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  1. I didn't promise it was going to be a good moment in Flyers history
  2. On this day on 2002 the Flyers traded Kent Manderville for convicted rapist Billy Tibbetts! [Hidden Content] What a banner day that turned to be as he lasted 23 days with the club before being placed on waivers! Great great times indeed!! For those that don't recall the rest of the season, this was the time of the epic Checko meltdown in the playoffs which went hand in hand with the inexplicable 4-1 series loss to Ottawa in the first round.
  3. I attended the Phantoms loss on Wednesday and since the Flyers raided them they are beyond awful to watch. They need to sign some better career AHLers to help the team win more so that the prospects that are there right now have more experience winning. Fletch has whiffed on this aspect of the team according to the hardcore Phantoms fans I spoke with at the arena. The career AHLers he signed have been huge stiffs so far.
  4. With the return to the divisional system we wouldn’t get the B’s till the Semi-finals (provided we stay out of the wild card). i think we can give the Pens, Caps, and Bruins a run for their money personally.
  5. It was kind of like the Sabres game in reverse. We dominate, they have a goalie stand on his head and win. Don’t count the Flyers out in a 7 game series with the B’s I think they would have their hands full with us.
  6. So that’s what it feels like to have a goalie steal a game. I’ve forgotten as we really didn’t haven’t seen this kind of thing since 1986-87.
  7. I don’t know but we need to send them back to where they came from.
  8. Did Hakstol sneak back behind the bench tonight? What the heck is going on out there!?!?
  9. You and me both...I pray they are right again this year. My popcorn is ready for the playoffs!
  10. Their modeling predicted the Blues winning the cup last year long before anyone gave that a thought.. Just for fun check out this year’s current playoff odds according to their model. [Hidden Content]
  11. The way things are going we soon could be asking where we can park this along Broad St.

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