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  1. The Instigator |Episode 24 Get it together Florida or Move! It is professional hockey. The best players in the world. That means that arenas should be sold out. Well not in Florida. Most nights the empty seats far outweigh the ones with fans in them. Brad Burud expresses his frustration why year after year the Florida Panthers continue to struggle with attendance. PODCAST
  2. THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 52 Hey! We are fans too… It is our most selfish episode ever, but a damn good one. Brad Burud and Blake Friars talk about what they love. It is time to talk about their favorite teams. Blake talks about why he is a Vancouver Canucks fan. Talks about his greatest moments as a Canucks fan and tells you why he thinks they will make the playoffs this season. Brad tells the story of how he became a Calgary Flames fan. Talks about the amazing run in 2004 and the disappointment that followed. He also talks about this years squad and tells you what he likes and dislikes. Then it is on to a discussion about the best day of the NHL season. Is it opening night, deadline day, or the start of the Stanley Cup Playoff? Let the debate begin. After a quick trip around the leagues news they dive into three questions. The questions will not disappoint. PODCAST
  3. INSIDE EDGE HOCKEY NEWS – RADIO SHOW | EPISODE 16 Sellers, Sellers, and Kind-of Sellers The National Hockey League trade deadline is two weeks away. A lot is yet to be determined on just what teams will be sellers and what teams will hold off. Brad Burud breaks down what teams are all in, and what teams are still borderline. It looks like it will be a very active trade deadline as teams prepare to make that long journey with their sights set on hoisting the Stanley Cup. What players have been pinned as trade bait? And what are their probable destinations? It’s all on this episode. PODCAST
  4. THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 51 West Race Expands and Trade Deadline Cool Down The NHL bye weeks are finally done. All-Star break is behind us and now it is time to race to the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Brad Burud and Blake Friars talk about how the Western Conference has widened. Seven teams are fighting for three spots, and only three teams are really out of the race. It is going to be a battle. Will so many teams slow down the amount of teams selling at NHL Trade Deadline. The deadline is less than three weeks away, and it is time for some moves to start happen. Brad and Blake talk about players you can get at a value, and what players are likely to be moved, and they even throw out where they think some players will land. Trade Deadline is one of the best times of the year. Oh yeah…don’t forget three questions..always entertaining and controversial.. PODCAST
  5. The Instigator |Episode 23 Columbus “Pull the Trigger” Trade or not. Artemi Panarin and Sergei Bobrovsky has put the Columbus Blue Jackets and General Manager Jarmo Kekalainen in a difficult position. Do you keep them for a playoff run or gather assets for the future and still take a playoff run?? Time for a decision. Brad Burud from Inside Edge Hockey News gives his two-cents on this dilemma…Can the Columbus Blue Jackets ever catch a break? PODCAST
  6. THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 50 The NHL in 10 Years Brad Burud and Blake Friars celebrate 50 episodes by diving into the NHL and looking at how the league will change in the next 10 years. They take a look at 10 critical questions that the NHL faces in the next 10 years and how the league will change.1 – Concussions and Safety of the Game2- Fighting and Cheap Shots3- CBA/Revenue/Salary Cap4- Relocation and Expansion5- Olympics and International Play6- Rule Changes7- Franchise on the rise and falling franchise8- Technology – How will it change the game.9- Goal Scoring10- Growing the game/Youth HockeyBrad and Blake would like to thank all the listeners for 50 great episodes. We have a lot of fun doing this and we hope that you enjoy the show. Thank you to the Fans! PODCAST
  7. THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 49 McDavid Frustration and the Wild West The Western Conference Playoff race is in full swing as we head into NHL All-Star weekend. Brad Burud and Blake Friars take a look at the race and give their opinions on what team will fall out of the race first and what teams will survive the battle for the wildcard spots. Then its time to figure out the Edmonton Oilers. What is going on in Edmonton? What crazy move is Peter Cirelli going to make next? And the big question. Is Connor McDavid happy? How long will his patience last? His prime years are going away and this team has shown no signs of positive progress. As a matter of fact they have taken a step backwards. This team is in disarray and fans are now officially outraged. Then it is time to take a trip around the league. Will Duchene resign in Ottawa? How much money is Karlsson seeking and will San Jose be able to afford him? Is Tuukka Rask ok? Is Koskinen worth $4.5 million? Canucks fans will not want to miss the listener question. Your future depends on it…. PODCAST
  8. THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 48 Buyers, Sellers, and the Bait The NHL trade deadline is just six weeks away and its time to start the speculation and decisions on who are the sellers and who are the buyers. Brad Burud and Blake Friars breakdown what teams are prepared to sell off for assets and what teams are looking to add that special player that will help them make a strong Stanley Cup run. There is a strong group of players set to move teams and Brad and Blake discuss what teams would be the best fit for these players. Then its time to talk about a variety of NHL topics. The most prevalent is an epic rant that Brad Burud had about Nathan MacKinnon freaking out on his coach while on the bench. Brad did not like MacKinnon’s behavior and believe me he did not hold back. Then three questions takes center stage and a great listener question that Florida Panthers fans are not going to want to miss. PODCAST
  9. INSIDE EDGE HOCKEY NEWS – RADIO SHOW | EPISODE 15 Midseason Report Cards and Trophies The National Hockey League has reached the midpoint of the season. Brad Burud hosts a jam packed show that features midseason grades for all 31 teams. Tampa Bay and Calgary highlight the good grades and Philadelphia and Los Angeles bring home the bad grades. NHL Awards are the next topic of discussion and results for midseason awards in the top five categories are discussed. This episodes listener question is “what NHL team has surprised you the most this season?” Results for the good and bad are reviewed. PODCAST
  10. THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 47 Midseason Shockers and All-Stars Skip Out The NHL has hit the midseason mark. Brad Burud and Blake Friars talk about the biggest surprises thus far. There are some very interesting ones. Can you believe the amount of goals scored? Then it is time to talk NHL All-Star Game, and players electing to skip out. With Alexander Ovechkin and Carey Price not going, what message does this send to the other players, and fans? Solutions for this problem are discussed and some ideas on what they would do with the entire All-Star process. Then they roll though a big list of topics: Pettersson injury, World Juniors, CBA, Duchene and Hamilton on the market, Edmonton’s fate, McDavid protection and the mighty Tampa Bay Lightning. Get ready for a controversial edition of THE DEBATE Hockey Podcast. PODCAST
  11. THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 46 Stars Blasted by Ownership Dallas Stars ownership blasted superstars Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin in the media. The vulgar statements sent shock waves throughout the hockey world. Brad Burud and Blake Friars discuss the crazy situation, and give insight on what set off this tyraid and what will the ramifications be. Then the Columbus Blue Jackets dilemma is decided. What do you do with pending UFA’s Sergei Bobrovsky and Artemi Panarin? Then it is time to roll through a variety of NHL happening- Whalers tribute, Leafs goalies, Frolik complaints, and a World Junior update. PODCAST
  12. The Instigator |Episode 21 Winter Classic Rerun: Same Teams Every Year The Winter Classic is set to play on New Years Day. A great tribute to how hockey began, outside, but…why in the world do we have to watch the same teams each year. This years matchup is the Chicago Blackhawks versus the Boston Bruins at historic Notre Dame Stadium. Sounds epic right, not so much, the problem is this is the 4th time for the Blackhawks and 3rd time for the Bruins in the Winter Classic. Yes I know they are big television markets but seriously NHL give us some variety and give us some change. I have a plan to make the Winter Classic an amazing showcase of the entire NHL, and an amazing New Years television production. PODCAST
  13. Another year has gone by and oh what a year it was. There was a plethora of alternates introduced from NHL teams during the fall of 2018 and 2019 will be no shortage of new jersey releases either. Icethetics is offering the expected changes that might during the next year and we’ll give you our take on what the new jerseys could look like and in some cases, what it should like look like. ANAHEIM DUCKS 2019 THIRD JERSEY: Expected. Yes, we’re going on this ride one more time! The Ducks debuted a new third jersey with some throwback elements for their 25th anniversary — but this is a one-off jersey for the 2018-19 season only. It’s been reported that the Ducks will return to their orange third jersey in 2019-20 and I think that’s a safe bet. Our take: We think the orange eggplant jersey will come back as well. Knowing Adidas and how they love to utilize the neck, they’ll throw in “Anaheim” in gold writing along the inside of the collar as well as adding an “OC” shoulder patch on one side. OC meaning Orange County which is based in Southern California. Ducks third jersey in 2015. BOSTON BRUINS 2019 THIRD JERSEY: Expected. The Bruins will rejoin the third jersey fray in 2019-20, but what design will they use? They have no shortage of outdoor jerseys from recent years. Will they go with something familiar or completely new? Our Take: We think it’ll be the 2019 Winter Classic jersey. It is arguably the best looking Bruins Winter Classic jersey released to date. Lots of teams have used their previous outdoor game jerseys as alternates this season and that list includes the Flyers, Penguins, Blues, Kings, and Senators. The Bruins and Blackhawks 2019 Winter Classic Jerseys BUFFALO SABRES 2019 THIRD JERSEY: Expected. Buffalo is in the mix for a third jersey in 2019-20. Could it finally be the royal blue throwback fans have been begging for? 50TH ANNIVERSARY: The Sabres will turn 50 in 2020, so the question is whether the team will mark the milestone anniversary in 2019-20 or 2020-21. I haven’t seen anything definitive yet. (For what it’s worth, they marked their 40th in 2010-11 along with the Canucks. But the Canucks have already made plans to celebrate their 50th in 2019-20. So take that however you choose.) Our Take: We’re going out on a limb with this one and say that it’ll be a brand new jersey combining elements of the 2018 Winter Classic except it’ll be the home version of it. It’ll have a graphic of New York State along the shoulders plus the jersey itself will have a royal blue body with a large yellow stripe along the waist that has a white outline along the top and bottom of the yellow. Imagine something like this but with with an additional white stripe along the bottom of the yellow CALGARY FLAMES 40TH ANNIVERSARY: The Flames celebrated 30 years in Calgary during 2009-10, so in my mind the 40th is possible in 2019-20. The franchise relocated from Atlanta in 1980. It doesn’t mean much other than possibly some shoulder patches. They’re already wearing their original jersey as a third. Our Take: Despite no news of any changes, we think Calgary will make a surprise move with the direction on what they’ll wear for their home and road game jerseys. Just like Philadelphia in 2012, Edmonton in 2011 and Pittsburgh in 2016, Calgary will use their alternates full time and introduce the matching road jersey along with it. They should do it for their 40th anniversary. The timing couldn’t be better. Would a modernized version of this beauty be a better replacement than their current road jerseys? CAROLINA HURRICANES 2019 ROAD JERSEY: Redesign expected. It’s been reported that Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon is not a fan of his team’s white road sweater. That’s been backed up by the new Adidas catalog which indicates a new design is coming in 2019-20. Will they redesign it to match the home sweater or try something new? What if it wasn’t white at all? What if it was a light grey like the outline of their logo? As an aside, the Hurricanes are the first team in years to provoke a regular season color-vs-color game by wearing their home red jerseys on the road against the Ducks who wore black. And with the Whalers jersey coming back this year, I’m not sure any Canes jersey prediction is safe! THROWBACK JERSEY: Speaking of the Whalers, the green jerseys will show up at least once more in 2019 (March 5 in Boston). But given the very mixed reaction — the displeasure of many New Englanders in particular — do we think we’ll see these again beyond the 2018-19 season? For what it’s worth, 2019 marks 40 years since the Whalers originally joined the NHL after the WHA folded in 1979. Our Take: We agree with the road jersey redesign. The current roadies aren’t as good as the home sweaters. As for the Whalers jerseys, they’ll be back for another 2 matches next season. They’ll keep the current 3rd jerseys as it is. CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS 2019 HOME & ROAD JERSEYS: Expected. The biggest surprise of the catalog was seeing new primary uniforms listed for the Blackhawks in 2019-20. That would be insanity! Or would it? Chicago’s jerseys are untouchable and everyone knows it. Don’t forget Montreal was in this position in 2015 before they simply revealed a new collar design, leaving everything else alone. Is that what the Hawks are doing? They haven’t used a lace-up collar since 1965, but could it be back in 2019-20? As much as I dislike the Adidas collars, some have grown on me. Chicago’s has not. At all. Our take: We think some tweaking will be done on the neck but nothing more than that. If anything, they’ll make a black alternate jersey just like the two previous times they had alternates in 2003 and 2009. the 2014 Chicago Blackhawks Stadium Series jersey. DETROIT RED WINGS 2019 THIRD JERSEY: Expected. The Red Wings have never had a regular third jersey so this is big news! Like the Bruins, they have a number of outdoor jerseys to consider but they could also surprise us with an entirely new design. Time will tell. Our Take: We think that the Wings will come out with something new but with the big D as the centerpiece on a new concept, similar to the Winter Classic in 2009, except, it’ll be in red. We think this the jersey they’ll as a starting point with more details following up later. EDMONTON OILERS THIRD JERSEY: Expected. The Oilers are lined up for a new third jersey in 2019-20, but there’s really only one of two ways to go. Either they promote the royal blue retro jersey from this season or they try a navy blue version of their home jersey — much like the AHL’s Bakersfield Condors have. But since I’ve never seen an NHL team follow an AHL team’s lead in terms of jerseys, the former is more likely. Our Take: No way, Jose. We believe the latter is expected. The dark blue will look really good on the body and having a orange stripe along the bottom will make it all the better. FLORIDA PANTHERS 2019 THIRD JERSEY: Expected. Just three years after their rebrand, the Panthers will add a new third jersey! The most obvious choice, would be a navy blue design with the modernized leaping cat front and center. Our Take: We agree with this one. A dark blue body will look really good with a gold and white stripe along the waist. The possible logo for the alternate uniform in the 2019-20 season. MINNESOTA WILD 2019 THIRD JERSEY: Expected. The Wild are in the mix for a new alternate uniform in 2019-20 but as for what it will look like, your guess is as good as mine. Will they go back to red again like their first third jersey in 2003? 20TH ANNIVERSARY: I know, last time. Like Columbus, the Wild turn 20 in 2020. But also like Columbus, their 10th anniversary was in 2010-11, so we’ll probably see this in 2020-21. That is all. Our Take: Knowing the Wild, they’ll always try something new with their design. I think they’ll slap a giant M (Just like the one on their shoulder patch) on the front of their jersey with a couple of stars engraved on the letter. Having a circle around it and on the outline it’ll say something like “Minnesota Wild Hockey Club.” The body of the jersey should still be green. The current shoulder patch for the Wild NASHVILLE PREDATORS 2019 THIRD JERSEY: Expected. The Predators will be back in the third jersey fray for 2019-20! They haven’t used one since redesigning their logo and uniforms in 2011. An obvious design choice would be navy blue, but as with the Panthers, I hope they do something a bit more interesting. Our Take: Please do make the navy blue uniforms. Those were some the best looking alternates that Reebok ever designed. The Preds alternates in 2011 NEW YORK RANGERS 2019 THIRD JERSEY: Expected. Another Original Six team will add a new third jersey in 2019-20! Will the navy blue Heritage jersey return? Maybe the Lady Liberty design from the late ’90s? Or will we be treated to something all new? Our Take: We see Navy Blue being a big trend in 2019 so it’ll be no surprise if the Rangers make a Navy Blue alternate as well. The Rangers are also very good at designing Winter Classic uniforms so they might just throw in the 2018 Winter Classic as their alternate. We can see this coming back. OTTAWA SENATORS 2019 THIRD JERSEY: Expected. Because the Adidas catalog lists the Senators with other teams getting new thirds in 2019-20, I don’t think we’ll see the red NHL100 Classic jersey again. It’s more likely the Sens get something new. Our Take: The Sens need new primaries, period. The leftover Reebok uniforms they currently wear aren’t doing it anymore for the Sens and they really need to do some soul searching. Even having the vintage “O” jerseys they wore as alternates would be a better fit for a primary. At least that represents history. The Sens also released 6 different logos to their season ticket holders and they had a vote on what designs looked the best. The winning designs would be used for future consideration when designing their next uniforms. Spoiler alert, the fans have already voted the current Sens logo as the best design on the list. Home. And Road. TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING 2018-19 THIRD JERSEY: Expected. Icethetics obtained images of the new Lightning third jersey in November. At that time, I was told by multiple sources that the jersey was still a work in progress and that certain elements had yet to be finalized — elements not seen in the leaked image (could mean things like number font, nameplate, helmet color, pants, or socks). LAUNCH DATE: I’ve also been told a January launch is likely, though the Lightning have yet to say anything official on the subject. It could be the NHL’s first January third jersey debut since 1997 when the Bolts introduced their first-ever alternate uniform. Our Take: The photos that Icethetics released will only be a starting point to what Tampa will do with their alternate uniform. The fade from grey to black doesn’t look nice and one can only hope that will be changed until the official release. The official photo released from Icethetics. TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS 2018-19 THROWBACK JERSEY: Expected. Icethetics obtained images of a Toronto St. Pats throwback jersey in the Adizero cut. A source told me the St. Pats jerseys could be returning late in the 2018-19 likely as a one-off throwback for St. Patrick’s Day rather than a proper third jersey worn more often. NOTES: The Leafs wore the St. Pats uniform for a game during the 2016-17 season as part of their 100th anniversary celebration. Our Take: The Leafs should wear these uniforms during Patrick’s Day. They are gorgeous and resemble a lot of team history. Other than that, we expect no changes from here on in. The leaked St. Pats jerseys VANCOUVER CANUCKS 2019 HOME & ROAD JERSEYS: Expected. After the Blackhawks, the other big surprise from the Adidas catalog was seeing new primary sweaters listed for the Canucks in 2019-20! It’s unclear whether the Canucks are working on sweeping changes or maybe just updating the crest to remove the superfluous “Vancouver” arched across the top. But I also wouldn’t be that shocked to see a new primary logo to coincide with the 50th anniversary. 2019 THIRD JERSEY: Confirmed. Canucks COO Jeff Stipec told TSN in August that there will be a new third jersey in 2019-20 — in addition to the throwback sweater fans voted for over the summer. The Adidas catalog does corroborate this. 2019 THROWBACK JERSEY: Confirmed. In addition to the new third, the Canucks will wear a throwback jersey for select games in 2019-20. After an online fan vote, the team determined they will use their 1989 “Flying Skate” design. Our Take: There’s a lot to digest here. The Canucks are on the verge of celebrating their 50th anniversary. My guess is that the Canucks want to make the anniversary a grand all-year party. I believe the Canucks will do something completely new with the primaries. There is no real projection as to what they’ll do but I think Johnny Canuck grabbing an Orca by the fin would be epic. And if you somehow mix in some black from the flying skate jersey and some blue and green from the current jersey in, a masterpiece can be created. Having a third and throwback adds to the already big changes coming to Vancouver. A move that Vancouver might make for their thirds is having a green jersey with a white faded Orca on the center to make it look like whitecaps in the water. Eventually, I think Vancouver will make a jersey that’ll bring the Seattle/Vancouver rivalry to life. VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS 2019 THIRD JERSEY: Expected. The Golden Knights are not the kind of team to waste time. They went to the Stanley Cup Final in their first season and in their third they’ll add a third jersey! There are so many great possibilities for a Vegas third jersey so I’m eager to see where they end up. Our Take: Vegas’ third will be red with an alternate logo. A sword and shield combo is likely as well as a knight on horseback characterization. A must is to incorporate gold and black to make it look intimidating. If not, let’s hope they have a better idea. WINNIPEG JETS THROWBACK JERSEY: The Jets are breaking out their Heritage Classic jersey twice in 2018-19 and the team says it will be used at least once a season going forward. Keep an eye on that for 2019-20. Our Take: Stay the course with heritage throwbacks. They look amazing. I really wish the Jets would change the road uniforms. Having the light blue stripes going over the blue arm stripe is a poor taste. Change that and the dark blue arm striping to a something simpler would make the jersey way better. Unfortunately, there are no plans for the Jets to change that. Original Source: Icethetics 2019 Jersey Watch For officially licensed NHL merchandise, visit oilfieldjerseys.com
  14. THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 44 Seattle Joins the Party The National Hockey League has officially announced the expansion of teams to thirty-two. Seattle will join the party for the 2021-2022 season. Brad Burud and Blake Friars give their thoughts on Seattle and talk about their odds of success and the hurdles that they will face. They then move topics to teams in jeopardy of possible relocation and what cities would be successful homes to teams on the move. It looks like Arizona will be moving to the Central Division when Seattle arrives. Is this fair and the correct solution, or is this a sign that the NHL just might have thoughts they may be moving to Houston. Dirty hits rounds out the topics for this episode. PODCAST
  15. The Instigator |Episode 20 Reaves Night of Revenge Vegas Golden Knights tough guy Ryan Reaves got his revenge on Washington Capitals enforcer Tom Wilson. It came with a vicious blind sided hit. Was it revenge for beating them in the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals or was it revenge for all of the dirty hits and players he has injured over the past few years. I am guessing the latter of the two. Wilson has a reputation of being a predator. Well on this night of revenge, he became the victim. It delighted many, now I don’t want any player hurt, but I think we all chuckled when the controversial player got a bit of his own medicine. PODCAST
  16. THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 43 Nylander Saga Finally Ends and Wilson Antics The William Nylander saga is now over in Toronto. What does this mean for the Leafs. What does it mean for their salary cap future, and what does it mean for pending RFA players. Brad Burud and Blake Friars are breaking it all down, and they are full of opinions. Then Tom Wilson is back to his dirty antics. Has he learned anything from his recent suspension? It was a busy week in the NHL. The Islanders are back home, the intensity level boils over in numerous games this week. An almost goalie fight and a goalie outburst. It is all up for debate on this episode. PODCAST
  17. INSIDE EDGE HOCKEY NEWS – RADIO SHOW | EPISODE 13 Who is the NHL’s Top Sniper? Every hockey fan loves watching the sniper blast a slapper over the top shoulder of the goalie. Brad Burud of Inside Edge Hockey News breaks down all the best snipers currently playing in the National Hockey League. Then Blake Friars of The Debate Hockey Podcast joins the show to give his take on who is the top snipers currently playing and who are the snipers of the future. Then it is time to break out the Facebook poll and answer the question “Who is the greatest sniper all-time?” An action packed episode of the Inside Edge Hockey News Radio Show. PODCAST
  18. THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 42 NHL Playoff Marker Thanksgiving It is NHL Playoff marker number one. American Thanksgiving has become a marker point for who is in and out of the playoffs. Brad Burud and Blake Friars discuss and debate who they think will fall out of the playoffs and who they think will push up into a playoff spot. Some of the predictions are very interesting. Then it is time to discuss a variety of topics in the NHL. Is Luongo done? Is the Roussel fine appropriate? Coaches get fired, trades happen, the breakdown on all of them, and is there a hotter player than Patrik Laine?? I think not! PODCAST
  19. It is American Thanksgiving weekend and the NHL season is now in full swing. The divisional races are already heating up. Some teams are playing themselves into playoff spots and other teams are doing the opposite and really making things hard on themselves. In this time of thankfulness every team does have one thing to be thankful for: Florida Panthers – Roberto Luongo, he is playing great (even at his age) and is even a better ambassador for hockey in Florida. Amended --- injured as this was written,,,the luck could not be worse in Florida… Carolina Hurricanes – The Celebration --- WOW! Ottawa Senators – GOALS, GOALS, GOALS – lead the entire league with 3.57 goals per game. Amazing for a team predicted to finish last. Arizona Coyotes – The best penalty kill in the NHL at 91.7%. Calgary Flames – A solid back-up goalie in David Rittich. With Mike Smith having horrible struggles the play of Rittich has been a welcome surprise. Columbus Blue Jackets – They have to be thankful for their 2ndplace in the Metro Division. They don’t have great team stats, so this is great news to be in a playoff spot. Dallas Stars – The defense has been strong, 6thin goals against at 2.57. Now come on offense. New York Islanders – The end of Barclays is coming closer every day. Vancouver Canucks – Elias Petterson – the young star is giving the fans hope for the future. Anaheim Ducks – Goaltending is great. Gibson and Miller have been saviors. Winnipeg Jets – A general manager that stayed the course. Their cupboards are stocked with great players and prospects. Colorado Avalanche – The hottest line in hockey – Landeskog/MacKinnon/Rantanen Buffalo Sabres – Jeff Skinner 23 Points. He has elevated the play of Eichel and revitalized Jason Pominville. Los Angeles Kings – Quick returning from injury sooner than expected. New Jersey Devils – They have $13+ million dollars in cap space. They made need some reinforcement to get back to last years levels. Minnesota Wild – Consistency – This team finds a way to make the playoffs and each and every year and this year looks like more of the same. Tampa Bay Lightning – Scoring Depth – with Kucherov, Point, Gourde and Stamkos collecting points at a point a game pace what more could you ask for. St. Louis Blues – There is only 60 games left in the season…… Detroit Red Wings – The opportunity to draft high for once. Stock the cupboards with young talent. San Jose Sharks – Erik Karlsson scoring his first goal and getting that over with. Time to focus on winning. Montreal Canadiens – Hard work ethic – the only way they are winning. Outwork opponents. Edmonton Oilers – The new savior Ken Hitchcock (is this the sixth one???) Nashville Predators – Pekka Rinne and Jusse Saros. The top goalie tandem in the league. Philadelphia Flyers – Gritty! What the hell am I kidding... New York Rangers – Honesty. They told their fans times would be difficult. Now they are exceeding everyone’s expectations. Toronto Maple Leafs – John Tavares – He is living up to all the crazy hype. Vegas Golden Knights – A strong franchise start last year. What a great kickstart. Pittsburgh Penguins – Scoring. This team can score. Rated 7thin the NHL, but they are in last place. That will not last long. Washington Capitals – Ovie is still scoring after his summer party. Boston Bruins – The most complete line in hockey – Pastrnak/Bergeron/Marchand Chicago Blackhawks – A healthy Corey Crawford. Be Thankful!
  20. THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 41 Panic in Pittsburgh and Players Under the Radar Brad Burud and Blake Friars talk Pittsburgh Penguins. Should there be panic in the “Steel City” or is all the panic premature. The Penguins find themselves in last place and the hockey world is so not used to seeing that. Then its time to breakdown all the players off to hot starts that were not expected to be doing this well. What players are flying under the radar? Then it’s time to go around the horn and talk injuries, Buffalo Sabres, the “Battle of Alberta”, playoff projections, and a very heated and frustrating listener question. Yes, he is a rat! PODCAST
  21. Inside Edge Hockey News Radio Show - Episode 12 - Goaltending Disaster The NHL season is one month old and one of the most surprising stories of this young season is the struggles that goaltenders are having thus far. The numbers are disastrous. Brad Burud discusses what goalies are struggling, and gives insight into why these struggles are taking place. He talks about how long this will continue, and if the NHL is changing to a two goalie team system rather than a system where a team lives and dies on the #1 starter. Then Mark Paul from Overtime Hockey Talk joins the show to give a very interesting perspective on why he thinks goalies are off to a terrible start this season. Then it is time to dive into a fan poll - Who is the best goaltender in the NHL from the 1980's to present? The results are interesting and controversial. PODCAST
  22. THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 40 Nylander Sign or Trade and the Inconsistent Oilers Are you sick and tired of thinking and speculating what will happen with William Nylander. Brad Burud and Blake Friars are too. For the last time they break down possible trade scenarios for Nylander, and discuss the possibility that he still may sign with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Would the real Edmonton Oilers please stand up….are you good or are you terrible again? Joel Quenneville is out in Chicago. This is crazy. Questionable hits, player suspensions, and the Hall of Fame welcomes six new members. It was a crazy week in the NHL and did we mention the UBER fiasco in Ottawa. PODCAST
  23. The Instigator - Episode 19 - Malkin Hit on Oshie | Overreaction? When Pittsburgh Penguins superstar Evgeni Malkin drove his shoulder in to the head of Washington Capitals forward TJ Oshie the hockey world went crazy. Half of the people were screaming for a suspension and half thought the match penalty was outrageous. It was an interesting play and call. Brad Burud breaks down the hit and discusses his opinion on what the penalties or suspensions should have been. PODCAST
  24. THE DEBATE - Hockey Podcast - Episode 39 - Canadian Success and the Best Line in Hockey One month into the NHL season Canadian teams are off to a historically strong start. Brad Burud and Blake Friars talk about each of the Canadian teams. What their strengths and weaknesses are and the most important question. How many of the Canadian teams will make the playoffs. Then it is time to talk about NHL power lines. What is the best line in hockey? What is the most powerful young line in hockey? Then on to the weekly wrap. Pekka Rinne resigns, Kings clean house on coaching staff, and the rat is back at it, Brad Marchand is making a fool of himself once again. PODCAST
  25. THE DEBATE - Hockey Podcast - Episode 38 - Memorable Goals, Coaching Turnstile, and the Soft NHL Brad Burud and Blake Friars are back at it with another jammed packed episode of THE DEBATE Hockey Podcast. Every hockey fan has a list of memorable goals. They reminisce what goals they really remember as WOW Goals! Then the conversation amps up as they discuss the state of the NHL. Is the league becoming soft or is the entire world becoming soft? NHL coaches have been changing faster and faster. Are they taking the heat for inconsistent play of their players? Injuries are again on the docket for conversation, and they wrap it up with a debate on what division is the strongest in the NHL, and who can forget three questions. PODCAST

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