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  1. I'm with you on this. I have a highly romanticized view of the Hall of Fame (not just hockey), and these players don't belong in the Hall,IMO.
  2. Insert just about any Flyer name where you have"TK," and it's still a true statement.
  3. Can we just go for Jossi and be done with it? It worked in my video game.
  4. I heard the target is now Ellis. Is anyone else hearing that?
  5. Yes. It's along the lines of our Lehtera trade.
  6. Mine isn't either in terms of specifics. Just that Chicago is apparently offering those "services,” though for the life of me I can't understand why.
  7. I don't think this happens with Nashville. They're trying to dump salary, so that doesn't help. However, Chicago seems willing to be the money-launderer, so figure out a way to do this through Chicago where they take him and at least most of his salary and get a pick or prospect from us and Nashville gets a prospect/pick or someone like Patrick.
  8. I stopped counting at SIX plays that Voracek lazily passed/attempted clear up the middle of the ice in the defensive zone. What does it take to sit his ass? And what in the hell was Ghost doing on Bullweasel's goal? Ghost is just terrible. Try him at wing and then move on already.
  9. Apologies in advance to those jockeying for position with @yave1964. Y'all will be losing ground this week.
  10. So, I play @yave1964 this week. By comparison, the Flyers got out of Madison Square Garden easy.
  11. When you frame it in this way, you may well have a point. Interesting, for sure.
  12. Probably because you can figure out how to get it down past your neck and have it backwards and can't see through it.
  13. Yeah, I agree he's the weak link here, but it's educated risk and also the trade-off you kind of have to pay given the goalie situation. I just think it was a really good trade for both of you. Strong moves.
  14. When I read this on the email notification I saw what TFG was getting first. I thought, "oooh, I like that!" Then I read Foil's and thought, "hey, I like that too!" For my own personal taste and just fan boy (apros pro of nothing) I really like both Necas and Makar. So that's a wash for me even for fantasy. For me, you throw in Samsonov and I'm thinking, "well, this leans to TFG." But this seems to address widely different priorities for both parties quite well, so for my money it looks like two winners here. Nicely done.
  15. The above comments brought to you by the sensible, sober crowd.
  16. I'd argue to move him for the defensive help. We legitimately are not having trouble scoring. We're sixth in the league in GF/G. Our problem is that we're also 5th worst in GA/G. So, JVR could be perceived by other teams as a real plus piece for their offense. We'd need matching salary coming back, obviously, because I can't think of any contender that has that kind of cap room. Maybe he goes to a non-contender thinking he's a nice piece to get them where they want to be on offense. Say, Buffalo. Olofsson and Montour would come close to matching cap. Montour is a
  17. Dallas only has to trade Klingberg (or would even consider) because of cap concerns. I doubt trading him for a player making twice as much actually helps that. Interesting given that the post that prompted this response was, in fact, sarcasm. (and a bit of smarm) You are aware that while a dictionary definition is nice, even better is the ability to both give and recognize it when it's coming back, right?
  18. This all day every day. If they're looking to upgrade defense, it needs to be first pair and preferably someone who can play on the PK. Goligosky can do neither. Not at 35, certainly, but he couldn't at 25 either. What in the world could possibly be going the other way for a 35 year rarely was and a $5M+ cap hit??? They should send Philly a pick just for taking him. No way, no thank you.
  19. Yes, it's just the term I am objecting to. Or not so much even objecting, just voicing concern. I'm okay with sign the goalie. It's probable that the length is job security trade off from the player's point of view. It's possible signing was contingent upon the team giving him that term and security. I still think that while this might end up find by the 5th/6th year, the chances (without names involved) are much higher that they're regretting this by the end of it.
  20. Yes. And therein lies the rub. If we're going to move him to a contender, I have to think it's during the summer rather than a trade deadline-type move. I just don't think it's that easy to move him given where the cap is and the likelihood such teams are spending to or near the cap already. And to your point, I'm not sure why a struggling/rebuilding team would take him or why he would waive to go to such a team at this point. Ottawa maybe if the "near home" outweighs the "win" desire at this point. Or Toronto, Buffalo, on Montreal. Toronto would meet the contender conditi
  21. The first time I read that, I read, "...has sucked aziz this season." I was thinking, "hmmm, good for him, I guess, for finally getting some action."
  22. Oh no, no way. But that's what I'd want. Actually, there are some other pieces I'd certainly settle for, but if we were playing NHL'95, that's my move.
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