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Found 51 results

  1. Louis Jean of TVAsports is reporting that Kesler asked to be moved at the start of the season. Vancouver is said to be looking to acquire a trade which is not picks. [Hidden Content]
  2. Apparently this guy doesn't have a great track record but I figured I'd post it since there isn't a lot to talk about other than this team being bad. Via Rich Smith (@ALLsportsINTEL):
  3. [Hidden Content] Effectively means the "six-year, $35M" contract he signed was really a five-year, $33.5M contract. Instead of the $5.833M cap number, he took home $6.7M a year. Neither team nor player has confirmed the report.
  4. So Kovalchucklehead tweets that he still wants to win a Stanley Cup, helping Devils fans wipe that crocodile tear from their faces. Devils fans should dance in the streets that he bolted. The Devils dodged a bullet! I haven't seen any player yet who has lived up to a long-term deal, playing worth what he's paid in every year of the deal, so, You can't tell me that 17 red would not have had a bad wheel or bruised melon by the middle of that deal, and that the Evils would not still have to shell out wheelbarrows of that very scarce resource to him no matter what. They could potentially pay him $1 million per goal! So now, let's say he wants to return. The other 29 should vote, "Same deal." We'll reinstate him, but he has to run on the same contract. (We'll even spot him the years he played in the K, just to show how nice and understanding we are.) I think the NHL wants to strongly discourage a revolving door between it and the AHL far-eastern division. Start here.
  5. Saw this on HF Board Rimer's Tweet on the matter.... [Hidden Content] Rimer on WGR550 [station out of Buffalo after the tweet discussing what he's hearing....(with estimated worth of Miller) [Hidden Content]
  6. Breaking News. T. P reporting on CSN that within the last hour he has heard that the Devils are focused in acquiring in goalie Zachary Fuchale from Halifax. And that the Flyers will do what they can to make sure the Devils do not draft Fuchale. This becomes rather interesting because the Devils draft #9 ahead of the Flyers. Most mock drafts don't have Fuchale going in the top 12, which means we would need to get a late first round pick or early second round pick.
  7. I just read on a forum where the Flames might be interested in getting two top picks in this draft and were interested in sending last year's #1 pick, Mark Jankowski, and 20-goal scorer Curtis Glencross to the Flyers for their 11th. Probably nothing to it, unless Glencross is willing to lift his No Movement Clause.
  8. Purely speculation here, but it did anyone lift an eyebrow in noticing that several Swedes who played horribly in their playoff series against the Sharks played so much better on home ice in Sweden for the World Championships? Is it the bigger ice surface, weaker competition? Did they tank on purpose? Were they willing to forgo a chance to win the cup so they could win a meaningless trophy at home?. Tanking might also have a dual purpose, a poor playoffs could also show that Vigneault has lost the room. Thoughts?
  9. ...and a decent roster to fill out.... ....so who is that coach???? Ruff maybe??? GM is a big deal to him. Then who is the pick? Jones? What say you?
  10. Buffalo is shopping Myers, do we take a chance on him, he has regressed since his big rookie season, but then again thats verry common in young defenseman.
  11. I hope this isn't misleading, but I've read a rumor on myhltraderumors.com Frank Seravalli of the Philadelphia Daily News: Sources are saying that Blues GM Doug Armstrong asked the Flyers about Daniel Briere. The Bruins are also said to have asked about his availability. The Flyers haven’t asked Briere if he’d waive his no trade clause, and it’s not known if they are interested in trading him. Briere did have this to say, “I don’t want to comment on anything at this point,” Briere told theDaily News. “Trades are not my department. I’ve been a Flyer for a long time. My heart belongs in Philadelphia with the Flyers. I can’t see myself playing anywhere else.” Briere carries a $6.5 million salary cap hit, but has a salary of $3 million for next year and $2 million in 2014-15. The Flyers are interested in Kevin Shattenkirk, but it would take a lot more than Briere to get him. So obviously it would take more than Briere to acquire Shattenkirk, but what would it take and what would you be willing to give up. Briere plus who/what?
  12. @jammer2 @flyercanuck and others who seem to know the young up and comers pretty well... what do you know about those 4 guys mentioned at the end? And are they saying those 4 would be to help out in Glen Falls or with the Flyers? Who do we have available that would qualify as 'depth'? I'm sure no one would want Knuble or Fedotenko. And Talbot is probably number 1 on their lists, but it would be foolish to part with him.
  13. From Carchidi's article @ [Hidden Content] And here's a bit from Garrioch that mentions Yandle. [Hidden Content]
  14. The Habs and P.K Subban are SO far apart. Marc Bergevin and owner Geoff Molson were in Toronto last night, meeting with Subban at his home, along with Subban's agent. Apparently, no ground was gained on a new deal. The Habs want 2 years at 3 million (or something similar to the contract of MDZ), and they are using Del Zotto's contract in their negotiations for sure. But, Subban and his camp are seeking 8 years at around 6 million (ala Tyler Myers). Yeah, thanks Darcy Regier. Today, Subban sat down with The Montreal Gazzette: That quote raises a question. Would the Habs dare trade P.k's rights? TSN was showing the Leafs-Pens game last night, and 1st intermission they host a game show called "The Quiz". The contestants (Bob McKenzie, Darren Dreger, Darren Pang and Aaron Ward {yes, that Aaron Ward} ) were asked a simple question: Do you believe the Habs will trade P.k Subban? They're response? Yes. But, who knows? No one knows. Marc Bergevin has never been in this situation before so we will have to wait and see wait happens. Happy Hockey
  15. Saying HE MIGHT go back that he's good enough to play where he wants, (fighting back my laugh) Bill Meltzer's twitter page has the link, I had trouble getting it on here as usual.
  16. So I don't know how much I buy there is serious interest, but multiple writers are reporting that the Flyers are indeed interested in trading for Luongo. And if this is true, I can't possibly imagine how this would work out. What would we be giving up to get him? Why have that much money tied up in goaltending this season, even with the possibility of buying out at least one of the goalies in the offseason, if not both? I will agree with anyone that says when Luongo is on, he is as good as they get. However, what confidence can you possibly have in him being on? Do you really think the Flyers are on the cusp this season and Bryz is the only thing keeping them from winning it all? I just don't see the logic in this move. I rather trade for that franchise D that will take Kimmo's spot next season and beyond. Interested on other people's thoughts. Maybe I am off on my thinking because I'm not in the States, so I may not have the full picture on how dire our goaltending situation is, or how cheap Luongo could be had.
  17. @TSNBobMcKenzie just listed TOR, VAN, EDM, PHI, and NYR as top landing spots for Schultz on NHL Live. Same 5 favorites that I have listed
  18. [Hidden Content] With the future of Chris Pronger in jeopardy, the Philadelphia Flyers have been looking for a defenseman to replace him. Apparently their search has taken them to the Avalanche where, apparently, they have called about the services of restricted free agent Erik Johnson. Jimmy Stizzle (judge his validity on your own) reported that the Flyers are trying to send James van Riemsdyk to Colorado for Johnson. Van Riemsdky is the left winger for Philadelphia that teams apparently covet despite the fact that his best statistical year is 21 goals and 45 points. Johnson, a former first overall pick, had a rough start to last year but from Decmeber on, he showed the Avs glimpses of the player he can be. He became physical, aggressive and played all around good hockey. Time will only tell if the words of a random twitter person are true but from this end, the Avs should be getting their money's worth, trading away their defensive leader. Even if this happens, I won't be expecting it to. It's a terrible return and a step in the wrong direction for the Avs. ________ I like this trade proposal.
  19. Kane apparently is on the trading block. Is Nash the answer? Apparently Kane and Jack Johnson are close friends. Is this a fair deal straight up?
  20. It is being reported that the KHL will exempt from its salary cap all returning NHL players. Each KHL team would get only one such signing. Thus players will be able to leave the NHL and choose the highest bidder. Thus it seems as if Radulov or even Semin will likely leave the NHL for the KHL. I also wonder how the new CBA might counter. I guess we will here more soon enough.
  21. You can read it on Philly online...Flyers are going after De Keyser, but the competition is fierce most of the other teams want him too, but they are saying Detroit has the inside track on this kid. It seems to me that there are lots of good American college defensemen being drafted or signed over the years. Im wondering why the Flyers never , draft any American dmen. We could use a good all around right handed dman, with some size and PP skills.
  22. Alex Radulov's season in the Kontinental Hockey League is over, as Salavat Yulaev Ufa was eliminated from the Gagarin Cup Playoffs by Ak Bars Kazan in six games. Radulov still owned by the Predators still owes them 1 more year of his entry level contract and the obligation would be fulfilled if he plays out the rest of the regular season and the perhaps playoffs pending NHLPA approval. Radulov needs to clear that last year of his contract. From Kevin Allen of USA Today: Radulov still owes the Predators another season on his entry- level contract, and that obligation would be fulfilled if he plays any portion of this season. That would mean Radulov, after playing for his pro-rated entry salary this season, could negotiate a lucrative contract this summer. If he waited until next fall to return to the NHL, he would have to play the entire 2012-13 season for under $1 million before reaching restricted free agency. If your saying but Radulov would need to clear waivers before coming up since its past the trade deadline, the answer to that is simply no he would not as per Darren Dregger on twitter: "Radulov would not have to clear waivers as the NHL and NHLPA would agree to alter the application of this process. Sounds sketchy...I know." "This is the kind of offensive star the Predators lack, and the kind of player who might — might — be catnip to Shea Weber and Ryan Suter, who were tight with Radulov when the three were young players on the Preds before he departure to Russia in 2008." From David Boclair of the Nashville City Paper (via Sporting News): I believe Radulov SHOULD come back up to the NHL because he owes it to the Predators to finish up his contract with them and he if decides to defect back to Russia so be it. Radulov can also get a taste of the Stanley Cup playoffs which I'm sure was his ultimate goal when he was drafted by the Preds 15th overall in 2004. Radulov did have post season experience as well being part of the 2007 playoff team that was ousted by 5th seeded San Jose Sharks in round 1, 4-1 and where Radulov was suspended for one game for his hit from behind on Steve Bernier. The Predators were 4th Seed that year and this year they are the 5th seed Big coodos to Greg Wyshynski and the puck daddy blog on yahoo if you own a twitter account follow @Wyshynski, @DarrenDreger
  23. Bob McKenzie via twitter: Teams with high levels of interest for Brown: Bruins, Sabres, Oilers, Devils, Rangers, Flyers, Maple Leafs and Canucks. Also Eklund mentioned this as well. How do ou guys feel about this? What would he cost?
  24. Nick Cotsonika from Yahoo Sports is reporting that the Sabres are looking to re-sign Paul Gaustad. He is a piece that is highly sought after by a few teams, Detroit and Vancouver to name a few. This of course comes as no surprise to me. I've been hearing all along the plan is to keep Gaustad. He is well liked in the locker room and a leader. He has brought his game to a new level the last few weeks. I'm expecting a 3 year deal around the 2.5-3 million dollar mark before the deadline. IF Gaustad is traded, I see it very likely he re-signs July 1.

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