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  1. Dear all, As part of my season ticket holder benefits the Flyers invited me to a 10 year reunion of a handful of the 2010 players on a Zoom type system where we could see and hear all the players but they could not hear or see us (see screenshot at end of recap). It was hosted by Steve Coates and radio announcer Tim Saunders. In attendance were JVR, Scott Hartnell, Claude Giroux, Simon Gagne, Danny Briere, Ian laperriere, Kimmo Timonen, and Brian Boucher. The event lasted an hour and they discussed some of the behind the scenes stuff from the 2010 playoff run. Firstly they discussed how they had been picked to go far at the beginning of the season and how they laid an egg early on which got Stevens fired. Coatsey and Saunders asked if the hiring of Lavvy made a huge difference and they tried to be diplomatic about it but said yes implicitly. Hartnell said that Stevens was all defense and that nobody likes to play defense and they all felt freed by Lavvy's offensive system to do their thing. As you can imagine they also highlighted that Stevens was very soft spoken and that Lavvy was very fiery which really inspired them. They also said the leadership of Pronger was huge. Harts said just the name gave them more confidence but also his big body and the leadership as well. Then they went into a discussion about how the season was ending where they were losing 8 out of 11 down the stretch including one to the Rangers in game 81 of the season. The most interesting thing we learned about the last game of the season was that Lavvy anticipated that the Rags would play them tight and may even play for a shootout as they had Lundqvist in net and figured if they could get it to a shootout they would beat the Flyers in it (I myself certainly thought so when it got to the SO). Lavvy wanted them to be prepared for this so at practice he called Gagne, Giroux, Briere, JVR, Richards and Carter over to him and said he wanted them to study film of Lundqvist in the SO and pick a move that they planned to move and practice that move. They did so and Briere went out and executed is perfectly. Giroux on the other hand changed his mind in the middle of his attempt and then had nothing to shoot at so he just went 5 hole and was lucky that it went in. Boucher mentioned that he was so nervous before the game and really felt the pressure that afternoon. He also note that he couldnt stand Lundqvist's celebration at the end of Ranger wins where he taps his posts and then does a huge fist pump. Bouch witnessed it from the bench in the previous game and wanted to do it back to him if the Flyers won and when he made that last save his celebration was an attempt to emulate and mock it. Booch said he actually tripped up when trying to do it as he got up awkwardly from the save but that was the story behind his famous celebration. They didn't talk much about the Devils series except that they had to focus on Elias and Brodeur and that they felt they could beat them. They lost the first game and Giroux was slamming stuff around the locker room in anger while Pronger was loose and kind of chucking at him for his tirade. This looseness helped to loosen Giroux up as he didn't feel too panicked after that and Flyers went on to win the series. They also talked about Lappy blocking the shot with his face and he joked that he did it because he didn't trust Boosh which brought out laughs all around. Naturally they discussed the Bruins series in detail and mentioned how they felt that they had a lot of bad breaks and bounces in the first 3 games. One key thing that they mentioned that happened in the first 3 games was Richards' huge hit on Krejci (who was playing extremely well for the Bruins up until that point) which knocked him out for the rest of the series. At the same time Gagne was due back in game 4 and those 2 events combined were some huge factors that swung the series ,according to the players. For pride they didn't want to get swept so worked hard to win game 4 (in OT) and said they felt that if they could just somehow win game 5 in Boston that they could still win the series as the pressure would all be back on Bruins. They shut out Boston in game 5 (4-0) but lost Boucher in the process when Ryan Parent pushed Miro Satan onto him while he was down making a save. The weight of it caused Boosh to sprain both MCLs. Boosh said at the time he was sure they were both torn. Kimmo came over and asked Boosh if he was OK and Boosh yelled "No! Its all over" then Mcrossin came over and Boosh was yelling "I'm done, I'm done! Leighton hadn't played in 2 months but stepped in and completed the shutout. They had no doubt they would win game 6 at home which they did 2-1 and were feeling good about game 7 until they got down 3-0. Then Lavvy called time out and read them the riot act (Hartnell said that he yelled at them a lot). The first thing he said was to Leighton which was "Stop the *#&%#*ing puck!" Then he basically told them to get their rears in gear and that they just needed one to get back in the game. JVR (called VanReimsdork by Harnell BTW) scored before the end of the first and knew they was hope but still were not super confident as the locker room was very quiet and subdued. They tied it in the 2nd period though on goals by Harts and Briere. Both of them heavily complimented Leino (who they had hoped could join the call) as being very slick with the puck. They both said that they loved playing on a line with him as he would dangle with the puck until they get into a good scoring area and he routinely fed them the puck there resulting in goals. At 2nd intermission the locker room was buzzing and they said they knew they were going to win and it was a matter of time. Gagne finally got the GWG on the PP after a too many men on the ice penalty for the Bruins. Gags said that Richards tried a shot/pass (which was a strategy by the team during that season) which was a wrister meant primarily as shot but had a little power taken off it so it could double as a pass (if needed) for a deflection or even to be received and controlled. In this case the shot/pass was partially blocked by the Bruins. Gagne was able to find it however and pounce on it for a quick shot which would be the game and series winning goal. The team of course was pumped up and was brimming with confidence although it was hard to fathom that after all that they were only 1/2 way to their ultimate goal as it felt like a lot of work to that point Surprisingly they were not worried at all about Montreal who took out Washington and the Pens for them (the latter which had given them fits the last few years). In fact they shared that during the Bruins game they were actually scoreboard watching and were all excited when seeing the Canadiens "absolutely pasting" the Penguins. They were telling each other that if they could just beat the Bruins that they would be in the finals! Hartnell said that they considered the Habs a "tap in" because they matched up against them well and had beaten up on them all year. Interestingly Gagne's and Lappy's friends (who were French Canadian and Habs fans) were all telling them they had no chance vs the Habs after what they did to the Caps and Pens, but the Flyers were not fazed and won the series going away including 3 Leighton shut outs in the series. They of course were elated going to Chicago for the final. Lappy was telling everyone, especially JVR and G to enjoy it and appreciate it and really go for it as that was his 17th year and only trip to the finals (he knew it would be his last season too). Lappy said he certainly enjoyed the 3 mins a game Lavvy would use him in the series. JVR and G said they are glad they listened to him as they have not been back since. They said the United Center was loud and got them pumped up, sadly though they couldn't really explain what happened though in Game 1 which was a track meet where they kept blowing leads and then game 2 which was tight checking where they couldn't do anything. They felt the series was really lost there as they couldn't steal a game (I have said for years game 1 was the one that got away, Saunders agreed and said if they win 1 there they we would all be having a very different conversation). Of course the won game 3 on an OT deflection goal by Giroux off a planned shot/pass by Carle to G. (I re-watched it and noted how Carle did a gentle wrister rather than a hard shot!) They again couldn't explain what happened in game 5 (a brutal 7-4 loss) and all agreed they just had a bad game, in fact their worst of the playoffs. Boosh also mentioned how he had to replace Leighton in 2 of the losses and how the Flyers scored enough in those games for the loss to be pinned on him (they called it a "Boosh special"). Then the conversation turned to game 6. They touched on how Carter could/should have won it earlier and how he put it right into the only place Neimi was covering (sigh). Naturally the discussion turned to "the goal". Coatsey asked if anyone saw it go in. Everyone looked sad and glum. Finally Kimmo spoke up and said that when he saw Kane put his arms up he looked in the net and saw the puck trapped in the padding at the bottom and knew immediately it was over. Kimmo said he has replayed the play over and over again in his head for years trying to determine what he would have done differently. He said unfortunately Kane had a slight step on him which caused him to be beaten on the play. Lappy also said from the bench he knew it had gone in as players like Kane know when they score and would not have celebrated otherwise. Then they asked Boosh as a member of the "goalie union" if he would speak on Leighton's behalf. Boosh said when a player like Kane is there with the puck a a bad angle you have to worry about him shooting as well as making a pass out in front. If he shoots you want to go down and block it and if you are playing for the pass you push off the post to slide over. Boosh thinks what happened is that Leighton couldn't decide what to do so he left the post to cover the pass and then decided to cover the shot, unfortunately being off the post the puck had a place to sneak in and that was that. The hour was winding down but before we left Kimmo wanted to tell 1 final story. He started with "when I was traded to the Blackhawks" and Harnell interrupted to sarcastically say "yeah yeah you won a cup, we are all so happy for you". Kimmo said that he was old and was like Lappy playing 3 minutes a game at that point and while it was great winning it would have been much more better to win in 2010 . He then got back to his story of when he was traded the Hawks. His story was that the first time he walked into the players areas of the Blackhawks' facility he was met by a gigantic display featuring Kane with his arms in the air scoring the series winning goal on Leighton. Also featured in the display was a giant Kimmo getting beaten by Kane. Timonen said that it added insult to injury and wasn't the welcome to Chicago that he was hoping for. With that Coatsey read a spot for Coors light which apparently sponsored the event and they all signed off. Although it celebrated a losing effort it was a nice thing they did for us and I really enjoyed the hour reliving a magical ride that came up just a little short (story of my life as a Flyers fan born 1 year after the cups). Anyway hope you enjoy this recap that you are all safe and well and that we eventually get back to the rink for some games. Lets go Flyers
  2. People who liked me at the old forum By Buffalo Rick, with a foreword by Vader and Tucker How to moderate a message board By JMT And for old times sake my all time favorite... My hardest checks By Jeff Carter
  3. The latest incarnation of the "We welcome you" thread, We welcome you... Also Harry Houdini, we welcome you... (I put that because that was the example Bak used when creating this thread on the original board...it is a kind of homage)
  4. Anyone remember this classic headline after the final Ottawa massacre on May 5th 2003, starring Roman Cechmanek (or Roamin as the Daily news used to call him) and the gang who couldn't shoot straight?
  5. Please enjoy this blast from the past! I was only a Flyers fan for 1 month+ when this was shot as I became a fan in November of 1984. Many of my old faves are in this video and sadly we have to say R.I.P. to more of the people in this video than we would like. Finally about my man Dave Poulin, what was up with that sweatshirt?? Merry Christmas Flyers Fans to you and your families and Happy new year...just think of it this way, we are 1 year closer to our next Stanley Cup. Sincerely Poulin20
  6. Since we are headed for another year without playoffs and the paper is starting to publish our "Tragic Number" I thought it would be fun to start a thread where we can write funny epitaphs for the Flyers and also the other teams as they miss the playoffs or are eliminated from the playoffs. (This thread would be in the spirit of the Shortest Books and We Welcome You threads...) I will start us off... Here lies the 2014-2015 Philadelphia Flyers: They dropped points in the shooutout and lost to bad teams, they looked lost on most nights due to Chief's lack of schemes or how about this one Here lies the 2014-2015 Philadelphia Flyers: They beat good teams at home but sucked on the road Vinny (and Umby) stole money while Chief coached like a chode (for brains)
  7. Enjoy this heart warming moment (if you are a Flyers fan anyway) in the hockey pro shop after my son Ben's skating lesson today. Even my mom got into the act as Ben wanted her to see what he was doing! http://youtu.be/TX_zrsKyxNc
  8. April Fools! At least I didnt do a fake injury or firing as I have done in the past to really piss some of you off!
  9. I thought you guys would find this a bit funny so I thought I would share with you.... Many times during intermission and before the game Adamflyers and I like to stand on the concourse and talk (usually complain) about the Flyers and people watch. At the last game vs the Devils were were doing both while standing near a portable "Dippin Dots" stand that was unmanned with all of its lights turned off. Prior to the game we were saw a couple go up to the stand and decide to stand behind it and use it as a table to eat their pre-game meal of pizza and soda. My brother and I were saying how it would be funny if we went for a few beers got a little ripped and then went up to them and tried to order Dippin Dots from them. Before we had a chance to do such a thing a pair of girls with dyed hair who looked like they were late for their MENSA meeting came up and did just that. The couple tried to explain that they were just eating there and using the stand as a table...the girls didnt believe them at 1st and thought they were just kidding. It took some explaining that they were not kidding and that they were just fans who were eating there. My brother and I were on the floor laughing as we thought who would think these people were working there when they were not wearing a food service uniform and were eating food while behind the stand? It got better though because during the 2nd intermission a father an son where behind the stand both drinking beers back there and were approached by 6 different groups of people ordering Dippin Dots some even with their money out and everything. The father and the son really had to do alot of explaining to convince each of these people that they were not workers there! They knew we were watching and listening in would come and laugh with us every time it happened. In fact by the 2nd half of the intermision is was more like a game to see how many people would come up. I am sure the humor of the whole thing loses its luster when being retold by me on a message board but man when we were there it was so funny. It was like watching the old candid camera episodes except that the setup for the joke was neither elaborate nor purposeful. I will tell you one thing, it was certainly more entertaining than the game itself!
  10. Bryz gives up 5 goals on 24 shots and takes the loss. 79% save percentage seems about right for Bryz. Enjoy OKC Bryz, you may be there a while.....
  11. Up 4-1 with 10 minutes left in the 3rd of game 7 in their first playoff appearance in how many years, and they find a way to f-ing lose the game??? That was absolutely pathetic and I actually felt a very small tinge of sympathy for them. But I got over it. The Laffs continue!
  12. Maybe the most idiotic, classless sign I've ever seen...Also, the coward who sucker punched the Leaf fan, needs his a** kicked too!
  13. After seeing pictures of the victims of yesterday's bombing, especially of the 8 year old boy that was killed, I have so much anger and hatred in my heart that in my opinion if we ever catch who is responsible for this alive, torture with the highest level of excruciating pain for the longest possible duration until death seems the only appropriate punishment. Today, I wish our country believed in and practiced those techniques. "Tomorrow" I may not feel that way, but that is how I feel today. (Thanks for letting me vent some of my anger.)
  14. I posted this in the Bruins forum but I was really impressed with the showing at the Bruins Sabres game last night. If anyone missed it they missed a great game and great crowd. I wanted to first wish my condolences to all Bruins fans and their families impacted by the cowardly bombings at the Boston Marathon. Last night was a fantastic testament to a city, its residents, and hockey fans alike. The fans singing the National Anthem was fantastic and something I will remember for a long time. The crowd recognizing the first responders, those who participated in the marathon and the ovations were incredible. Finally, props to both the Sabres and Bruins. They showed why hockey and hockey fans are the greatest in all sports. The two teams saluted the crowd in unison at Center Ice then proceeded to try and kill each other for 60 minutes plus overtime before a shootout ended the game. Last night showed how truly great a city Boston is and the great fans in Boston. I will remember that for a long time. I taped the game for my 11 year old son to watch as an example of the great sport of hockey, the strength and perseverance of its fans. Last night Boston showed the world they are Boston Strong!
  15. So after 15 plus year Daily News Live ended yesterday? now it is has become Philly Sports Talk starting Monday, anyone know why?
  16. Not what you do to try to get pregnant but trying to get an extra attacker to try to tie a game in the last minute or two. Since I can remember, the "smart" move to do when you're down a goal or two with a minute or two to play, was to pull the goalie in favor of an extra player to help score a goal. I just accepted that all coaches and experts knew what they were doing and never thought twice about it. After thinking hard about it, I don't believe any coach in his right mind should remove his last line of defense to give him a minimal advantage on offense. Let's look at the pros and cons. Pros: 1. You have one more skater than the other team. 2. There is no 2...that's it. Cons: 1. You leave the goal wide open for an easy shot from any angle. 2. You add more congestion and confusion to the offensive zone making it more difficult to make a play. 3. Your defense still has to be "defensive" to prevent the opposing team from getting a good chance to shoot. 4. The opposing team doesn't have to think too hard about scoring after they hit the redline...they can just fire at the net. Really, how often do you score a goal when you pull the goalie? How many times are you scored on when you pull the goalie? How many goals are scored during 5 on 5 gameplay compared to how many goals are scored by a team having 6 skaters to 5 skaters? I'd be willing to bet the amount of goals scored against is 10 times (or more) more than the goals scored for during a 6 on 5. I'd also bet that more goals are scored on 5 on 5 than are scored 6 on 5. So why pull the goalie?!?!?! This is my proposal. Keep the goalie in net. Send out 4 forwards and one offensive, PP QB type defenseman to run the point. Put one big, strong forward in front of the goalie, place another big, strong forward to the side of the goalie, put one skill forward at each circle and your defenseman at the point. The only focus should be offense offense offense. The only defense you play is strictly to get the puck back to go on offense. The defensman pinches every chance he gets and the forwards do not rotate back unless to chase down a player going the other way. If a player does break down the ice, he's still forced to take it all the way and make a good move to score because YOU HAVE A GOALIE IN THE NET! If the opposing team scores, at least you did everything you could. On a healthy flyers team, I would put simmonds in front of the goalie, hartnell to the side of the goalie, briere and giroux at the top of the circles, and timonen at the point.
  17. So here in NM we have vast knowledge on many topics, including, but not limitied to, successfully driving drunk while being a prominent public official, beating up your wife and girlfriend (at the same time), how to live turn mud into adequate dwellings, pushing elderly persons down escalators, and of course sodomizing ugly armored mamals. What we don't have a lot of knowledge about is ice hockey. So here is my dilemma. I am now, have been, and will forever be, a marginal hockey player. We refer to it as Beginner/intermediate at the local barn. In my quest for hockey knowledge I have learned that skates should be a size, size and a half, smaller than your shoe size. I was plodding around on a pair of CCM 91/2 halfs, looking like a cross between a drunk scott hartnell and riley cote after his nightly beating. The guy at the pro-shop (i use that term lightly) suggested I try a size 9. So we found a pair of CCM u+4 and tried those on. They fit but I didn't buy. Intead I went online and found a pair of CCM u+02 and bought those. to get to the point, I had them sharpened and went on this ice. As I have already mentioned, I am not the most gracefeul of skaters but I do okay. Normally stopping is not a huge deal for me. However, in these new skates, when I try to stop the blades chops across the ice. Have any of you experienced this and what exactly might be casuing it (other than me sucking)?
  18. So I built a new computer about 6 months ago, it was working fine. The fan on the CPU was really loud and I wanted to upgrade my graphics card as the other was from my old computer. I installed the new fan and the new card, and am no longer getting any video input to my monitor. I have determined it's not a power issue but my new card's fan will not even turn on. I kept it on for about 10 minutes and then turned it off. The card did get warmer so something is going on there. I put the old card back in to see if it was DoA and the old card will no longer work either. I've been working on possible solutions for about 4 hours now and am fed up with the damn thing. Any ideas out there?
  19. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=652619&navid=nhl:topheads would rather have the fyers get him then knuble
  20. Hey fellas, just wanted to drop in, say hello and CAN WE GET SOME HOCKEY PLEASE?? I've been here less since starting a new position at work, but just wanted to say we'll have a new Flyers fan entering the world 12/26, having my first child, a boy. I was contemplating the name "Giroux", but the wife has voted a strict no.
  21. http://www.philly.co...tin_Bieber.html Sidney Crosby was at the Justin Bieber concert in Pittsburgh on Tuesday night. Again (in case you missed it), Sidney Crosby was at the Justin Bieber concert in Pittsburgh on Tuesday night. Some of the NHL players have been keeping up on their skills overseas. Some have been seeing concussion doctors in Atlanta (ugh). And last night, Sidney Crosby was at the Justin Bieber concert in PittsburghRead more: http://www.philly.com/philly/entertainment/Sidney_Crosby_was_at_the_Justin_Bieber.html#ixzz2CtMJ5jws Watch sports videos you won't find anywhere else Priceless.....absolutely priceless! LOL Fire away everyone!
  22. I'm a few days late with this post, but nevertheless, Happy First Anniversary! HockeyForums actually began a year ago on November 2nd thanks to the dedicated efforts of Digityman.. CONGRATS are in order for all who have logged in, joined as members, and contributed their hockey opinions to HockeyForums.net over last year. We started out as a group of regular posters on a disfunct Flyers Forum and we have grown to 782 members from around the world as fans from many teams of the NHL. We have over 52,000 posts and have had 223 online at one time. Thank You also to our Supporting Members who contribute financially to the site to keep us free from annoying advertisements. We are ranked 2/3 on Google when searching "hockey forums" and number one when searching "Flyers Forums" Thanks Again to you ALL. If you have any suggestions to improve the site, please comment below. I raise my cup to all of you, cheers Now can we just have Hockey SOON!
  23. http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story/_/id/1194831/dynamo-moscow-to-dynamo-to-crack-down-after-paintgun-incident?cc=5901 Wow. Can you imagine showing up for practice and being shot at by paintball.......
  24. UNMASKED BOOK RELEASE We are proud to officially announce the release of Bernie Parent’s new book, Unmasked. Few athletes in the grand history of Philadelphia sports can boast the career achievements of the Philadelphia Flyers’ Bernie Parent. Fewer still accomplished them with his level of charm, class, and wit. Only a handful of former athletes can merit a standing ovation from a crowd of 45,000 fans merely by showing their faces; Bernie Parent is one of those men. In Unmasked, Parent traces his life and career from his days backstopping the Broad Street Bullies to his current role as a popular motivational speaker. Featuring rare photos from the archives of the Philadelphia Daily News and the Philadelphia Inquirer and accompanying text from legendary Philadelphia sports columnist Stan Hochman, Unmasked gives hockey fans a never-before-seen glimpse into the life of this Philadelphia icon. Unmasked, published by Triumph Books LLC., is the long anticipated supplement to Parent’s first book, Journey Through Risk and Fear. Unmasked will be available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com, Triumph Books, and through Parent’s personal website. If you would prefer an autographed copy, you can exclusively purchase it through the online store on Bernie Parent’s website. Book tour dates to follow. Get personal with the man behind the mask by ordering your copy of Unmasked from any of the outlets above. And remember, “Only the Lord saves more than Bernie Parent.” SPECIAL OFFER: BUY THE SET For $39.95 + $6.00 S/H, you will receive a copy of Unmasked and a copy of Journey Through Risk and Fear. Both books will be AUTOGRAPHED.
  25. Getting mule-kicked by a Clydesdale horse, or having the image of Justin Bieber wearing a Flyers hat scorched into your memory for life?
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