly, it should be the same argument as Trouba/Werenski. But I think Werenski and Columbus is different than Provorov/Flyers. All of this is based on the idea that Columbus will feel the need to overpay given they just lost Panarin, Bob, the ice cream guy, the security guard, etc. And they could very likely use Trouba as the measuring stick. If that becomes the case, then it is very easy and understandable for Provy's agent to make the Werenski/Provorov comparison. We've all already acknowledged that Provorov's agent is waiting on Werenski (and McAvoy). So, if Columbus finds itself giving into a Werenski/Trouba comparison, it becomes relevant to the Flyers. Not because Trouba/Provorov is valid, but because Werenski/Provorov IS. And this, by the way, is not a new concept. It's frankly how the upward salary pressure we've all watched over the years has happened: Someone--player A--gets successfully (but arguably illegitimately) compared to someone else--player C--in a different circumstance and gets paid more than he actually should. That's immediately followed by (at best) someone equal to player A saying they should get player A's deal. Or worse, player C is lesser than player A but successfully repeats the A-B comparison. Suddenly you have player C--two levels down--on the same pay scale as player B. Way too many letters going on there, so hopefully you followed that because I think I just confused myself. All this to say that Werenski would be the pivot player that could cause Trouba's pay to be relevant to Provorov despite the fact that, as a direct line, it has no business being so.
  6. My point is that you can make a comparison in stats with Werenski and Trouba. The connection never has to be made between Provorov and Trouba directly for it to be relevant. For Werenski vs. Trouba: #8 overall vs. #9. 3 years difference and the contract situation is certainly different, but there can be an argument made production vs. production. Pretend for a moment that *Werenski's* agent is able to successfully make that comparison relevant and gets Werenski in that ballpark. And get slightly more because Werenski is younger. NOW, you have a relevant comparison for Provorov's agent to make: Provorov vs. Werenski. This is why I think Trouba could ultimately be relevant. I don't perceive the same "whisper down the lane" effect with McAvoy, but that's only because I thought Boston had less cap space than they do (I just looked). I still think Columbus can be quite a bit more free with their spending and may have the urge to show their fan base they can lock up a player (after losing everyone including the Dominoes delivery guy). But yeah, I don't think there's a straight line comparison between Trouba and Provorov. I mean, I suppose there could be, but I don't think so. It's just that I don't think it's completely irrelevant because it could affect Provorov by way of Werenski.
  7. I think the Trouba deal will actually influence the Provorov deal more than is being said here. I understand some of the arguments being made and they are valid. But I think the Trouba deal will influence Provorov's relevant comparables and, therefore, Provorov. And I think the player that will be the entry point will be Werenski, mostly because Columbus has the money to spend and is looking to prove they'll spend it. Werenski will get at least Trouba money and that will affect Provorov.
  8. I really didn't want Caulfield coming into the draft. A lot of fans from various teams did, but I think he's a horrible risk that high. I really liked Brink coming into it, but not at 12. And I really didn't think we'd have a pick where it would be appropriate. There were some other forwards I wanted at 12, but York was a solid pick. I'm pretty happy with it.
  9. So no trades for Seattle for the first several years.
  10. Right? Quite possibly the most boring, irrelevant franchise in hockey.
  11. Please stop calling my wife a festering wound. That's MY pet name for her. No one else is supposed to call her that.
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