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Found 97 results

  1. Warning: Don't watch while drinking your coffee.
  2. What do you all think about GoPro? I think it looks awesome!!
  3. Kinda funny Wilson is under all that. Apparently Holtby and Fleury calmly passed the puck back and forth to each other while waiting for the game to start during the bench brawl. lol A playoff series between these two teams could be a lot of fun to watch.
  4. Nearly 200 minutes and some no doubt future suspensions in this one between the Hershey Bears and visiting Bridgeport Sound Tigers.
  5. January 13, 2015 - Minnesota vs Pittsburgh This happened in the 2nd period, no penalty was called during the game. (not sure how to embed videos) [Hidden Content] So what happens next?
  6. A great video to announce his final season.
  7. Hertl injured in 2nd period of last nite's game vs. Ottawa after a collision. His return was questionable. [Hidden Content]
  8. The circus came to town tonite, didn't ya know? Yah, it was held at Rogers Arena. The only thing that was missing were the clown suits & floppy shoes. The clowns elected to keep Nucks' uni's on and wore skates instead. So I guess you could say it was really the Ice Capades. (I think @ruxpin got his wish, we were just missing the official Disney characters, although I think they were all imitating Goofy tonite! "Gawrsh!" :wacko: ) We were on a power play...ahem, let me make this completely clear...WE were on a power play, about 4 mins left in the 2nd period, vs Montreal, we were tied 1-1, were dominating this game, and imo, thought we had a good chance at a win to bolster our nearly obliterated self-esteem (after the recent Shark attack), and then........and then.........oh bloody 'ell, just watch the freakin' video: [Hidden Content] I tell ya'...Jonathan Quick's got NUTHIN' on OUR circus act!
  9. New commercial for Patrick Kane. Incredible control.
  10. Kind of cool video showing the logos for each NHL team from the original 6 to today. [Hidden Content]
  11. Some good stuff here by Bobby Ryan. LOL [Hidden Content]
  12. Great Vid. Nice to see the 3 guys together again. They were such a dominating line back then. It is just a crying shame that the SC eluded them. Would love to see what kind of havoc they could cause today with some of the rule changes. Brings back some nice memories for me. Enjoy guys! [Hidden Content]
  13. The Kings new fight song....not quite as upbeat as Chicago's but I do like it.
  14. Set to music nonetheless...... [Hidden Content]
  15. After the Bruins scored the winner in OT... the brunette is James Reimer's wife, the blonde is Elisha Cuthbert (Dion Phaneuf's girlfriend). Phaneuf got caught out up ice leading to the Bruins rush and game winner. The rest you can figure out for yourself... [Hidden Content]
  16. I put this in the Flyers section because at about the 3:15 mark he's asked about his time with the Flyers and the much rumored shenanigans that may or may not have occurred with the Center City party boys. Not really all that interesting but fwiw... [Hidden Content]#!
  17. Rangers eliminated Buffalo from playoff contention last night, beating them 8-4, including an incredible 5 goals in less than 3 minutes spanning the first and second periods. [Hidden Content] Miller was yanked after the fourth and Enroth didn't do hugely better, being beaten on his first shot! I know this is Buffalo they were playing but seriously, eight goals?! We couldn't manage one goal against Buffalo and yet manage to beat the Rangers and look good doing it. Just can't understand the inconsistency of the Flyers.
  18. One of the few bright spots for the Sabres has been the emergence of Cody Hodgson as #1 center. Check out his 10th of the year SH tonight nasty....[Hidden Content]
  19. Flyers vs Penguins - 1/19/13 - Goal #1 Flyers vs Penguins - 1/19/13 - Goal #2 Goal # 1 was a deflection. Nothing he could do about it. Goal #2 from the top of the circles. 75% of the time a star NHL goalie saves that. Result - Bryz didn't lose the game and played average. Agree? View Game #2 Videos
  20. [Hidden Content] Check out some of the best players in the world during the NHL lockout as ESPN3 brings you KHL games live. Tues., Oct. 9: Lev vs. Dynamo Moscow (Ovechkin), 1 p.m. ET Sun., Oct. 14: Dynamo Moscow (Ovechkin) vs. Amur, 9 a.m. ET Tues., Oct. 16: Dynamo Moscow (Ovechkin) vs. Sibir, 11:30 a.m. ET Thurs., Oct. 18: SKA (Kovalchuk) vs. Sibir, 11:45 a.m. ET Mon., Oct. 22: Dinamo Riga vs. Metallurg (Malkin & Gonchar), 12:30 p.m. ET Mon., Oct. 29: Dynamo Moscow (Ovechkin) vs. Dinamo Riga HD, 11:30 a.m. ET
  21. Can't wait for hockey to start!!!!
  22. I swear some of those trades and sayings came from this forum.

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