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  1. You're a good guy. I don't care what the locals say.
  2. Agreed. I mean, he's producing like a veteran for whom time is catching up, but he's still producing. And I also agree with [what I think is] your implication that he'd produce even more on a better team. One of the 3,782 reasons the Flyers are a sh#tty team is because they have Yandle taking up time on the roster.
  3. The iron man record is nice, but what is his streak of entirely ineffective games up to? I mean, even I can put on a uniform and skate around with absolutely no purpose (I have experience; see resume). Yeah, hope Kessel breaks it. When the sole purpose of longevity is longevity, there is no purpose.
  4. Hope you're doing well in Chambersburg. I love that area, but don't get down quite as much anymore. Some really good restaurants down that way!
  5. Jesus. 2022 is like "eff you, 2020 & 2021. Hold my beer. And eff you, world; stay still while I pull your hair."
  6. Only teams run by complete narcissistic imbeciles. Ultimately, this is the problem with the medical staff. It's just another symptom of the cancerous dry rot. Hey, Clarkie, it's not MY fault you're a cancer!
  7. Or a sell blow get high guy. Either way, I vote him off the island.
  8. Look, this isn't all in Yeo. Scotty Bowman couldn't win in this (dis)organization. Until Clarkgren is gone,, there is no hope. That said, Mike Yeo is a terrible coach and has been a terrible coach at every stop. Fire him tomorrow for all I care, but for the love of God don't start another season with this jackass behind the bench. We already fired the head coach. Yeo is just the interim because there weren't good mid-season options. So fire him and Laperriere as well, and start over. None of it makes a difference if the clown car upstairs is still here, but at leas
  9. I like JSQ. But that's unfair. They're bringing people back too soon, and it's bulls**t. They are almost criminally destroying kids. Even Hayes had his prognosis reduced. Probably somewhere along the lines of what Lehner was talking about, but it wasn't just AV. What we're watching is utter bulls**t.
  10. They're being brought back way too fast. This (dis)organization is a clown show from top to bottom.
  11. I couldn't care less where it's located, I wouldn't watch the snoozefest that is the Olympics. So I'm with you on the rest.
  12. @lynxrattle You do understand that in Philly we'd be pissed off if you made us happy
  13. Right there with you. I was furious. I was told to give him a chance. I wanted that chance to be a 6-shooter with 5 bullets.
  14. How much of that is the retards employing them and demanding "get them out there; I'm not paying them to heal. I'm paying them to play! Play! Play!"
  15. Giroux and a first to Anaheim for Comtois and Derek Grant. Because Yahoo said so.
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