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  1. It's Risto. HIs *** is where the foot has to go to get to the body part you're referencing -- that is also inserted there.
  2. I am not remotely impressed with Tort's tenure in Columbus. At all. I really want nothing to do with him coming to Philly, but it would be par for the course for the clown show running the (dis)organization. If he's hired, I'll just continue watching something better...like full-contact basket weaving with Sumerian subtitles.
  3. Define "floater." If it's limited to players, yes on JVR, though this might be recency bias. If it's simply defined as "individual making a boatload of money but had done nothing of value for an extended period of time," then my vote is Paul Holmgren. Or Bob Clarke.
  4. They will be second pair. As the young school children with terrible parents say, 'nuff said. It's not advocating anything. It's acknowledging reality.
  5. I missed why we're thinking that Sanheim won't be paired with Risto again. Did I miss the premise (I may have; I haven't read all the posts) that Risto wouldn't be here? If Risto is here, I wouldn't think they break up that pair. Because Sanheim was the only pairing that made Risto...well, less pathetic than the rest. But then I don't know what you do next to Provy. If Ellis plays, I guess he's next to Provorov. That puts York on the 3rd pair. Near term, maybe that's not a terrible thing. But if Ellis does not play, they need to know that sooner than later because
  6. Hey! I haven't seen you in awhile. It's really refreshing to see your post. Hope you're doing well. This site needs more of you. Don't be a stranger.
  7. Agreed. Among reasons is that it forces Sanheim (or Provy) to the wrong side. Also, not an exact match, of course, but they're similar in their strengths and weaknesses, so as a result their pairing is redundant rather than complimentary. My best guess theory, anyway.
  8. I don't have a good answer for you, but I'm hoping someone has a viable answer because it's really a terrific question.
  9. Also Bob Clarke: "It's not my fault I am a cancer!"
  10. Bob Clarke: "It's not my fault he got cancer!"
  11. Yeah, I guess I made that one too easy. Let's do a harder one: I'm thinking of a hall of famer who wore #16 as a Flyer. No googling. Don't cheat.
  12. "What is the Philadelphia Flyers? [DING] I'll take, 'Worthless Wastes of Time' for $500, Alex!"
  13. From your ears to God's mouth. Sadly, the flyers obviously aren't under God's jurisdiction. Clearly, management is under the influence of another Biblical entity (not Job).
  14. Players should sue the Flyers for being exposed to Jim McCrossin.
  15. Who saw that coming? At one point, for 5-10 minutes, I was actually up 9-7. I knew it wouldn't last because you had me a huge disadvantage in man games, and I knew the couple I had playing would do nothing for me where I needed it. Hopefully, I at least had you nervous for a nanosecond. Well-played, sir.
  16. @flyercanuck What's your pick here? I second it.
  17. @flyercanuck disregard. Wrong thread
  18. He put imbeciles in charge of his franchise and lived in the 1970s for 40 years. And had a moron for a son. Honor that.
  19. Thank you. I honestly didn't think I stood a chance. Which is odd, because my NAHANA prognostications have been so spot on. Lol I actually thought I might have a slim chance because I'd done so poorly the last could weeks. 2.7% of me thought maybe the team was due.
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