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  1. In the interest of the health of my screen and keyboard, I'm not going to read the article, but the url says it all. What a douche.
  2. You summed it up well. I cannot tell you how much I hate this signing. I hated him before there was any thought of his coming to the Flyers. I hated the trade. I hate him as a Flyer. I hate his parents. I hate his school teachers. And I hate Chuck Fletcher. You know what at this point? I'm not kidding in my signature. I hate the Flyers. While I'm a ball full of hate, I also hate Comcast.
  3. Quit clowning around, HJ. We know it's you. Funny stuff, though.
  4. Jiminez? Or Cook? Either way (I hate MLB, but seemed like an easy joke)
  5. I hate the Flyers. I'm done. The Risto signing makes NO sober sense from either an eye test nor a metrics test. Fk the flyers. Utter garbage
  6. I agree with everything except this line. For me, it was a disasater from the inception of the thought. He was terrible in Buffalo. I still argue that he was likely the root of the stink there. He's simply a terrible defenseman. I don't understand what Flyer (mis-)management continues to see in him, but the fact they even entertain it is proof-positve that they collectively have absolutely no business attending a hockey game, much less running a team. 2 defensemen, 4 picks (a 13th overall, 2 2nds, and a 7th) for a lousy bottom-4 dman with a loser complex. I
  7. With an unknown top pair, it’d be irresponsible of the Flyers to give another $4 or $5 million to a bottom-four defenseman. If the Flyers want a physical defenseman that hits and blocks shots, go pick one up in free agency for a few million. THEN THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE TRADED HAGG.
  8. I prefer him to Tippet mostly because of RW vs LW, but Tippet is a decent option. I'd like to consider another team if it's possible.
  9. We can't do both? I'll throw in Braun.
  10. I figure it's Florida. I could probably make "stand your ground" work by blaming on pain and suffering as a Flyer fan, caused by JVR
  11. I would be willilng to drive OVER him in Florida. Done deal.
  12. I agree. Okay, I'll settle for Huberdeau, then.
  13. I say we make a valid offer for Huberdeau, and then wait 3-4 weeks to hear absolutely nothing back. Because that's a thing.
  14. Completely agree. I really like both, but I think I'd be giddy with Lundell.
  15. Yes. If the other part is Huberdeau, sign me up.
  16. Thanks! There's still a long way. And, honestly, my team cannot hang with the top 4, but "get in and anything can happen." LOL It's the Flyer way. The only way I would stand a chance is if one of the "anythings that can happen" that happens is a virtual blimp falls on the virtual opponent's virtual team.
  17. You're positive that wasn't just the lake effect smell of Toronto?
  18. I won't watch this team until the list of shitcanned worthless old people include Clarkgren, Scott, and Fletcher. Until then, any changes are pointless and futile.
  19. Or even that. I'm pretty much into my third season of being among them (or not among them).
  20. I mean seriously. As depressing as the flyers are, that's 1000x depressing. And deserved. I mean, they're getting paid huge money and there's no evidence they care. Why should people care enough to pay through the teeth to watch?
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