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  1. I would have to say I wouldn't want the LA kings because it looks like they might do the same thing. Be mediocre in the regular season then monster out in the playoffs and I don't want to e the first victims of that outburst. But at the same time they might have some defending champions rust in them. Never know.
  2. Probably cause my little brother supports them. #goodluckcharm
  3. As an American i am ashamed that we cant even match up to half of the scary, intimidating, unbelievable, loud, atmosphere that the Europeans (Mainly in Eastern Europe and Scandanavia) the first 2 minutes is North American Atmosphere, while the rest is Europe! take a look!
  4. Yes yes.. they throw weird punches! but i can assure you my beloved soccer is not a soft sport, its the most passionate, emotional game in the entire world. [Hidden Content]
  5. I can't believe I canceled ourselves out of the division title race. We're goin in for it. #wingsarementtotakeusup
  6. Welcome back to Contention for trophies and titles Anaheim! Hope you enjoyed that long vacation you took in 2007!
  7. i agree. Pulling the goalie makes it easier for the opponent to score.. yeah u get some extra muscle.. but by 1 guy.. its not gonna make that much of a difference...You just put yourself at a bigger disadvantage!
  8. If this was teams i would of said the current best rivalry would be Phili vs Pittsburgh. Considering that one is the most competitive one to date!
  9. We have to be consistent! Beat the big boys but lose to the weaker ones.. we have to pick a side!
  10. Whatever the blues are probably still gonna beat us to division championship and finish higher then us in the western conference and overall table. They are good.
  11. It's just were so good even refs love us what can I say.
  12. Bertuzzi will be Resurrected soon enough! #GetwellsoonBert
  13. As long as the refs are loyal wings fans why not? who couldn't resist the Red and white? we are irresistable!
  14. Don't Underestimate them Jackets because they will be pumped to be facing us, despite there form in other games they will do everything it takes to show us what for! Take heed!Local Rivalry at Large!

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