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  1. So I skip 2 games in a row and they win them (I went to the Phantoms last night instead with a dad from my son's hockey team and that was fun!). Maybe it's me?? I assume you guys want me to go back to the WFC to get our lottery position as high as possible.
  2. AWAY HOME Colorado 3 Ottawa 2 Boston 3 Philadelphia 2 Buffalo 2 Calgary 4 San Jose 3 Arizona 2 Edmonton 2 Vancouver 3
  3. I'm very torn as I am against purposeful tanking. While I would love to see them get a blue chip impact player, the past 2 times we have won the 2nd pick the players have not lived up to their billing. (The jury is out on Patrick but he hasn't made that immediate impact I was expecting.) Also look at the Oilers. They had the #1 forever and they still don't seem to be quite right so tanking doesn't always pay off. The Pens are the best example I can think of where tanking worked but I think the NHL had something to do with it too as they didnt want them moving to KC.
  4. To Waivers, Dale Weise, WE WELCOME YOU!!!!!
  5. If there was a way I could superimpose Weise's face on Handel I would.
  6. So that’s where the 3rd touchdown went that the Eagles needed, they donated it to the Flyers after they went up 14-0. I guess they figured they wouldn’t need it.
  7. So that’s where the 3rd touchdown went that the Eagles needed, they donated it to the Flyers after they went up 14-0. I guess they figured they wouldn’t need it.
  8. This will be the 3rd game in a row I’m not attending and Wednesday will be my 4th. That’s unheard of for me as I’m generally at every game win lose or OT loss (since we can no longer draw) but it’s so demoralizing at this point that it’s become like work to drive down there and spend my valuable time. At least I have been able to give away my tickets for tonight and sell them for Wednesday so money is not being completely wasted. It’s sad though as it’s not like me to do this.
  9. AWAY HOME St. Louis 2 Washington 4 Colorado 2 Toronto 3 Minnesota 3 Philadelphia 1 Chicago 1 New Jersey 3 Montreal 2 Boston 4 Buffalo 3 Edmonton 2
  10. Looks like the Weal route has been stricken from our playbook.
  11. January 11, 2019 AWAY HOME Buffalo 3 Carolina 2 Detroit 1 Winnipeg 3 Florida 2 Calgary 4 Pittsburgh 3 Anaheim 2
  12. Yes, hence your classification of the Homercoaster™
  13. I thought that these trades were more about being able to get Bryz under the cap...at least that is how they were presented at the time [Hidden Content]
  14. January 10, 2019 AWAY HOME Toronto 3 New Jersey 2 Nashville 3 Columbus 2 Dallas 3 Philadelphia 1 N.Y. Islanders 3 N.Y. Rangers 2 Washington 2 Boston 4 Carolina 2 Tampa Bay 2 Winnipeg 3 Minnesota 2 Montreal 2 St. Louis 1 Florida 2 Edmonton 3 Arizona 2 Vancouver 3 San Jose 3 Vegas 4 Ottawa 3 Los Angeles 2 

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