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  1. That's true but whenever the 7 minute penalty would be called the refereee would feel compelled to serve the penalty himself and thank Jon Sim for putting him in the box.
  2. Multiple times and then he bench pressed the 900lbs while serving the 5 minute major for it.
  3. Correct on all counts but you are missing one message board favorite: JonSimJonSimJonSimJonSim also don’t forget these other Treasures to wear 11, Daigle, Jody Hull, Jiri Latal, Steve Kaspar, Blair Betts, and that guy again named Pat Sharp also donned the 11. There was also a journeyman named Len Hachborn who wore it in 1984-1985 and played in the first Flyers Game I ever saw.
  4. The early 80s Flyers are my biggest gap in knowledge about the team as I have studied the cup teams history inside and out and I know every detail about the team like the back of my hand from November 1984 on.
  5. I was going to say underwhelming but that covers it adequately as well.
  6. 10 is Super Easy - Bill Clemment, Brad McCrimmon , John Leclair for the headliners Honorable mention to Brayden Schenn (Stanley Cup Champion ) Then from the "remember me?" Category: Dan Quinn, Kris Versteeg, and Mike Bullard.
  7. Flyers first playoff series win since 2012, WE WELCOME YOU!! To the Royal Montreal golf Club, Canadiens, WE WELCOME YOU!!
  8. I remember it like it was yesterday. Especially the series clinching game. I was a 5th grader and we had to attend a 50th anniversary celebration for the grandparents of my neighbor across the street. It was being held at a hotel in Philly. Not wanting to miss the game my dad brought our brand new SONY Walkman radio. He also brought a single earpiece so he could listen relatively unnoticed. He looked like a secret service agent with his suit and single earpiece. I’m guessing some thought he was hotel security since we were fairly unknown among the guests. He kept coming over to me telli
  9. correct he did the first time around however when he came back in 2013 he donned the #9. ohh we forgot Grossmannnnnn. No wait he was 8 I think
  10. They did and I might get reported for this but, Patrick Sharp. (Also don’t forget Knuble and Zubrus).
  11. I liked him too. (Smoked like a chimney). Dont forget about Pelle Eklund
  12. Besides the game, did anyone else think that AV liked like a gigantic eggplant with the purple jacket tonight?
  13. Aw come on no love for Brad Marsh? He is was like a second goalie back there, played with no helmet and is still heads up the Alumni wing of the team today! Love Marshie!!
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