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  1. Plan the parade boys!!
  2. The major question which is begging to be asked remains: Is he any relation to Mike York? It is very important to ensure we have a Mike York legacy with this team and any bloodline we can establish would be very key to our success (only to be topped by a Jon Sim connection).
  3. Its the first song that popped into my head when I heard he was bought out. Songs of that era have a way of being appropriate to highlight/ accent certain situations more so than songs of today IMHO.
  4. He was so memorable that you forgot that his name was Emminger . Ettinger was a professor I had for Biochemistry in my Graduate work at SUNY Buffalo.
  5. That was unreal, especially the part about how "We didn't ask him to get cancer"!
  6. Agree 100%. It wasn't all bad with Homer, especially at first but then (like Roger Nielsen) he went goofy on us, but without getting cancer.
  7. Instead of being called “5 for 1” this Hayes will be known as “1 for a 5”. (Thanks I’ll be here all night!)
  8. AWAY HOME St. Louis 2 Boston 3
  9. AWAY HOME  St. Louis 2 Boston 4
  10. Dear Flyers, pull my finger to hear if you are going to the Stanley Cup Finals or not. Ohh I’m sorry that sound indicates that you aren’t. The good news is that I am. Sincerely, The Greatest Mind in hockey.
  11. San Jose 2 St. Louis 4
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