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  1. They'll probably get 9th place, too, but only because it would serve them better to go the other direction.
  2. It's a shame that Ukraine doesn't seem to have the aerial capability currently (either fuel, radar, or planes -- or combination). With that grouping of trucks, etc., just sitting there, five bombers could take out the entire Russian military. I wonder if it's almost a slow-walk strike on the part of the military. Like they're not onboard so they're on a walking strike.
  3. One more time: it was already Russia's largest naval base and has been for over 150 years going back to before the Crimean War. Sevastopol is and has been their equivalent of Norfolk. This is really no longer about Crimea. 2014 (in his mind) was to keep NATO away from that Naval base. This current nonsense is about keeping NATO away from his borders. I'm not justifying it; just identifying it for what it is (right or wrong). But to say "this is so they have access to a port" that they've had access to without break for nearly 2 centuries is just out there.
  4. Who isn't? They're not terrible. I mean, they're not 12 game losing streaks. For God's sake, lighten up, FC!
  5. You sure? I mean, just because it's never worked in the history of mankind doesn't mean it's not a great idea.
  6. Flyers season, where the Hell did it go wrong? 7:00 Friday, October 15, 2021 Lauren Hart sang the national anthem. 7:05 it.went.wrong.
  7. NHL halts business with Russian partners over Ukraine invasion https://nypost.com/2022/02/28/nhl-halts-business-with-russian-partners-over-ukraine-invasion/
  8. Hockeywriters wrote --in reference to Petry/Flyers -- that Montreal will/should be looking for a 1st round pick OR high level prospect. I'd get off the phone laughing my [Head?] off. I'm with the others that would prefer to just ride out the last year of JVR's contract rather than trade to get older, slower, and almost as expensive. I also agree with those who think it's just so asinine that the braintrust [sic] just may do it.
  9. Yes. This is pretty much as I remember it
  10. It's not a matter of "want." I don't think WoW is indicating preference or desire for it. But there IS talk if revocation of Russian student visas in the States and other deportation measures. And that's just this side. There is the potential the Russians begin retaliating economically on their side. The potential that affects the NHL is possible. I wouldn't say "likely," but it's possible. I'm wondering if the Russian government did move in that matter manner what Russian players would do: comply or seek asylum and expatriate. Probably a mixture.
  11. Trading Richards for a bunch of kids because salary cap and 5 years, etc , turned out really well. Let's do it again!
  12. I agree with this. Though I don't view it as contrary to what I wrote. I'm just to the place where so long as current mismanagement continues to mismanage, we'll just be doing this all over again with the "new Konecnies."
  13. I think he's a flagship example of this organization destroying a player. He's the next Justin Williams. He's a very good player who's had the player sucked out of him by this dementor of an organization. I hope he recovers when he's moved. And I feel terrible for the impending mental health disaster for whatever kid or kids are coming back. Because their spirit and skills are about to be shredded and we'll be throwing them out in a couple years. And writing posts blaming them. Rinse. Repeat.
  14. Yes. 8 years after the flyers moved on from the issue of having a head coach.
  15. Show me where I said I'd reply to you. SHOW ME! SHOW ME!
  16. He's saying if you're a Sabres or a Flyers fan, you HAVE seen worse than what Montreal is this year.
  17. Only if you don't count the six years before. What a generally idiotic post. The whole thing.
  18. They could always resign him to a one year and then trade him AGAIN at next year's deadline in an attempt to "fix" what they inevitably screw up this offseason.
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