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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one...I was beginning to worried I was just getting old and my tastes were changing. These days I really enjoy watching / score keeping my 9 year old son play Squirt hockey and getting paid to be a scorekeeper for beer league games late at night.
  2. Exactly....as much as I have grown to semi-appreciate the orange the Phillie Phanatic he is part of what turns me off because I go to see the team, not to "be entertained". I only entertainment I want while there is to watch the Flyers whoop everyone else's butts. The Flyers mistakenly believe (in my case) that the product on the ice is just one part of the experience for me, however in reality it is the only thing...all the other stuff is a nice to have but I certainly don't need it and would trade it all for the fun I used to have. When the team was good, the dirty old spectrum with the incandescent light bulb scoreboard and the organ music was like a slice of heaven for me.
  3. This feels like the awful 89-93 dark years with no playoffs except that there is no Lindros on the horizon who is going to turn everything around. As far as Hexy goes he told us that he wanted the new defensive talent and goalie to compliment the current offensive talent and he was waiting for the right time to "inject" the young guys into the equation. The problem was that there never was a good time as the offense core was beginning a slow decline, plus Hak was just not the right guy for the job which ultimately cost Hexy his job. I get what he was trying to do but unfortunately the timing was never going to work out. His heart was in the right place with building from the ground up and managing the cap but it was never going to work here especially with the current Universal Studios regime in charge which has turned this entire organization into a clown show.
  4. In fairness, he is still with the team. I see him around the arena quite a bit, he just doesn't work on the ice anymore during games.
  5. As do I! Remember when Flyers vs Oilers was something to look forward to, when It was the matchup that everyone wanted to see?
  6. You rang? (Pro Tip...this video is even funnier played in 2X with subtitles enabled) (The comment section is also worth a look
  7. A good way of putting it. I was rather underwhelmed and fell asleep trying to watch this mess. I'm really on the fence about being a STH anymore after all the mediocrity, the Kate Smith debacle, and the transformation of the arena into Universal Studios Philadelphia. This game didn't do much to push me back toward spending my time and money on this team.
  8. It worked so well with Chip Kelly and his ex Oregon Ducks, soooooooo...
  9. Are we doing it again this year?
  10. If we score more goals than the other team we are bound to win some games.
  11. Plan the parade boys!!
  12. The major question which is begging to be asked remains: Is he any relation to Mike York? It is very important to ensure we have a Mike York legacy with this team and any bloodline we can establish would be very key to our success (only to be topped by a Jon Sim connection).
  13. Its the first song that popped into my head when I heard he was bought out. Songs of that era have a way of being appropriate to highlight/ accent certain situations more so than songs of today IMHO.
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