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  1. He already is. What we need is for him to stop playing with himself and lean to play some damn hockey. #GrumpyMcGrumpyPants
  2. Look, I'm sorry, not to speak ill of the dead,but the biggest problem with this organization was Ed Snider and now his continued legacy. Thank you, Ed, for bringing the organization and the sport to Philly, but the organization has been fatally flawed pretty much since Keith Allen stepped away. The myopia and Luriesque attachment to people failing at their jobs at the top, a losing philosophy, and an utter lack of ingenuity and forethoughtedness (is that a word?) has been glaring for literally decades. When was the last time the Flyers were at the forefront or anyone w
  3. I mean, really, raise your hand i if you thought either the Braun and Gus signing were anything more than complete knee jerk idiocy. Anybody? Anybody? Buehler? Buehler? Voodoo GMing.
  4. Biggest disappointment to whom? To me? Yes. Actually, it's neck and neck with "The Society" being unexpectedly cancelled by Netflix because of production delays due to COVID.
  5. Shopping lazily, aimlessly, and mindlessly. Because it's the Flyer way.
  6. Giroux is suk. Whatever happened to phlfly? You figure he's enjoying a cold bowl of shchi in a gulag somewhere?
  7. Again, I don't think that's the problem. They played together before and did well. The near universal refrain was DON'T ever break them up. I'm telling you, you can go up and down this roster and there's a similar pattern and we can get lost in the minutia of what is wrong in each case (and not be wrong, btw). But there is an undercurrent pattern and unless we find the cause of THAT and address it, any player you move will only be replaced by the next victim of that existent pattern/cause. I tell you what, though, pattern aside I also agree with the "coaching up" and
  8. I only want two players gone. And just one of them might work. They start with the same letters as "Vaginal Ggonorrhea." Or, "Gross! Vulgar!" The rest, I don't actually have to wait. We've already seen it. And then it withered and died. It's still there. And if you get rid of one or both of the VGs, and they don't come back to life, then you get rid of them. Barring that. If we're going to pretend that the VeeGees aren't the problem, then I move Patrick first and foremost. I think he's actually played better in some ways. It's not showing on the sc
  9. I'm curious what team would trade away a guy like Kubalik. I mean, they know what they have in him, he's still fairly inexpensive, and is still RFA at the end of next season. He's actually spent a lot of the season on higher lines, but he's going through a slow patch. I mean, they're rebuilding too, so I don't think we get him. I personally wouldn't trade him for anything on the Flyers if I'm Chicago. I know he's one example and I also get that maybe with some kind of package, but I'm also not blowing a hole in the roster to get him, either. (I do like him. Good call on th
  10. I really don't want to give up Laughton. But yeah.
  11. If we ever meet, I'll still buy you a beer (only 100 ml; you'll have to prorate the rest). But I'm afraid we can't be friends. lol
  12. I see what you did there. Cracked me the hell up, too.
  13. It wouldn't be the first (or last) site I'd get banned from. Or church, for that matter.
  14. There was no other option, but that's not really the point. The people you mentioned weren't here long enough (Konecny on the back end, Timonen on the front) or reasonable choices (Konecny) or whomever. The point is --and this part is certainly not Giroux's fault -- is that they never brought that in. And by the time Giroux was in the role for multiple years--and especially with V as the wingman -- you couldn't bring someone else in and expect it to work as long as the VeeGees were here. So, it's time to move on. Honestly, I have quite a bit of vitriol pointed toward V
  15. Other than that, I really don't have much of an opinion on the subject. Pretty much undecided on him.
  16. I hate him. For the record, I completely despise him. Like I did Lecavalier, except that unlike Vinny, I didn't hate Voracek from the moment he arrived. First, he's not the only one that reliably contributes offensively. First of all, it's hardly "reliably," and second, the amount of offense he contributes the other way due to sheer idiocy and arrogance is mind-numbing. He simply makes utterly asinine plays in the neutral zone and high in the offensive zone. They don't ALL end up in the Flyer net, but he puts an absurd amount of pressure on the Flyers' defense and goaltending
  17. I'm not saying G is suk and haven't. He doesn't. I get what you're responding to with this, and I hear you, but I am not saying that. This isn't about his skill. Richards was quite frankly a horrible captain. I'm still fine with trading him because he simply was horrible captain and there, too, there was something horribly wrong with the group. He and Carter were shipped out not because Richards is suk or Carter is suk but because they represented the leadership and their "It's just one game" and you can just screw off and 'f[orget] the coach!" mentality was permeating. What we
  18. I completely agree with this. But I do think it's plausible. But so is the chain saw and the teenagers...er...trees by the lake. Niskanen, specifically, is wild speculation at best. But from my vantage it fits in nicely with what to me is several seasons of mounting symptoms.
  19. Agreed. I don't want to overstate what I've said (although I already have), because while 2007 is a great of example of how this should work, there was presumably this idea when we threw Richards & Carter out. Even in retrospect, I think the Richards & Carter reasoning was the right one, but the execution flat out sucked and it's derailed us for quite awhile. So, I would still move BOTH of Giroux and Doorcheck and let's close the Amish Outhouse chapter of FlyersLivesFightForWives and move on.
  20. On the other hand, I really like either of these options.
  21. I would not trade Giroux, Vorachek, or Hayes for prospects or picks. We have a lot and they're actually skilled enough. Again, what we have is a radioactive core that is infecting the kids (and others) once they get here. I find it interesting--and telling--that Myers was really good in his first season and suddenly forgot how to play. More telling, and almost proof in my mind, is that Niskanen played one season on a TWO year contract and ran from the building after one season. Voracek and Giroux, in particular are aging, radioactive, and have huge conta
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