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Found 7 results

  1. Bryz stopped 25 of 26 shots Sat night and is to report to the Oilers on Monday. Tuesday the Oilers host the Columbus Blue Jackets, which means we could see a Bryzgalov start vs. Bobrovsky. Ironic eh? I do hope we get to see this matchup.
  2. A "Shaw-Zam" goes out to Andrew Shaw who scored his 4th goal of the season (his first GWG) that was set up by gritty play by both O-du-ya and Bicks. But it wasn't all good for Shaw. He wasn't feeling too good on the bench after taking a spear right to the family jewels from James Wisniewski. Shaw, who has a reputation growing of being pesky was in a tussel with Wisniewski in the Blue Jackets' goal crease. It was at that point that Shaw delivered a cross-check right to Wisniewski's back, certainly enough to upset anybody. So Wisniewski's repsonse was to jab Shaw in the family jewels. (I suppose that's one way to clear the crease.) It's going to be interesting to see if the league wants to look at this one. Wisniewski has a history with the league office and no, I don't buy that it was an accident. Wisniewski seems to give a pretty hard jab with his stick, not just an accidental shot. Whether or not there is any more punishment for Wisniewski, there was plenty of punishment for Shaw. But a game-winning goal will probably help take away some of the sting. Here is a link to the video of theattack on the Shaw's family jewels: Now for tonight's action! Tonight, marks the last game of a seven game homestand for the Mighty Blackhawks and is the beginning of a nine-game, 17-day road trip for the Edmonton Oilers as they come into the Madhouse on Madison. For the spectators of the game, tonight's game promises to be a game of speed and talent as the Oilers are branding themselves similar to the Hawks. The Oilers are a team built on speed and their puck movement and their power play are exceptional. The Hawks can't afford to make the same mistakes made against Columbus last night (e.g. Kaner turnovers and penalties (5)). Additionally, both the Crow and Razor have struggled versus the Oilers, with Crow compiling a 5.75 gaa over the past three meetings, losing two starts and Razor has surrendered 10 goals on 40 shots over his two appearances, losing his only start against the Oilers. On the positive, the beloved Blackhawks have momentum and I truly believe that this Blackhawk team is faster than perhaps any Hawk team in years, including the slightly bigger, more physical 2010 Cup Team. The Blackhawks will have to skate hard for 60 minutes and play smater tonight if they want to keep the streak alive. Below are the NHL Rankings of the two teams: Oilers 7-7-3 17pts: Goals for: 2.24 (27) Goals against: 2.65 (16) PP%: 23.7 (7) PK%: 87.5 (4) Blackhawks 15-0-3 33pts: Goals for: 3.11 (4) Goals against : 1.78 (1) PP%: 17.3 (14) PK%: 89.6 (2) Did you know: 1) The Blackhawks have lost the last three meetings with the Oilers. 2) With last night's shuout, his secon of the season, The Crow is Crawford is 8-0-3 with a 1.50 gaa. 3) Hammer was very good last night against Columbus and was credited with six blocked shots. Tonight's expected Hawks lineup Offense: Saad Tazer Hossa Sharpie Krugs Kaner Bicks Shaw Stalberg Carbomb Meyer Frolik Defense: Seabs Keith Hammer O-do-ya Rozsival Leddy Netminder: The Crow GO HAWKS!
  3. What a shame. Looks like a great hockey city will be leaving the NHL soon. [Hidden Content]
  4. by Derek Zona He's in this photo... Head over to Google and enter nhl lockout cost. Take a minute or so and browse the first few pages of results, I'll wait. No doubt you've read all about how the the lockout will cost the players up to half of their wages, how the local economy in Long Island will miss out on $60 million, how the city of Nashville is going to owe, $8.6 million in operating costs, while Broward County has no way to make interest on their loan, and that could cost themmillions, Raleigh will miss ticket sales, parking and concessions, arena district spending and advertising that amounts to, you guessed it, millions, and thousands of league, team and arena will lose out on work, probably to the tune of millions. As an aside the scare mongers who talk about general municipal economic collapse should probably brush up on the studies that show work stoppages have no economic impact. (PDF WARNING) The players are dead set on regaining leverage and the Owners are content to cancel the entire season again. NHL Owners are going to leave a wake of loss and destruction across the North American economic landscape, and everyone is going to lose and lose big. Except for one man. Should the NHL choose to keep the players out for an entire season, no single person in the NHL will benefit more than Steve Tambellini. Tambellini, steward of the worst team in the NHL since the lockout, and worst team in the NHL since he took over (by an enormous margin, no less), has had difficulties making effective personnel moves outside of walking to the podium in June to use the first overall selection he manages to each year. His list of personnel transgression is long and has been abused repeatedly in nearly every corner of the internet, as it should, but a full-season lockout represents a get out of jail free card for the Oilers' General Manager. Erasing this season makes a long list ofsome of the worst of Tambellini's transgressions disappear. To wit: His terrible decision to keep Nikolai Khabibulin, one of the very worst goaltenders in the league, on the team, operating as Devan Dubnyk's backup? Erased. Another year of the stationary Ryan Whitney on the blueline? Never happened. Ryan Whitney's $5.5 million? Gone . Andy Sutton's 2x overpay? Disappeared. The second year (seriously, who gives talentless goons TWO years?) of the Darcy Hordichuk debacle? 86ed. The decision to patch the worst defense in the league with a college free agent? Sayonara. A fourth consecutive year in the bottom five? Hit the reset button. A full-season lockout erases almost all of Tambellini's (current) worst decisions aside from the Sheldon Souraybuyout payments, and even then, Souray's buyout payments don't count against a salary cap! Now for the fun part. Rather than a season spent (hopefully) fighting for his job, Tambellini has his sins washed away and gets to start over. Is this a good a thing?
  5. The MVP Challenge starts with the Edmonton Oilers. -----play and earn tokens for "pickem" 1. Tokens are earned for the MVP Summer Challenge by voting and posting discussion in each team MVP category or playoff challenge. 2. All team MVP's will be chosen from a poll of 5 team candidates. 3. Members earn five tokens per vote and for each and every quality discussion post within every MVP topic to a maximum of 50 tokens per Challenge. 4. It is recommended to participate in discussion prior to voting, as discussions will influence votes. 5. A new Team or MVP matchup poll and discussion will begin M-Th each week until Hockey Forums 2012 MVP is chosen in October. 6. All poll topics posted within one week will close Sat evening the following week. 7. If any re-do polls are needed due to major player trades they will be repeated on Fridays. (hopefully we won't need many of these) Consider the following questions when discussing and voting for each Team MVP and Matchup category: 1. Who is this teams most valuable player factoring in point production, leadership qualities, and overall tenacity/grit? 2. Which player is most essential to the teams success next season. 3. If you were the GM of this team and needed to rebuild with one player, whom would you choose? 4. Which player would cause their team to struggle the most if out with a season ending injury? 5. Which player and or prospect projects to be the teams most valuable player next year? Also, since the MVP Challenge is part fantasy: 1. If you were the coach which linemates would play with your MVP to enhance his play? 2. What parts of the players game need most improvement? 3. What type of numbers do you think this player can put up this upcoming season? 4. And any other Oiler player related info, stats, videos, etc to enhance discussion.
  6. So did Renney ever say anything like that as the Ranger's coach? I'll bet not. B)
  7. Rumor has it that The Edmonton Oilers could be interested in Andrei Kostitsyn. If correct, I think Montreal's asking price could be Anton Lander. Thoughts?

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