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  1. The same reason the 1929 stock market crash was Fletcher's fault! What is wrong with you?! This is the hate zone! Reason and logic was several exits back. Sorry, no U-turns.
  2. I'd settle for distant past considerations once removed (by scalpel).
  3. I'd put him out on the curb with a "FREE" sign. I'd pay his whole stinking salary the rest of this season for someone to take him.
  4. So, $412,500. Maybe not coincidentally, that was the gate at the last home game.
  5. What is the possibility that Florida was "chosen" because they're not going to re-sign Giroux, so there's a chance he comes back? Just wondering if that would have been the case in, say, Boston--where they may have tried to extend him. I'm just suspicious they took less return for a "rental" so they could get him back.
  6. Well,, it's just accurate is all. Defenses are better and there's less scoring than in the 80s. Goalies, on average, are better even if only for the fact their pads are twice the size. It's not exactly a new theory (sorry J0e). I mean, it's so commonly accepted that it's cliche. It doesn't necessarily mean you can simply prorate any individual player's point total and add 20% or something if they were somehow transported back in time. But a 40-goal scorer today gets the clout the 50-goal scorer used to because there's just less of them. And it's frankly harder.
  7. Terrible trade, Fletchy. Can't even do this right. He's simply terrible. How does he even get $7.25/hr?
  8. I thought any list should include Poulin, too. I wonder (for me) if it's because those teams were during my high school years so an attachment. I guess if we're talking about all time Flyers captains it's Clarke, Poulin, Lindros (in that order. Hopefully no one was expecting Dineen). But a list of forwards based solely on numbers, I guess maybe not.
  9. It's a good core. Sharks need a goalie. Do they have anyone coming or will they need to go outside?
  10. You corrected. Yandle is terrible. He plays arguably worse. But he's also making a fraction and not taking up as much salary money that could be used elsewhere. Really close. Money aside, I'll take Risto over Yandle.
  11. Sanheim has made your idiot savante (Risto) BETTER by every single metric known to man. Seriously, the brain cells killed reading your posts are ....is that what happened to Risto? He read your delusional, incoherent babblings?
  12. He played the other night against the Flyers and fought Konecny after taking out Scott Laughlin with a beautiful (and completely legal) hip check. He seems like a pretty good addition to the third pair so far
  13. That's accurate. Mostly. He plays like an old 27 year old with brain damage.
  14. For Chara. Because he plays 19th century Flyers hockey (and played in the 19th century).
  15. This, as they say 1000x this. Forget the lead paint. I'd go directly to portable oxygen.
  16. Provorov. I'll personally hate it, but it gets bigger bang and clears out suddenly-needed cap space.
  17. Have you ever considered having the paint in your house tested for lead?
  18. Did you read the responses on Twitter from some of the utterly brain dead Flyers fans? I mean exactly how many Twitter handles does PEDO 228 ERQS have?
  19. If he does, they have to put it right behind a statue of an Ottawa cop. We'll call the art scene, "Cup'a'Cop"
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