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  1. Yeah they are pretty boring. I catch myself playing on my phone at times in the middle of games while in attendance, something I used to rail about when other fans did it. Since I couldn't make the game last night thanks to the inability / unwillingness / incompetence to spread salt and plow around the Philly suburbs, I watched with my 8 year old son who kept complaining about how boring the game was and that his mites games are much more exciting, to which I sadly agreed.
  2. FRIDAY, NOV 16, 2018 AWAY HOME TIME Boston 2 Dallas 3 8:00 pm Buffalo 2 Winnipeg 4 8:00 pm Los Angeles 3 Chicago 1 8:30 pm Washington 3 Colorado 2 9:00 pm Toronto 4 Anaheim 2 10:00 pm St. Louis 1 Vegas 3 10:00 pm
  3. THURSDAY, NOV 15, 2018 AWAY HOME TIME Tampa Bay 4 Pittsburgh 2 7:00 pm New Jersey 2 Philadelphia 4 7:00 pm N.Y. Rangers 3 N.Y. Islanders 2 7:00 pm Florida 3 Columbus 2 7:00 pm Detroit 1 Ottawa 3 7:30 pm Vancouver 3 Minnesota 4 8:00 pm Nashville 3 Arizona 1 9:00 pm Montreal 3 Calgary 2 9:00 pm Toronto 4 San Jose 2 10:30 pm
  4. TUESDAY, NOV 13, 2018 AWAY HOME TIME Pittsburgh 3 New Jersey 1 7:00 pm Florida 4 Philadelphia 5 7:00 pm Vancouver 3 N.Y. Islanders 2 7:00 pm Tampa Bay 4 Buffalo 3 7:30 pm Arizona 1 Detroit 2 7:30 pm Washington 2 Minnesota 3 8:00 pm Montreal 1 Edmonton 3 9:00 pm Toronto 4 Los Angeles 2 10:30 pm Nashville 3 San Jose 4 10:30 pm
  5. MONDAY, NOV 12, 2018 AWAY HOME TIME Vancouver 3 N.Y. Rangers 2 7:00 pm Chicago 1 Carolina 4 7:00 pm Columbus 2 Dallas 3 8:30 pm Nashville 3 Anaheim 1 10:00 pm
  6. I dont care for them either. They are gimmicky and remind me too much of when we got crushed by the Pens in 2017 at Heinz field plus as a purist I think we should only be wearing White or Orange with the black being an accent. Peter Lukko agreed and he worked hard to get the black jerseys out the first time around (he told us this at a STH townhall) but now that he is gone, they are back. I also agree that the product of the NHL in general is booooooring. Basketball Buttman and the owners have neutered this sport so badly it's barely recognizable. As Coatsey was saying during the latest broadcast the Flyers haven't had a fight all season and I agree with him that it is a sad sign of how far this game has fallen. I try my best to enjoy the remnants of the game but that's even hard because there are so many distractions going on at once. Watching grown bald men put chocolate sauce on their heads during a commercial break while being egged on by the now ubiquitous "dancing guy" in a contest for Skullshaver is hardly my idea of fun. You can barely hear yourself think in there too with all of the bad loud music they play constantly. Don't get me wrong, good pump up tune is nice once in a while but I long for the days of the organ music that seemed to add to the mystique of the experience at one time. I also miss the fact that Fans cannot hang or post any of their creative signs around the arena as it would cover up advertising which covers every inch of space in the place. Gritty is somewhat funny in his own way at times but it is also the latest sign that the team has jumped the shark in a lot of ways. Speaking of Gritty, he has this now annoying habit of interfering with "Mites on Ice" during intermission. For the uninitiated, Mites on Ice is when mite level players get their chance to play on the Flyers ice during intermission. The problem with it is that it is very short, VERY EXPENSIVE (i.e. you are forced to buy a huge block of tickets and everyone ends up with tons more tickets than they can use essentially flushing a lot of $$$ down the pan), and you miss most of the Flyers game dropping your kid off and waiting to pick them up after the experience. The kids do love it, but it's not all its cracked up to be. Now it is worse as Gritty likes to come in and interfere with the game and while it is funny for the audience if my kid was playing this year I would be irate as a short time to play is shortened even more by his antics such as stealing the puck or screening the poor kid who is in goal and is trying hard not to get scored on in front of 17,000 people. As I said, I still enjoy remnants of the game but there are times when I am sitting there saying, man they Flyers are really doing well on me as I am paying for a product more on the strength of how I remember it fondly rather than how it really is today.
  7. SUNDAY, NOV 11, 2018 AWAY HOME TIME Minnesota 3 St. Louis 1 3:00 pm Arizona 2 Washington 5 5:00 pm Ottawa 1 Florida 4 5:00 pm New Jersey 2 Winnipeg 4 7:00 pm Vegas 2 Boston 3 7:00 pm Calgary 3 San Jose 2 9:00 pm Colorado 1 Edmonton 3 9:30 pm
  8. SATURDAY, NOV 10, 2018 AWAY HOME TIME Vancouver 2 Buffalo 4 1:00 pm Chicago 2 Philadelphia 4 1:00 pm Nashville 5 Dallas 3 2:00 pm Detroit 1 Carolina 3 7:00 pm N.Y. Rangers 2 Columbus 4 7:00 pm N.Y. Islanders 3 Florida 4 7:00 pm Arizona 1 Pittsburgh 4 7:00 pm Vegas 2 Montreal 4 7:00 pm Ottawa 1 Tampa Bay 3 7:00 pm Toronto 4 Boston 3 7:00 pm Calgary 4 Los Angeles 2 10:00 pm 
  9. FRIDAY, NOV 9, 2018 AWAY HOME TIME Columbus 2 Washington 4 7:00 pm New Jersey 1 Toronto 4 7:00 pm N.Y. Rangers 3 Detroit 2 7:30 pm Colorado 3 Winnipeg 4 8:00 pm San Jose 4 St. Louis 2 8:00 pm Minnesota 2 Anaheim 3 10:00 pm
  10. Yeah not pretty but made it worth my time and $$$ regardless!
  11. THURSDAY, NOV 8, 2018 AWAY HOME TIME Arizona 2 Philadelphia 5 7:00 pm Edmonton 3 Florida 1 7:00 pm Vancouver 2 Boston 4 7:00 pm N.Y. Islanders 2 Tampa Bay 4 7:30 pm Vegas 2 Ottawa 3 7:30 pm Buffalo 3 Montreal 1 7:30 pm Carolina 3 Chicago 2 8:30 pm San Jose 4 Dallas 3 8:30 pm Minnesota 3 Los Angeles 1 10:30 pm
  12. I’ll be bring in da noise and bring in da funk as usual and I sure hope they reward me for it, especially since it’s one of my days to work out my North Jersey office .
  13. Check out this new Gritty inspired beer from a south Philly microbrewery. It’s called Gritty’s gruel and is made with coffee and doughnuts! [Hidden Content]
  14. TUESDAY, NOV 6, 2018 AWAY HOME TIME  Vegas 1 Toronto 4  7:00 pm Montreal 3 N.Y. Rangers 2 7:00 pm Dallas 2 Columbus 4 7:00 pm Edmonton 2 Tampa Bay 4 7:30 pm New Jersey 2 Ottawa 3 7:30 pm Vancouver Detroit 7:30 pm Carolina 3 St. Louis 1 8:00 pm Anaheim 4 Los Angeles 3 10:30 pm Minnesota 2 San Jose 3 10:30 pm

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