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  1. https://www.nhl.com/penguins/news/pens-resign-bryan-rust-to-four-year-contract/c-299279942 http://www.sportingnews.com/nhl/news/penguins-bryan-rust-re-sign-contract-stats-nhl-news/1ufankr89y2gnzjj2f6853wcv The Penguins on Tuesday announced they have re-signed the veteran winger to a four-year deal worth $14 million. The #Pens have re-signed Bryan Rust to a four-year contract. The deal runs through the 2021.22 campaign, and it carries an average annual value of $3.5 million
  2. So our yearly debate about Coots will begin again ...... Is this the year that Sean Couturier, who is long overdue, has his breakout season? http://thehockeywriters.com/flyers-sean-couturier-overdue-break-out-season/ Every year it seems like it’s the same old story with Sean Couturier. Fans set their expectations for the young Philadelphia Flyers center and every year they are let down by his lack of production. Are the expectations for Couturier too high? Is he unable to produce at the NHL level? Or is there something that fans aren
  3. Here is a cool article about Kuznetsov. It was a good read. He gives a unique perspective about growing up and learning to play hockey in Russia. http://www.theplayerstribune.com/evgeny-kuznetsov-capitals-russia-hockey/
  4. http://thehockeywriters.com/breaking-down-eichels-decision-buffalo-vs-bu/ So if you are Eichel what do you do? Personally, and this is not a knock on Buffalo (even though we kid with HJ alot on here), go back to school and get one more solid year of NCAA under his belt and try to win a championship. Continue to develop as a team leader at BU. That will carry over to the Sabres when he eventually gets their. The Sabres, despite all this new talent, are still going to struggle next year. Can Bylsma develop young talent is a real question mark. I know Sabre fans want him in Buffalo, bu
  5. Calling all our Pens fans on here. So what is your opinion on the following article? http://thehockeywriters.com/3-penguins-who-will-be-traded-this-offseason/ The author gives current Pens players who could be traded. Honestly, I don't think 2 out of the 3 players he listed should come to no surprise to anyone. Rob Scuderi, Chris Kunitz and Brandon Sutter. I can see Scuderi and Kunitz as the Pens definitely need to get younger, but having Sutter on this list comes as a surprise to me. Now I must admit I don't watch alot of Pens games, so I am asking our Pens fans here, is Sutter overr
  6. I took my 4 year old down to the arena tonight for a STH meet and greet with the players with the intent of having him meet G as it is the only player he really knows. After about 15 mins in the Giroux line a lady comes up to us and says that G will not be there tonight as he is being evaluated by team doctors. They would not give us any more details. News reports are that he is OK Here are some of the news articles on this http://www.csnphilly.com/hockey-philadelphia-flyers/claude-giroux-being-evaluated-flyers-medical-staff http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/sports/flyers/Flyers-Clau
  7. http://thehockeywriters.com/five-things-i-think-i-think-about-these-new-penguins/?utm_content=buffer7d9fb&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer Came across a very interesting article regarding the Pens. 1. I think I think that I was wrong about Mike Johnston The author makes a point that it appears from the outside looking in that the Pens made a good call in hiring Mike Johnston. Apparently he is slowly changing the culture of the team and not coddling to the players like Bylsma did. 2. But I also think I think that the Penguins will find a way t
  8. http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?post_id=60621#.U52ghZTrOIw.twitter Yet another interesting article from Meltzer. This quote is very telling..... "In my opinion, a team needs to be decisive and then stick to it in order to allow a fair chance for the player to settle in to his new position. Changing it up again after three games isn't a reasonable sample size to determine if the arrangement can work." Absolutely agree with this. This is one are I really hope is addressed next season. They really need to stop the constantly switching of players. Just my opinion. Take the article
  9. Our top picks Hunter Shinkaruk & Bo Horvat will be starting on our roster beginning this year, for at least 9 games, which is pretty exciting for us. Shinkaruk has started with quite an impressive splash, netting 2 goals in the pre-season. BoHo, has also made some heads turn with some good defensive zone play, effective work in face-offs such as in the game vs 'Yotes & had 2 assists that game also. (Another plus of having Kassian & Weise on suspensions for me...lol). Here's to a successful season start for these 2 star rooks! http://www.cbssports.com/nhl/eye-on-hockey/238781
  10. Ugh, what a hot mess we were tonite vs the Islanders, in a game I thought we could have & should have played a whole lot better...the Isles after all, are not that tough a team to play against, imo. For the first 2 periods, especially, the Isles dominated us, hemming us in, in our own end, with dominant puck possession, making us look like we were wearing 2 left skates. They were hungrier for the puck, faster, & had better puck support & positioning to win puck battles. What. on. earth? Did we not learn our lesson when we had our butts handed to us on a platter Sunday vs the Blue
  11. Thought this was a good sum-up of these 2 teams facing each other tonight & what we might expect. I still think we're gonna lose tonite, far too soon to know if Kesler is on the uprise yet from his invisible presence on the ice up until the last game with the Flyers (1 goal being an empty-netter, give me a break!). And Miller has been a beast in net of late. I'm not exactly holding my breath here. The Sabres are also 4-1-0 in their last 5 games against us and this is gonna be in their territory tonite. An interesting note: Hodgson faces his old team & may have been some bad blood
  12. Hertl injured in 2nd period of last nite's game vs. Ottawa after a collision. His return was questionable. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=686564&navid=nhl:topheads
  13. Tonight is a big night for the 'Nucks & Cory Schneider. It is the first time Schneids will be returning to Vancouver as a NJ Devil, to face his old team....and Luongo. Some are calling it a 'show-down' between the 2 goalies, who will come out on top? Some predict that if Schneids wins or shuts down Lu, the 'boo birds' might once again rain down upon Lu & could knock him off his mental game. Which may spell trouble for the 'Nucks for the near future. But if Lu wins for the team tonite, he may be considered a 'hero' to the fans. It seems already, he is a crowd favourite here. In a poll
  14. On Monday, 'Nucks acquired Zac Dalpe (turning 24 yrs old) and Jeremy Welsh (25) from the Carolina Hurricanes. While Welsh has been since sent down to the Utica Comets, Dalpe may be finding himself on a 3rd line spot to fill Kassian's shoes, either as a centre or right wing, of which he can play both. He's played 41 NHL games, while Welsh has only played 6 for the 'Canes. Dalpe, who grew up in Ontario was actually a 'Nucks fan as a kid, with heroes like Pavel Bure, so it's pretty cool that he ended up in Van. Will be interesting to see where Zac will fit in & how he develops with the team.
  15. Surprisingly, & despite a strong finish in tonite's last pre-season game vs the Rangers, with 1 goal & 1 assist & a '+ 2' rating, rookie d-man Frankie Corrado has been sent down to the 'Nucks farm team in Utica, NY by Torts, along with centre man Zach Hamill. Torts will have another look at Corrado come Nov/Dec. Forward Brendan Gaunce has also been sent back to his OHL team in Belleville, ON. I was hoping Gaunce would stay on the roster, but he needs more time to develop per Torts. http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/hockey/vancouver-canucks/Canucks+Corrado+shipped+Comets+af
  16. I should have put this in the OT forum, this story interested me for non-hockey reasons http://aol.sportingnews.com/nhl/story/2013-04-26/brian-burke-sues-internet-commenters-maple-leafs-dave-nonis Brian Burke likes fighting—"pugnacity, testosterone, truculence and belligerence," etc. He's picked a worthy opponent. Burke, fired earlier this year as GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs, filed a defamation suit in British Columbia against 18 internet commenters who alleged that he was let go because of a relationship with a female sports reporter. Burke, obviously, denies the allegations. "The Defamator
  17. (Sorry I'm a bit behind the ball on this one...been trying to play catch-up with Breaking Bad seasons!) All I can say is thank God I will not be seeing the twins in another uniform anytime soon!! In another forum, I saw this sweet post that summed up my thoughts... http://www.news1130.com/2013/08/21/sedins-plan-to-stay-in-vancouver-with-the-canucks/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter
  18. Thanks to jammer for catching this one: Rest of the article: http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?post_id=53137&blogger_id=131#.Uf872qzd4uc JR
  19. Found an interesting article on Homer and drafting. Not sure if I agree 100% as anyone can make numbers lie, nonetheless it is and interesting article http://thehockeywrit...en-drafts-well/
  20. Ok. Saw this article on Philly.com. No one has posted a topic similiar to this , so here it goes. http://www.philly.co...rouxs-line.html ]The Flyers are at least kicking around the idea of moving recently signed center Vinny Lecavalier to RW on Claude Giroux's first line. That was one of the many interesting aspects of a conference call Saturday with Lecavalier and reporters. From here, if the Flyers placed the 6-foot-4, 215-pound Lecavalier on Giroux's unit they would be putting all their eggs in one basket. It makes more sense to have two strong units, with Giroux centering Scott Hartnell
  21. http://thehockeywrit...Hockey Writers) It’s a known fact the Nashville Predators have been the cream of the crop when it comes to drafting defenseman. They’ve drafted the likes of Weber, Suter, Josi, Ellis, Klein, etc. and their uncanny ability to develop future defensive studs is unmatched in the NHL. Their system is consistently jam-packed with high-level blueliners. This offseason, having that many players on the backend can prove to be a luxury in the current “buyer’s market”. The Philadelphia Flyers have been in the hockey news much of the past week or so with the acquisition of
  22. By Dave Molinari and Shelly Anderson / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette BOSTON -- The Penguins' rivalry with Philadelphia might be going to a new level. Or at least to a different setting. The Penguins and Flyers have had informal talks about playing an outdoor game at Beaver Stadium on the Penn State campus. "It would be great for Pennsylvania hockey," Penguins CEO David Morehouse said Friday. The talks have been between Morehouse and Flyers president Peter Luukko, who confirmed them to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Luukko told the Inquirer that Penn State is "very interested" in being the site of such a
  23. Alain Vigneault has been let go by the Vancouver Canucks, a mercy killing really. He didn't miss a easy shot and give up cheap goals like certain goalies who shall remain nameless. He didn't play disinterested defense like certain blue liners who shall remain nameless. He didn't give up and go through the motions like certain forwards who shall go nameless. Vigneault stayed longer than most coaches, and was there past the time frame when the club was listening to him. Talented club, he got them to a finals but they have been a first round knockout two years in a row, going 1-8 in the play
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