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  1. You know they're married, right? Lol yes on Hitch. https://www.alamy.com/st-louis-blues-coach-ken-hitchcock-and-his-wife-corina-kelepouris-arrive-for-the-2012-nhl-awards-show-at-the-wynn-las-vegas-resort-in-las-vegas-nevada-june-20-2012-hitchcock-won-his-first-jack-adams-award-as-the-nhls-best-coach-reuterssteve-marcus-united-states-tags-sport-ice-hockey-image399792626.html Cracks me up. I went looking for this and several of the articles had "NFL headcoach..."
  2. Other than golf with theMaker03. Good to see you, and as always, great post
  3. The thing i have going for me is my team has stunk for the last two weeks. I'm bound to have a good week purely by accident. It remains to be seen whether it will be enough.
  4. Please buy me a drink first. And I'd prefer if you wear a condom. Thanks.
  5. Flyers get first overall but don't draft Wright. Fletcher picks..
  6. It's more likely that this Fansided writer is completely full of crap
  7. Anyone need a Lexus?
  8. Scratch tonight. Past several games, averaging 7 1/2 minutes/game.
  9. If I had to predict a winner in NAHANA, I'm actually picking @hf101. Hysterical because about 4-5 weeks ago I thought there was a good chance of Silky Mitts falling out of the playoffs, but they seem to have come together and are just skyrocketing.
  10. I really wanted to steal him, too, so I could make up the 80+ points I'm behind and beat Yave in the first round like my hero J0e!
  11. If was to socilaist for Ovechkin is Obama for to be not is Giroux bad for it. G is suk.
  12. Did you mean to put this on a 4 yr. stale thread?
  13. For me, nearly everything on Fansided lacks credibility. Most of it is the random gibberish written by someone barely qualified to have their own Facebook profile.
  14. Kuato says gentle Ben Kenobi thinks that Kuato needs to drink more ...
  15. Fair point. I stand corrected.
  16. Yeah, I'm perfectly fine with this one. The return is actually decent considering there's no way he's in Edmonton next year unless he gets a job at a car dealership there. West German BMW West, or something. I have nothing against the guy, and he will be a good depth guy, like you said. Ironically, that's what Fletcher got him for, but it never played out that way.
  17. I can't tell you how much I hope you're right. I was saying it more out of fear that management would do something stupid than I was "please bring my GiGi home!" Seriously, thank you for that. You're right.
  18. This one isn't hard. It's the senior advisors and the half-assed corporation that runs its hockey team the same way it runs the rest of its garbage organization. Had it been up to hextall, all would have been sold and we'd have had a proper rebuild. But Clarkgren would never allow that because old, slow, stupid. This is Philly. Kate Smith videos. The Flyer way, argle bargle. I'm not trying to give hextall a complete pass but most of the problem was he always had the twin canker sores steaming and oozing over his shoulder. This is on Clarkgren. It has been f
  19. Lol yes, but don't worry. All roads here are circles. The Giroux trade kind of stinks in the "what could have been" way, but Fletcher seems to have gotten as good as he was going to under the circumstances. This isn't really the place for the comment, I guess, but I'm still more upset about the Risto signing. Especially given the picks that were flying off the shelves for dmen. The other two moves today weren't exciting, but they were decent.
  20. Panarin and what? Go big or go home, I always say. We need a center, so I would think Panarin and Zibby would have been minimum.
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