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  1. Merry Christmas

    1. ruxpin


      Thank you. Merry Christmas! 

  2. Rumor has it you have a birthday today.  


    Well, if so, Happy Birthday!

    If it isn't true, I suggest you hunt down whomever is starting those rumors. After all, if that keeps up, they'll have you at age 86 with one foot in the grave if you let them.


    Have a great day! :sorcerer:

    1. ruxpin


      Thank you!

      It's true, it's my birthday.  The third one this month.

  3. Do you know why the Steelers (Squellers)wear their logo on one side of their helmet? 

  4. ruxpin

    ruxpin    vis


    1. ruxpin


      It's a good place.  Glad yo see you. 

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  5. Hey - Did I send you a trade request last night? I thought I did, but it's gone and I haven't gotten a notification from Yahoo! (which isn't much of a surprise).

    1. ruxpin


      Can you see this?   I didn't get one.  I'd probably be interested in seeing it.  It's been a week or two and I'm getting the shakes. 

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