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  1. So @TropicalFruitGirl26 If you had Point in fantasy, what do you do as far as keeper? That's my current dilemma.
  2. What struck me about Laughton on a couple of occasions last night was how incredibly slow he looked. He looked like he was skating in Jello next to people around him. I guess I've noticed that before, but I'm not sure. It was eye-opening to me. Hagg was Hagg. I thought Sanheim played well but didn't exactly stand out. Kase, Rubtsov, NAK, and Friedman all stood out to me. I didn't think anything of Kase coming into camp, but he's done a nice job so far. Raffl was Raffl. I can't really say there is much to write about either "game." They both seemed like a practice where they were keeping score. Dobson looked really very good on the Islanders. Wahlstrom was okay. The woman in the booth, AJ Mleczko, knows her stuff. She just needs to be able to get it out of her face without mangling it. Maybe it was jitters, I don't know. But she was painful to listen to.
  3. For whatever it's worth, my laptop hates you too.
  4. Who is the woman doing color on the islanders' game tonight (Tuesday)? She's very knowledgeable. But she's horrible to listen to. Anyone heard her before? Just a bad night? Stumbling and bumbling like Steve Coates.
  5. Sorry bud. I knew the post was way out of character. I'm going to blame it on my 103 fever, but it might just be my stupidity.
  6. Well, honestly, they had a total of three days. Not all summer. It's the first preseason game. Rusty legs, etc. The first couple are just about getting sea legs and for some bubble players to try to stand out. They only keep score so they can charge admission (some would pay even if they didn't!) Well yes, but they haven't even worked on the power play yet. Early stages is largely "system" stuff.
  7. Does anyone know whether tonight's game is televised or streaming or whatever (and where)?
  8. Also in Philly, they can find out you had a dud 80 years ago and boot you out of the city.
  9. This is great. I couldn't have expected better. Oh wait, I'm supposed to be yelling. I'll be back.
  10. He's in Group A. (Don't feel bad, I was going to add, "...but I don't see Frost anywhere," and he's right above Farabee!
  11. Not to mention the "itis" means inflamed. So, "inflamed '...itis' is kind of redundant (though possible on Patrick, now that I think about it). But what if he--in his entirety--is what is being inflamed in @CoachX's post? Would that be LBI, UBI, or TBI?
  12. Yeah, I agree. This circumstance started even before he was drafted, so it's not like it's the NHL that did it. And really, with how much he's been injured, I don't know how much he would have developed in juniors, either. It's a shame.
  13. Or the 5th and have taken Pettersson. In retrospect -- and probably only with the benefit of retrospect -- we either reach back or trade back and take either Heiskanen, Glass, or Pettersson. If we don't "win" the lottery, we're back at 12th. I'm not familiar enough with the players in that range. Maybe someone good is still developing and is coming out of that grouping, but right now I think we're still better off. I don't know. I really want to say they brought him to the NHL way too fast. To me, it was a move driven by PR rather than good hockey sense. I think that's true, but if the guy is going to burst his jugular just brushing his teeth, it may ultimately not make a difference. It just might have made him more effective in the 5 games he was in.
  14. Yeah. I mean, I have them winning the division. But I also think the distance between 1st and 4th will be small. So, I probably see a couple of small things going right whereas you don't. And the difference is 1st to 4th. And I think that's a very valid call.
  15. The article on NBC sports Philly has Fletcher quoted saying they knew about it. But I regardless agree with all of that. [Hidden Content]
  16. i just saw this on NBC Sports/Philly. I swear to God, as soon as he's healthy for 10 minutes, I move him. He's not impressive when he's healthy, and he's completely worthless the other 95% of the time. If you can get some idiot GM to trade for him, pull the trigger.
  17. This is good. Now, I'm off to another thread where I can complain about something.
  18. I don't know. He didn't have a good year last year. This ends when he's 29 or 30. He should be a really good player. This could be a really good deal for the Yotes. Or, it could be a disaster. This is the developing problem in the NHL. The death of the bridge deal is causing a lot of wild forecasting and prospecting. It's making the "irrelevant age" as young or younger than the NFL. You probably will see the emergence of the Howie "these positions are worth paying for and these aren't" philosophy. And the expansion is only making a bad situation even worse. The whole thing is going to burn itself out. On a micro level, really not a horrible deal.
  19. LOL! I have Hart and Biddington returning to my team in our keeper league. And yes, tier is definitely the way to go. I question Price, Fleury, Jones and Rittich all being tier 2, though. In neither real hockey nor fantasy would I trade Price for Rittich, for example. Though if I already had a tier 1 goalie, I might trade Price for Rittich AND something (in fantasy). Now that I'm writing, maybe I agree about all other three being tier 2, because all three are nice to have but I wouldn't want to have any of them be my main goalie in fantasy. In both of the leagues I'm in--just to give you reference--these are the categories that the goalies can "score" points for you in: W - L - Svs --SV% -- GAA-- ShO Both of the leagues are head-to-head, meaning each week you square off against an opponent, and you get a point if your goalies have more wins in that week than him/her. A point for less losses, and then a point each for having the most saves, the highest save %, the lowest GAA, and the most Shutouts (often a tie but really just added bonus if your goalie happens to get one). So, a guy like Martin Jones can get you a bunch of points in W-L but balance out in the other categories. That's why he's a two. Price, on the other hand, (when he's on) can get you the peripherals but on Montreal can kind of balance out on the W-L. Given the fantasy track record of the other "1's" on that list, it really is high praise not just for Hart but potentially what they think about the Flyers this year. Because if they thought "good goalie, meh team" he'd probably be a 2. @yave1964, @pilldoc thought you might find this interesting
  20. I know the points and all, but i really disagree with the last statement. My "dumber than dog ****" is he attempts too much. No less than 5-10 times per game he's stickhandling into multiple opponents like he thinks he's the best ever at it (he's not close). It's not like he doesn't see them. He somehow thinks he can beat all of them and he rarely does. He coughs it up or makes a stupid pass. It's infuriating the frequency by which this happens. I think the Carter thing is probably apt but slightly different. Carter often looked (right or wrong) like he wasn't trying. I never have that impression with Voracek. I just wish he'd try smarter. Pass it before you trap yourself. Use your teammates -- even if you think THEY are not trying. My biggest problem with him is at the opponent's blue line and just inside it. I meant it when I asked what kind of points he could accumulate if it wasn't for the complete idiocy in that area. I don't have a lot of problem with him elsewhere. He'd probably hit 100 points if he'd fix this.
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