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  1. AWAY HOME Boston 4  Carolina 1
  2. AWAY HOME San Jose 2 St. Louis 4 
  3. AWAY HOME Boston 3 Carolina 2
  4. AWAY HOME St. Louis 3 San Jose 2
  5. Dear Flyers, Just wanted to point out that my great mind and I are now in the semi's and you are not! All the best, Chief
  6. All of Long Island wept as the former sweepers became the swept. (RIP Islanders 2018-2019)
  7. Here lies the Jackets season in ruins after being comprehensively beaten by the Boston Bruins
  8. In their quest to shoot for the moon, the Stars were done in by Patrick Maroon (and a team coached by a former goon).
  9. Boston 3 Columbus 2 San Jose 3 Colorado 2
  10. AWAY HOME N.Y. Islanders 1 Carolina 4 Dallas 1 St. Louis 3
  11. May 2, 2019 AWAY HOME Boston 3 Columbus 2 7:30 PM San Jose 1 Colorado 4 10:00 PM
  12. I think that if Ed were alive that he would have said that the songs were very concerning and not aligning with the team values and that there would be a through investigation into the matter. Then there would have been an actual thorough investigation into the matter and in the end I think the statue would have stayed in view of all that is now known. There may or may not have been a plaque added referencing the songs and the team's disagreement with the lyrics with them but that would be the extent of it. I think that would have been far and appropriate bringing them to light without completely dragging Ms. Smith through the mud and upsetting paying customers.
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