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  1. Yet the rest of the Rangers aren't getting 6 points/game and you don't see that from other teams. So it has more to do with that line than you might think. And that is in no way meant to defend the flyers here. More that I'm finding it curious that other teams haven't studied and repeated what's being done there.
  2. This really sucks to watch. Could be recency bias, but this feels worse than 2006-07.
  3. Please don't share pictures of my wife on the internet. Or at least not on here. I mean, this is where I come to escape. This just isn't right, dude.
  4. Sorry if this has already been posted elsewhere https://www.broadstreethockey.com/2021/3/26/22352238/flyperblog-gritty-resigns-from-flyers-in-protest Flyperblog: Gritty Resigns from Flyers in Protest Good night, sweet prince By estebomb on March 26, 2021 12:00 pm
  5. Agree with both of you that this can't be done while Giroux remains. But others cannot effectively lead while Giroux and Voracek remain. I get the argument about Provorov and Braun and they may not be natural leaders anyway, but it's not happening in any case while the VeeGees are here. I agree it's not about the letter on the sweater but the genes in the jeans. But it does have to do with the fact this IS the Veegees' team. By seniority, tradition, and incompetent negligence. Provorov and Braun could provide leadership on the defense and clearly aren't, but the rest
  6. I only saw it live, but I wondered if I saw a hair pull. Yeah, what a BS move.
  7. Where is the high stick here? Seriously asking. It's possible it's the butt end, but one, I don't think so and 2) if anything it's the top glove hand. Completely phantom calls going on in this league. Two refs in a game and they either see nothing or they see fantasyland. I think the fired ref imbecile isn't alone; just the only one who said the quiet things in their outside voice.
  8. Hope you're doing well. You're missed.
  9. Dave Maloney may or may not have been there by then, too.
  10. For whatever it's worth, @Fizz, I'm with OC here. Smarm aside, the discussion is good. What I wonder, and people here brought it up when they assembled the bunch--is this: Is Mike Yeo a problem? He has been nearly everywhere. Is Michel Therien the best guy to be running a power play? Are we seeing the affects of 3 head coaches in a room? I don't know the answer to these questions, but they're valid questions. So is questioning whether AV is the right guy. My only thing here is that while that all may be a recipe to disaster, the point remains that there's b
  11. The lace count thing is a reference to something ridiculous I was asked on our predecessor board years ago. Kind of an inside joke for old-timers largely because I was feeling self-conscious about asking such pointed questions. The things you're asking for in your first statement are being done. We simply don't have the horses on defense currently. We have three defensemen. And even they are not playing particularly well. The powerplay is ridiculous, I agree. What I can't tell from here is whether it's structure or lazy players phoning it in and not moving for openings, etc
  12. Please, I'm genuinely interested. You have my curiosity peaked. Please in your own words describe AVs system and in what way you would suggest doing it differently. Also, what is your lace count?
  13. I only scanned this article, but I'm not impressed overall with the author. The above quote-grab caught my eye because it was bolded to begin what he thinks is some in-depth analysis of something that is largely a fan-fantasy of how things work at the pro level. This is a league with systems, etc. You don't "game plan" the first three possessions from scrimmage in hockey. For the most part, you have a trap team or you don't. You have a team that employs left-wing lock on a regular basis, or you don't. You have a team that can complete two damn passes in a row, or you're the Flyers
  14. Anyone currently on another roster. It's the Philly way.
  15. The natural fertilizer will give you more enjoyment.
  16. I personally like the "NHLers Over Time: Hockey's Assortment of Less Famous & Below Awesomely Dazzling" We could call it "The NOTHALFBAD."
  17. Right. It's down to leadership, and that has to come from the players. Look, I'm not trying to come on here saying Giroux isn't a good player. He's a very good player. It's not his fault some asshat made him captain. But he's simply not a leader. To your point about Ovechkin or Crosby--and we could add other clear examples--it's not about skill level, although I do think there's a difference there, too. It's about drive and it's about leadership. And you can't just bring someone else in to lead when Giroux is the captain. We tried that with Pronger and Richards. Ric
  18. This isn't system or coach putting players in bad positions. They can't pass. They can't make competent decisions. They don't hit the net on their shots. The don't cover their guy. They don't cover ANY guy. They don't hit. They don't skate. Now AV doesn't put them in the right position. Hakstol didn't put them in the right position. Berube didn't yet won a Cup on the very next attempt. Stevens. Lavvy. Etc etc. Do you have any idea how utterly ridiculous your position is? It's comical the contortions people go through to ignore reality Someone does ne
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