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  1. purrficked Glad you didn't take offenCe.
  2. The Stupider Express kind of left the station with the signing itself.
  3. I don't know, obviously, but I would think you're right in assuming there was an arrangement. I only say that because it was kind of hyped by the Flyers and their broadcast teams all year long. I mean, they had to have something to market beside the incessant nostalgia du jour given the fact they couldn't soberly market the cess pool that is the team itself. On the other hand, that may not have been the deal out of the gate given that they signed him way back in July and were still operating under the delusion that they had assembled the 1976 Canadiens. Honestly, though. I th
  4. I do have to say, I like me some poutine!
  5. For the record, I know he was on the Panthers. But somehow my phone (or fingers) put "Penguins." I need to read my post before hitting reply now that I don't have edit ability.
  6. Yeah, I kind of think that way too. But @GratefulFlyers is kind of presenting his argument from a "players fraternity" standpoint. Objectively, I'm with you on that I don't think they owed him the streak. But in the way Grateful is framing it from the players' standpoint, I get the argument -- especially as it relates to anything before breaking the record. I think he actually has a point even after that from a player's perspective, but I think it's a lot less after the record. Look, he sucked from game 1 and he actually sucked last year on the Penguins. Fletche
  7. I completely get what you're saying, and one side of the brain says "hear hear!" But ultimately, they gave him the opportunity to break the record and add to it. Had they benched him for a random game prior getting the record, then I all sides of my brain says "hear hear!" But they ultimately did him a solid by signing him, letting him play despite the fact he clearly can't and then even let him add to it. They don't owe him or anyone else the roster spot or the right to continue playing when he's a detriment and his playing is in opposition to what they clearly should be focusi
  8. You will let us know when you accidentally find a fact, right? Use a flashlight. Wouldn't want you to accidentally trip on one and hurt yourself.
  9. I can't honestly say I'll spend a nanosecond worrying about it. I was more disgusted by the fact they signed the bozo to begin with. 989 games and provided almost nothing for the last 200. They let him get his meaningless consecutive games of worthlessness. No one else was going to sign him and he would never have gotten his stupid streak record. My problem is their putting him back in the lineup. He is frankly no longer an NHL player. Apparently, no head coach taught him how to play defense. Because, you know, that's a thing.
  10. Still in constant contact and good friends with him. I'd feel bad if he wasn't such a jerk (jr, not sr.)
  11. Yeah, i knew for a year or maybe two before things got really bad at the end. We chatted quite a bit in pms, and back then you could "sidebar" privately in the chatroom. Man, the maker/fanatic and maker/ntp66 fights were epic, though. Some others, too. Though they didn't create the quotables that superfan88 vs. fanatic did. The part I feel a little bad about is I outed her in a public post and didn't even realize the implications of what I'd said until she called me on it. She disappeared almost immediately after. Oh well.
  12. Yes left Philly(dot)com well before this site was born. I think in 2006 or 2007. (God, was it really that long ago?!)
  13. Do you have anything better to call someone? I mean the reality is you're a fairly new member being an ill-informed, pompous d*** to a well-established long-term member. Who's the troll?
  14. Lol. There were some of us that she privately told. I don't think I was the earliest (a couple still on this board knew before me, I think) but among them. It all came to a head when he was under the gun and, then, ultimately when the Flyers fired him. In retrospect, probably the wrong move and some of what she said about "management" had some truth to it. But don't tell her I said that.
  15. Former Philly(dot)com boardie! And Canadian golf pro.
  16. Does anyone think they'll find a skate that will work for Forsberg?
  17. I know, right? I laugh every time it comes up. It's entertainment gold.
  18. Yeah, I just added this link to the other post while you were replying https://www.alamy.com/st-louis-blues-coach-ken-hitchcock-and-his-wife-corina-kelepouris-arrive-for-the-2012-nhl-awards-show-at-the-wynn-las-vegas-resort-in-las-vegas-nevada-june-20-2012-hitchcock-won-his-first-jack-adams-award-as-the-nhls-best-coach-reuterssteve-marcus-united-states-tags-sport-ice-hockey-image399792626.html It's older now, but they're still married
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