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  1. I've always assumed Ewe were more of an ass-man.
  2. I actually forgot about the waiving part. Honestly, if he waives to go to Buffalo, I think we can put to bed any question about his desire to win. The same goes for Ottawa, although there's a place that he might actually be able to help. He would give Montreal a top 6 center, too. I think in Winnipeg he needs to play wing. Same with Tronno. I'm not familiar enough with their assets to talk about including any prospects there. If the Peg is willing to talk about Dubois, I'm game. The deal would have to be larger than that, I think, to make the money work, but without lo
  3. Here's another dangerous post: I realize he's only just turned 24, but this is now his 5th season in the league, so when is it fair to expect that Provorov would actually be the one others lean on rather than him being the one that needs to lean? I know, defenseman developmental curve and all that, but when is it fair with a defensman to start talking about the "makes those around him better" criteria?
  4. I agree on both counts....well, the second count with a slight edit. Sabres fans won't like it. Sabres management is apparently too stupid to know this is a bad idea.
  5. @OccamsRazor How's this for certifiably insane? Giroux, Gus, and Patrick. Roughly $15.4M Eichel, Risto are roughly $15.4M though while younger are also longer term. Risto is a potential trainwreck but also could possibly use a fresh start. I think Buffalo would be insane to do this, but I think their insanity is well-established. Throw in a midrange prospect or pick if it helps. You just got younger from Giroux. It could go really well or really badly, but....yeah, I don't know. If they're game I might try it.
  6. I imagine it's tough. We have the feel of a team that is in a place in which a brilliant move could launch us into a really good place but the wrong move could really set us back in a bad way. And you can't possibly know the ultimate result ahead of time. I think the percentages favor the latter. Just law of nature. So just on a personal psychological level, I sympathize that especially for a "processor" this is a tough crossroads moment. It can be paralyzing. But in my mind, lead or don't. You wanted this role; you're paid for this role and this moment, so LEAD. S
  7. Half this board will hate this. But it is beyond time to move Giroux. This isn't about Giroux hate. This is about common sense and sober weighing of evidence and clear headed asset management. There are now nearly enough ex-Flyers coaches to staff a division. The roster has turned over more than once. An entire generation of draft picks have come through and continue to. To what result? What has changed, exactly? This isn't on Giroux. Giroux is a good player. Please save the litany of, "bbb..but [insert irrelevant statement]. This boils down to the i
  8. There is no try; there is only do. We're nearing -- if not at -- do or don't do. They need to make a decision very soon (right now) whether this team is one or two key players away and do it OR decide it isn't and move a player or two that bring a retool and reshuffle for next year. If we wait too much longer the concept of "fix for this year" will be moot. There is a bit more runway for the decision to unload, but even that should probably be sooner than later.
  9. Yeah, and I'm not bullish on this draft. Though if Ekholm doesn't improve anything in Philly, it's likely a lottery pick.
  10. If it's for this season, I'm fine with a first. I'd prefer not, actually, but I'm okay. Not any of those prospects, though.
  11. Honestly, I'm good with the forwards in this. I like Schenn, but yeah, Tarasenko just came back (who I have), so at this point I'm just hoping he's even a shell of himself and this will turn out well. We talked very briefly about a defenseman instead of Husso, which is what I should have gone with. I've thinned my goaltending a little too much, probably, so will have to figure that out. But to your last statement, "yes, absolutely." But so much not a priority in this that I wasn't intending on taking a goalie back, and really should not have. Mistake in asset management.
  12. Yep! No one is ever out until they're out. But if I only get to 6th (it's 6th in this league now), I really need to be cheering for @yave1964 to win the President's trophy so I have a shot.
  13. Also, I'm not above moving Samsonov. It may be a bridge too far to rely on only 2 goalies with the way the world is, but if you want to make it worth my while, hit me up.
  14. My past couple mid-level moves recently have been about an attempt to reduce the goalie packed room and beef up--even incrementally--my skater categories. I think it's likely too little, too late, but what the heck. So, This weekend (including this move) Outgoing: Igor Shesterkin, Alexander Georgiev, Brent Burnedout, Boone Jenner Incoming: Clayton Keller, Alec Martinez, Jakob Chychrun, and Jack Roslovic Also grabbed Linus Ullmark off waivers to store him in the IR slot in case it helps later. So, I started the weekend in goal with Igor She
  15. I'd find a bridge. This would be horrible. Stay away. I wouldn't trade Gus for him. And I can't stand Gus.
  16. No, they really really don't. I want nothing at all to do with Johanssen, Duchene, or Granlund. I wouldn't trade a glass of water for a single one of them. It's their centers that are their problem.
  17. Good point about Jenner. I picked him up not terribly recently just kind of because I had people injured. But he kind of just stuck. Nothing exciting but FWs and some peripherals like you said. And can do it from the winger slots. Nice depth guy. But what do I know? My team is flatlined.
  18. That would be the only reason, because otherwise, it really isn't Hextall's MO. And I'm guessing he was brought in specifically with the idea of going young
  19. Honestly, I move on if I can. I'd prefer to get something for him. If Nashville wants him for Ekholm, that's fine. I know some people's heads here will explode and I'm completely sympathetic with that. I know the Flyers history of trading young potential for rentals. If my suspicion is right and it's still medical, then it's potentially fixable and we will regret it. If I'm not and what we're seeing is what we're getting, then let's get something else. I would hope the front office knows the difference. But in any case, I've been hesitant because of lessons learned with
  20. Yeah, we are definitely seeing the same.
  21. LOL Oh, I saw this. But even the possibility was entertaining to me. But yes, I'm seeing the same thing. And that discourages me more than any rust or lack of production does.
  22. So, just to clarify and summarize. You realize you're thinking the same thing as me, and that brings you to the conclusion that you're not crazy. Interesting. Okay, so as a completely unrelated question, does your employer offer an EAP program or does your major medical cover psychiatric?
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