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  1. If you like UK humor you should check it out as it is a hidden gem about people who work in the IT department of a large company. In case you are Interested, here was the first episode I saw that got me hooked. ( If not then no worries.) yes I just hijacked my own thread
  2. This GIF is from a great UK TV show called the IT Crowd. Have you seen it or did you just find the GIF?
  3. Hart exits practice early with possible injury [Hidden Content] Fingers crossed that it’s nothing serious
  4. Lolz at Marchand...couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! Playoff atmosphere in the building to go along with the playoff weather we have been having in Philly lately. Let’s go Flyers chants were reverberating throughout the concourse as we were exiting the building.
  5. By far! Once again a good atmosphere in the building. If I knew for sure they would continue to play this well at home next year I would definitely renew my season tickets as the last few games have been fun but this team is so inconsistent that I’m still on the fence.
  6. It feels as if we are caught in a Hakstolian time warp all of a sudden.
  7. Bump! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
  8. Great game and finally great atmosphere in the building. Good attendance and good vibe throughout the night from the fans.
  9. I would like to hope it was a code of conduct thing in his contract. I am a sports official on the side and I have a strict code of conduct and if I got In a bar fight while I working an event, even though it didn’t happen during play Inwould likely be sent home. We also could be fired for stuff on social media so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he breached a contract or code of conduct that he agreed to. I wouldn’t be surprised either though if there is a PC element to this as well. If that is the sole reason I completely disagree and if I was JR I would fight it tooth and nail. While I abhor racism and disrespect of people I equally abhor silencing people with political correctness and the prevalence of the cancel culture. There are always unintended consequences to these type of things including loss of freedoms for everyone because of a few. I think we need to be able to hear difficult and offensive things sometimes so we know where people stand and how best to deal with them.
  10. Thanks OR and everyone for your kind words. I always enjoy getting a little peek behind the orange curtain to see what is going on (Especially since I pay top dollar to this organization for tickets) and share with those who are unable to have the same live experience. This may or may not be my final report to everyone as I myself am seriously on the fence about renewing for next year. My decision will come down to team play and whether or not the address the concerns we raised on that day. As of now the team play is heading in the right direction but it will need to continue and be consistent. The management is another story. We had this meeting a month ago and I still have heard bupkis from Mike Shane. When Shawn Tilger from the business side would address us he would give us his business card and ask us to email whenever we wanted anything. He was dead serious and the times I reached out he came back with whatever I asked. I was stunned at such amazing service. The staff of the Nationals? Not so much...
  11. That is my biggest problem with the hit. He comes up high with 2 hands. What happened to the old shoulder to the chest check?
  12. With all this being said, racism is flat out wrong and must be called out and dealt with. I am pretty sure we are all in agreement on that. I think what is troubling some who are against this program is that the ideas diversity and inclusion boards sound like great things when they are set up but sometimes devolve into a very powerful governing body and as power corrupts people they can go way off the rails and start punishing people for genuinely honest mistakes that maybe were not even intended as offensive. My take on maybe what people are feeling is not that racism is awesome and we should just let happen. No it needs to be dealt with certainly, I think the disagreement is on the most effective way of dealing with it.
  13. I understand what you are saying. There will always be vile and aggressive people out there I happen to believe though that they are in the minority and that in attempt to minimize damage and some hurt that they may cause, everyone else is silenced who may have more reasonable viewpoints and who can bring something meaningful to the table. I actually think it is important to hear from even the worst people so we can identify them and learn and teach based on their horrific acts / viewpoints. That's why scrubbing all the vile things from history books is a bad as things are destined to be repeated if they are not recorded and truthfully taught to the new generations.

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