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  1. I heard the Caps are currently in talks to see if they can persuade Claude Julien to walk away from the Habs job as they are scrambling to find the next Uncle Fester lookalike coach! (E4)
  2. You guys are getting me all amped up now as there have been periods during this rebuild where attending games felt more like work than a diversion especially when the team is doing frustrating things. I yearn for the days when we were perennial contenders and were unbeatable at home. Here’s to hoping that we return to those days again soon! BTW I love too hearing your thoughts on the Caps / Pens future decline. I’m sick to death of them both and look forward to the end of that era as well.
  3. Ovary will get it i'm sure. Shocker....and he does...
  4. Well played! Great Henny Youngman reference!
  5. The big question is, will you “be here all night”?
  6. Pens were horrible in the early 80's even when they first got LePew. I recall the first Pens game I ever attended vs them in February of 1985 we wiped the floor with them 8-2. They had the immortal Roberto Romano in net and he got lit up like a pinball machine. Flyers scored 4 goals in the first and never looked back. Thomas Eriksson had 2 goals, Propp had one (from Poulin and Kerr :-), it was so bad even Ed Hospodar and Brad Marsh had one (Haley's Comet's appearances are more frequent than Marsh goals)! Remember too the Pens lost 42 games in a row at the Spectrum from 1967 to 1989.
  7. Looks like clock is striking midnight for Cinderella. Now that it looks like we wont be able to razz Caps fans for having no Cups at least we can take some playful jabs at them by saying it took them having to play an expansion team in the final to finally win one. If the Caps do somehow lose the Cup at this point I dont think they will ever live down the choker label!
  8. So who did you end up picking anyway??
  9. Is this series still going on or was it the just best of 2 games? Get on with it already NHL so we can move on to next season...
  10. Nope, I dislike the NHL and their ovexpansion to "goofy" hockey markets (to coin a phrase) where they have trouble garnering support for teams. I disagree with your comment that this team was built with players that 30 other teams didn't want. The expansion draft was semi-rigged to ensure that teams had to part with some players they did want to keep but couldn't protect. You could only protect 9 to 11 players vs the 14 or 15 in years past. That begs the rhetorical question, why would the NHL do this? Of course the answer is because they are putting a team in a non-traditional hockey market and they want them to be competitive from the get go to avoid another disaster in the desert like the Coyotes. As a lifetime fan of free markets and a 35 year fan of one of the "NHL Establishment" teams who has been loyally supporting them through thick and thin with my hard earned money and my time it pisses me off to see the NHL influence / put their thumb on the scale of anything having to do with any one team over another in order to justify their generally idiotic decisions. The fact that it may result in a nascent fanbase getting to experience the ultimate prize without having to go through the normal ups and downs and growing pains rubs me the wrong way. Finally who is faulting Vegas? Did I say or suggest they did anything illegal in their handling of the draft? I believe I was fairly clear that the league and their leadership was at fault in this case.
  11. There I fixed it for you The expansion draft was a "Vote for Rory" and John Scott debacle on steroids. This league is beyond a joke in so many ways. The next thing you know they will expand again to another non hockey city like Seattle or something crazy like that rather than consider a Canadian city with rabid fans....oh wait....
  12. AMEN! Hate the Craps and Ovary despite the fact that they did us a favor with the Pens (finally). Their choking out in the final leg would be pretty sweet in many many ways. Obviously hope you are wrong about Cindy as I have had enough of her too. The VGK win would still irritate me due to the rigged expansion draft, the fact that this team is from the desert rather than a traditional hockey hotbed, and last but not least, that I am 42 and the Flyers last cup was 43 years ago ,while these know nothing about hockey fans will enjoy the Cup in their first year of existence. Its more than nauseating as I have spent a lot of time and money on the Flyers with no Cups and a lot of frustration to show for it. Basically Flyers fans are going to have to put a lot of salt on this turdburger to choke it down no matter what happens.
  13. Ugh I think I just threw up a little in my mouth with this final matchup. The only redeeming quality is there is not a flightless bird to be found in it.
  14. Just bought tickets to game 5...got tix in 2nd row from glass for 33.50 including taxes and fees. Parking in the garage that is attached to the arena is a whopping $6. The lesson learned in all this is that NHL teams have us by the cojones when it comes to pricing.