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  1. They're being brought back way too fast. This (dis)organization is a clown show from top to bottom.
  2. Always fun reading your posts. You must be invited to alot of parties.
  3. I couldn't care less where it's located, I wouldn't watch the snoozefest that is the Olympics. So I'm with you on the rest.
  4. @lynxrattle You do understand that in Philly we'd be pissed off if you made us happy
  5. Right there with you. I was furious. I was told to give him a chance. I wanted that chance to be a 6-shooter with 5 bullets.
  6. How much of that is the retards employing them and demanding "get them out there; I'm not paying them to heal. I'm paying them to play! Play! Play!"
  7. Giroux and a first to Anaheim for Comtois and Derek Grant. Because Yahoo said so.
  8. And they prefer light beer! And they like steak sause on well-done steak And Miracle Whip on things that aren't metal gears or hinges needing lubrication. And they voted for Jill Stein.
  9. It would be a bad move on Hextall's part, but for sheer entertainment value I'm with you in hoping he does.
  10. Well, Clarke is absolutely lying on the "I wanted Makar" part. I'm willing to believe there's some truth in the "the scouts wanted Makar, Hextall went on his own" part. I don't know, but I'm pretty sure the truth is somewhere around this concept: Hextall came in and answered to Ed Snider and was given a mandate by Ed Snider to build the farm and do things differently than previous regimes. He likely had direct access to the Chairman and followed the marching orders. I don't believe this made Clarkgren happy as there was a channel to Eddie that wasn't through th
  11. Exactly. No way he's taking "a pissant defenseman over the only position that matters: center."
  12. Fitting, for the 100th post in the thread.
  13. Like the Eagles, it's not about the picks, it's about the picker.
  14. I suspect (don't know...suspect) the building through the draft, etc., was a new direction in which Ed Snider wanted to go, but when he died Heat Miser and Cold Miser got Hextall out at the first exit they could. It became more urgent when Fletchy-the-vuñderschlöng was fired from Minnesota.
  15. I am. I hate his guts. The guy is as inept as it gets. If he were a hockey player, his name would be Voracek.
  16. Someone should do a case study on the Flyers for a corporate consulting training video: How a Toxic Company Culture Can Destroy an Organization. Clarke is schlep. I have no doubt he's not misrepresenting the situation, but what people gave out the keys and allowed it? This stems from Ed Snider. There's a reason the Flyers haven't won a Cup since Keith Allen.
  17. Secret video of the Flyers' power play practice.
  18. Step 1: Pick a contender you hate Step 2: Trade him there. Step 3: Let nature take care of itself Step 4: Watch your pick you got in the trade move up several slots Step 5: Waste pick on a broken idiot. Step 6: Waste three to four years grooming said broken idiot. Step 7: Trade for that version of Ristolainen Step 8: Return to step 1
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