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  1. All discussion regarding this playoff season between the Bruins and Leafs go here.
  2. Figured I'd start a thread on this in the event something actually happens. Reportedly (credible sources apparently) the Bruins were thinking of making a massive offer sheet to Trouba in the $49M/7 year range, which is insane, of course. That kind of offer sheet would come with four 1sts as compensation. Here's a local take on it: [Hidden Content] I think this is as far-fetched as it sounds. But the real story here may be that Trouba gets traded. I could see it happening. The Jets have 4 D-men who they will want to protect next year for the Expansion Draft: Buff, Enstrom (both have NMCs and have to be protected), Myers, and Trouba. I can't see the Jets leaving either Myers or Trouba unprotected. Nobody can. Do this means the Jets have to go the 8-skaters route instead of the more generous 7-3 option. So this is a problem that could lead to Trouba being traded. But the more important factor is this: does Trouba want to stay a Jet? It's not clear. At all. He is reportedly seeking a massive contract that is out of line with his comparable group (Maatta, Seth Jones etc). And he seems lukewarm about wanting to stay in Winnipeg. Anyway, I could see it happening...
  3. Picture Goon Scene: Doug Glatt and the Halifax Highlanders are hanging on to whatever is left of their postseason hopes. As the clock hits zero and chaos breaks out on the ice, Ross Rhea sits in a diner in St. John's, Newfoundland, knowing full well what happens next. Two unstoppable forces must collide. Only one can move on. He has to fight Doug "The Thug" Glatt. Enter; reality The Montreal Canadiens were in the very same position as Ross Rhea Saturday afternoon. While everyone knew that this meeting between the Habs and the Bruins was highly likely, if not inevitable, we now have closure. The Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens will meet in the Atlantic Division Final, in what promises to be the meanest playoff series in the Eastern Conference. This is the kind of story that keeps hockey alive. The two biggest rivals in the sport will face off on the largest stage that they have shared in quite some time. Historically speaking, the Canadiens have dominated the series, with a record of 24-9 in 35 playoff meetings. However, the Bruins have gotten the best of the Habs as of late in the quest for Lord Stanley, with Boston capturing the last two series against Montreal. If there is any team in the league that can beat the Bruins, it's those pesky little Frenchmen. Montreal was 3-1 against the Bruins this season winning both games in Boston and one more at the Bell Center. The intriguing aspect of this match up is the goaltending situation for Montreal. Both games in Boston between the two clubs this year were played by Peter Budaj, the Canadiens' back up to Carey Price. Does Budaj start the series against Boston? His numbers against the Bruins in just this year alone are spectacular. In Boston, Budaj is an astounding 2-0 with only allowing 2 goals on 64 shots to finish with a .969 save percentage. Personally I think that Price starts game one against the Bruins and if he's terrible, Budaj gets the next one. IF the Habs can take atleast one game in Boston, where they haven't lost since January 12th, 2012, they can win this series. If Boston can take the first two games, this could be a quick series. What do you think? Thanks for the read Ian ihabs1993
  4. Laugh at me all you want, but the Thornton incident indeed deserve a 9-1-1 call. That's not hockey, that's street bullying. The play is over, he get in the back of Orpik, make him fall by surprise than punch him to the head, without any reason of notice. That's not a hockey accident, that's against the law, period. Laugh, but if nothing is done, Boston players are just gonna keep destroying theirs opponents again and again with only a tiny ridiculous suspension by the NHL as their only consequence. Go wild. [Hidden Content]
  5. The Stanley Cup Finals are now a best of three and you have to like that two of three remaining games are at the Madhouse. Tonight, the fans at the Madhouse will definitely provide an extra boost to the boyz in the Indian Crest who are back home with some momentum. They not only won in dramatic fashion providing their fan base with numerous ups and downs Wednesday night in Game 4, but the Hawks could have won by a couple of goals had Crow played better. Game 4 showed the Hawks what they need to do to beat Boston: skate hard, forecheck, backcheck, send bodies to the front of the net and everyone must play big! I expect the Blackhawks to come out tonight as they did in Games 1 and 4 using their speed to open the ice and once in the Bruin zone the d-men pitch in at the opportune time. Crow will need to tighten up his glove side and has consistently rebounded all year long after bad games. I expect him to do the same tonight. Lastly, the boys in the red jersey will need to stay out of the sin bin has Blackhawk penalties kept Boston in Game 4. The success of the PK has allowed the Hawks to get away with that plenty of times this season, but both of Boston’s powerplay goals changed the complexion of the game. If the Mighty can replicate the essence of their Game 4 performance, stay out of the sin bin and Crawford can tighten it up, the beloved will be 1 victory from hoisting their second Stanley Cup in four years. Did you know? - In the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Mighty are 7-0 in games 5, 6 and 7’s. - The Blackhawk PK must improve as the Bruins are 4/13 on the power play. - Chara was on the ice for five of the Blackhawks goals in Game 4. - Sharpie’s powerplay goal was the Blackhawks first conversion in their last 24 opportunities on the man advantage. - Q has assured Leddy that he will see more ice time tonight. Tonight's expected Hawks lineup: Offense: Bicks Tazer Kaner Sharpie Bolland Big Hoss Saad Shaw Stalberg Zus Krugs Frolik Defense: Seabs Keith Hammer O-do-ya Rozsival Leddy Netminder: The Crow Lets go BLACKHAWKS! BRING US THE CUP!
  6. -- The Boston Bruins are making the Chicago Blackhawks look a lot like the Penguins did in the Eastern Conference Finals. Game 4 is huge for the Hawks (says Captain Obvious) but it will be even more difficult to win if Marian Hossa is out of the line-up again. Either way, it will be interesting to see if Chicago can make any adjustments to help them out of the sleeper hold the Bruins have started to apply. Coach Quenneville probably shouldn't ask Dan Bylsma for any advice on that front. -- Speaking of Bylsma, as we all know he got a vote of confidence from GM Ray Shero by receiving a contract extension a couple of days after the Penguins were eliminated from the playoffs. The comments from reliable sources seem to indicate that Mario and the ownership believe strongly in Shero as GM and Shero believes in Bylsma. The players like Bylsma too. Now that we have acknowledged the good feelings toward eachother by all of those involved, let's see if they ALL can't find a way to get back to the finals next year. -- Speed is important but relative. I read a lot of comments about how slow the Penguins looked...especially their trade deadline acquisitions (The Turtle Trio?)...in the series against the Islanders and Bruins. When you lose you almost always look slower...most of the time because you are not controlling the game...thus you are chasing after the other team who has the puck. But the important thing, in my opinion, is that it's not speed that makes the difference, it's positioning. If you ask a guy that's slower than you might want (or need) to play a certain type of game that's so dependent on speed, he's gonna look and potentially be, snail slow when the opposition goes the other way. Bylsma is either going to need to get more players that can execute his style of play more consistently...or change his style. You can't keep pounding square pegs into round holes and expect there not to be a big mess as a result. -- Speaking of big messes...did anybody see the jacket Don Cherry had on? -- What are we to make of the Flyers signing of Mark Streit? OK...he has an offensive upside, even at 35 (will be 36 in Dec) but he's not exactly known for his play in the defensive zone. He was a -14 last season in New York and a -27 the year before. Sure, The Isles haven't been a great even strength team, but his defensive teammate Lubomir Visnovsky was a +12 last year. I'm sure it's part of other things the Flyers will do to bolster their defense this off season...so maybe we hold off judgement until we see more from them? -- I was eating in a local restaurant the other day and happened to notice the two guys sitting at the bar looked very familiar. Upon closer inspection (which was more obvious than I would have liked) I saw that it was James Neal and Paul Martin. I was thinking of casually going over to ask them for autographs for my son but then more people started to arrive at the restaurant and I got the sense they probably just wanted to enjoy their dinner. I did ask the guy who waited on me if they came in often and he said 'Pretty often. I think they like it here 'cause they don't get bothered much. Kris Letang is usually with them.' I wonder if it was just coincidence or if maybe James and Paul are trying to get used to what it might be like next year?
  7. Remember game 5 against the Detroit Scum when I commented, “Game 7 is tonight and a win is necessary to get it to another Game 7 and then another…” Blackhawk fans its “Gut Check” time again and tonight’s game 4 is simply do or die. No other way to put it. So while you digest that, here are a few observations from Monday’s embarrassment: Where was the net front presence for the Hawks, there was none until Q sent Bicks out after pulling Crow late in the third period? Where was “look at my cool mullet”, Kane, a $6.3 million player, other than missing a clear shot in the third period? Kaner did Tiki have another father/son talk with you? If not he needs to! How can a power play be that disorganized, chance after chance, game after game? Didn’t Q bring in “his guy” to solve the power play issues? My gosh I sound like a broken record when I say, “Q, the power play sucks!” Why are the Hawks getting there azz kicked in the faceoff dot? Stan isn’t the team built to be a puck possession team? (Oh yeah, all you did at the trade deadline was bring in Zus.) Stan, if players, including your $6.3 million a year Marketing Boy Wonders, aren't playing like with all the piss and vinegar, it's time for this organization to make some hard choices. One last point, are there too many passengers on this team (Stalberg, Zus, Bolland, to name a few)? A friend Efren, commented on his FB page, “I can't even listen to the Score Radio or Facebook page who feel the series is over at 2-1.” I don’t feel that the series is over but the good guys have not scored in over 122 minutes, a lil over two games and look like a clusterflop on the ice, disorganized with no sense of direction and Q I blame you and the players for this. Boston smells blood and heading into Game 4, the boyz in the Indian Crest need to play bigger and better, obviously. What I mean by my comment is that they don't necessarily have to be bigger, but they have to play to their size if they are bigger or play the game and get results like bigger players if they're small. Example of a player playing big: C/W Marcus Kruger, who at 175 pounds, rarely loses a board battle, blocks shots, absorbs checks and always goes to the front of the net. He has desire and the will. An example of a player who plays "small" 6'3", 210 pound winger Viktor “No Hands” Stalberg, who, for all his speed, rarely wins a battle physically or finishes any checks. (I guess he doesn’t want to break a nail.) The Hawks have to stop disappearing in physical games, stop giving up on pucks in the corners and stop wilting under a forecheck. If this does not change and certain players continue to play small, they must realize that they are putting a much larger burden on the rest the Hawks players. If you're not going to go to the front of the net, then your teammate's centering pass goes right to an opposing defenseman and very quickly the other way. If you're not going to win the puck on the wall... well than your linemate has to. If you're not going to take the hit to make a clearing pass, then the whole team has to expend more effort to get the puck out and on and on and on. Ok I vented! Tonight, I expect Q will use Kane, Tazer and Sharpie together on the same line. With the 'Hawks down 2-1 and struggling to score goals, there is no better time than tonight to see how this line produces against the Bruins. This will leave Big Hoss, to be on line 2 with Zus/Bolland and Bicks. For the 3rd line, I believe it could look like Saad, Shaw, and Stalberg and the 4th line Frolik, Zus and Krugs. The Blackhawks need to change their game and it better start tonight. They need to play harder, more physically and fearlessly. Can they do it with the roster they have? We’ll definitely find out tonight and for any remaining games in this series. Its Gut Chek time and remember Blackhawks, checking is allowed. Thanks for reading. Go Blackhawks!
  8. "Calling all cars. Be on the look-out for a violent offender who's been missing for a week. He's 6'4 235 pounds. You can drive a squad car through the three-tooth-wide gap on his grill. He has chunks of flesh missing from his face and is sporting bruises and contusions about the head and neck. He's got a recent history of controlled violence, and excessive physicality If seen, approach him with caution as he may be agitated and upset. He's been slumping and isn't happy about it. He was recently demoted at his job, days after he single-handed whipped the ass off the City of Los Angeles. If you happen to see him, call for back-ups as he is in hot demand. Do not try to handle this hombre on your own. He has the ability to escape easily by dropping his shoulders and mowing over opposition. He was last seen in Chicago on June 8, just after Game 5 of the Blackhawks series win at the United Center". Challenges! Dating back three years to the 2010 Final against Philadelphia, the Hawks have lost the first game away from the United Center in six straight series. Overall in that time frame, the beloved have gone 7-10 on the road, 3-4 this post season. In order to win this series, the Mighty will now have to win at least one game on the road, with the first of potentially three games in Boston tonight. For the Boyz in the Indian Crest, it’s been confirmed that Stalberg will once again be in the lineup, this time on the fourth line with Krugs and Frolik. Stalberg obviously hasn’t produced much, but his speed is definitely a problem that the Bruins’ defensemen will have to account for, particularly if he gets his chances against the third pairing of Adam McQuaid and Torey Krug, who figure to be far more sheltered tonight and Wednesday with last change. Stalberg has a clear size advantage on Krug and a definite speed advantage on McQuaid, so forcing them to make decisions faster than they’d like could go a long way in jumpstarting his dormant game. The top three lines for the Hawks remain the same, and quite simply, the Hawks are going to need more out of Captain Tazer and Kane for the Blackhawks to be successful. Yes, Tazer has been dominating possession, but at a certain point he needs to put the biscuit in the basket. Additionally there is no other time like that tonight when it will be needed, the Blackhawks power play needs to produce. Because the Bruins cover the slot in front of Rask so well, more low-high plays need to be attempted, both at even strength and on the power play. It’s yielded three goals, so far (Saad, Oduya, and Shaw courtesy of Rozsival), and can yield more if it’s exploited properly. The key will be for Blackhawk forwards to engage along the boards and in the corners to occupy a defender, then kicking the puck high for a shot through traffic. Once the puck gets kicked out high, Keith, Seabs and Hammer must shoot fast and stop hitting the opposing player in the leg. Keith especially must not panic when being pressured. Poise and Control boyz! The Garden faithful will be at near psychotic levels of fervor at puck drop, and the Bruins are sure to feed off of that energy. They’ll come at Hawk defensemen looking to put them in the 15th row, and might just succeed more than a few times. With that said, the Hawks looked to me and many others like a team that was scared as the game went on Saturday. A couple of players started quitting on plays. That trend will continue because Boston will not let up, especially tonight at Home. If we can see it, the Bruins definitely can. In fact, they’ll dial it up even more tonight. The Hawks need an injection of nasty. So Bicks we need you now! Additionally, to offset the Bi's d-men physical attack, the Hawks puck support early must be impeccable, both from defensive partners and forwards. Giving the puck carrier a 15 foot target is far preferable than one 70 feet up ice with 4 other black sweaters in its path. Additionally, the Bruins forwards will be deep enough to give the Hawks space enough to at least hit their own blue line with speed exiting before hitting the neutral zone bog Julien is sure to employ. Ultimately, this series will come down to which takes its toll first: the Hawks making the Bruins skate, or the Bruins wearing the Hawks down physically. The Hawks must be more successful on their scoring chances and get someone in front of Rask. Doing so, may stop or slow the the oncoming tide of black and gold. Patience, smarts, and above all else speed are going to need to be on full display tonight if the beloved are going to get any closer to their goal. If there’s a textbook road game in this team’s capabilities, it better be tonight! Hawks let's break that Game 3 losing streak dating back to 2011. Go Blackhawks!
  9. There is a Creed song from the movie Scream 3 that has the title: Is This The End? It closes with: So, is this the end for us my friend? Sitting here today that's the thought going through my head with regard to Dan Bylsma's coaching days with the Pittsburgh Penguins. I am one of those people that thinks the Penguins can come back from the 0-3 deficit in this series and win it. Now, I'm not crazy (my mom had me checked) - I said THINKS and CAN...not KNOWS and WILL. The trouble is...that kind of comeback - although possible - is VERY difficult and, as history shows us, not very common. So if we gaze into our crystal ball for a minute and image that we wake tomorrow morning to find the Penguins have put up another valiant effort (like game 3...finally) but still lost to the Bruins in 4 games, what will that mean for head coach Dan Bylsma? Even if we imagine a scenario where the Penguins win a couple of games and lose the series in 6...what will it mean for Dan? I'm of the opinion that nothing short of the Penguins forcing game 7 in this series... and winning (okay, maybe losing in heartbreaking triple OT fashion)...will save Dan's job. Of course, I'm just a fan...I don't officially get paid to think about this stuff or have any say in what actually goes down. But there's a pretty strong argument that if the Penguins don't make a historic (or almost) comeback against the Bruins, the coach must go. Assuming a series loss to the Bruins...the facts are pretty clear. The Penguins will have been eliminated from the playoffs - for the 4th year in a row - by a team they were expected to beat. The Penguins will have displayed - for a 4th year in a row - an inability to grasp the concepts of patience and composure when it's needed most. The Penguins will have shown - for a 4th year in a row - the insane ability to look like the best team in hockey one day and the world's biggest turnover machine the next. Of course, it's not ALL Dan's fault. You have to believe that even with his north/south approach to the game he has told his players to make sure they do smart things, not dumb things. The players have done a number of dumb things over the past 4 playoff seasons. But when you look at the 'embarrassment of riches' roster that GM Ray Shero has put together for this Stanley Cup Playoffs... the skill, talent, size and grit...you have to ask the question: Could any team be better prepared for a cup run from a player personnel standpoint? (ok...you don't really need to ask that because the answer is NO) Look, I like Dan. He's a good guy and, in a lot of ways, a good coach. But something is not right here and it's either in the way the players are coached or the way they respond to what they are being told to do. The biggest problem that I (and others who observe the team regularly) see is that there appears to be a certain stubbornness/resistance to alterations in the game plan. Again, whether it's the coaches plan or the players execution, the problem is that there have been way too many times to mention when it appears this team is moving head on for a collision with a semi and does not alter it's course. Pittsburgh Tribune Review hockey columnist Dejan Kovacevic had some really good points in his article today http://triblive.com/sports/dejankovacevic/dejancolumns/4144756-74/bylsma-coach-really?fb_action_ids=10201163115617636&fb_action_types=og.recommends&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582#axzz2VXVRY5a9 The best part for me was when he mentioned the Peguins only getting THREE shots off rebounds through the entire series to date. THREE. Dejan asserts: "And the glaring reason is that, once in the Boston zone, rather than simply gunning and going to the net — picture an armada of Tyler Kennedy clones — they've insanely tried to Mario their way through four boxed-in Bruins, including Zdeno Chara and his 75-foot stick. That's on the coach." I couldn't agree more or have said it any better than that. And it's not just this series against the Bruins where this has happened, So, Is This The End For Us My Friend? I'm sorry to say, but unless the Penguins manage to pull off a miracle comeback in this series, I believe the answer as it relates to Dan Bylsma's head coaching days in Pittsburgh is yes.
  10. The rest of the hockey world is laughing at you, the Pittsburgh Penguins. They say that the ALL STAR team assembled in Pittsburgh, stock full of Hall of Fame like talent is an elite bunch of brats and when crunch time comes, they fold like an old picnic table. After watching the first two games of the series against the Bruins, where it seems like the Penguins are more intent on out hitting the Bruins than they are on out playing them, I have to agree with the assessment. So far...this is embarrassing. The question is...Penguins...what are you going to do about it? It's not a stretch to say that what happens next to this group of players is potentially CAREER DEFINING. Manage to scratch and claw your way back into this series and people will HAVE to respect you. Play two more games like the first two and it will be at least another whole year before you'll have the chance to redeem yourself...and the weight of this performance will be a heavy one to carry...perhaps too heavy for certain individuals. Now is the time when the true character of the player is shown. Back in 1991 the Penguins faced a similar situation against the Bruins and Kevin Stevens (and a few others) stood up and said enough. They turned an 0-2 series deficit into a 4-2 series win. Say what you will about Stevens troubles off the ice...the guy that played the game was all about the character necessary to succeed on the ice. These Penguins face an even more daunting task because these Bruins are better than those 1991 Bruins. These Bruins (essentially) have won a Cup. But isn't that what real character is all about? Facing the toughest situation and finding a way to deal with it? The challenge is there for every coach and player within the organization. The Bruins are beating you and making it look bad. Your ideas about how to beat them are not working. It's time for radical changes in the approach. It's time for serious ego checks at the door. It's time to decide how important winning is and make sure you put your players and teammates in the best position to do that come Wednesday night. You want the laughing to stop? Make it stop. It's not up to anyone else but you.
  11. Rolling 4 lines playing with speed and aggression these guys may be able to make some extra special noise in June. There are long stretches of the games vs the Rangers where they're playing 5 on 5 but it looks like they have a man advantage. Add to that the rookies on the blueline are playing so well that when Redden and Ference are healthy do you even dress them ? Krug has been a revelation, the kid is a beautiful skater and has great offensive instincts, i think i leave him in the lineup regardless. They still have to close out the Rangers and then most likely deal with a very good Pittsburgh team but these guys look like a very tough match up for any team to me.
  12. Thomas traded to isles. Seen it on twitter. Was chasing it down all day at work, and Ek confirms it. No word on whats coming back (from what I've heard).
  13. The MVP Challenge continues with the Boston Bruins. -----play and earn tokens for "pickem" Note: poll and topic end 8 / 18 1. Tokens are earned for the MVP Summer Challenge by voting and posting discussion in each team MVP category or playoff challenge. 2. All team MVP's will be chosen from a poll of 5 team candidates. 3. Members earn five tokens per vote and for each and every quality discussion post within every MVP topic to a maximum of 50 tokens per Challenge. 4. It is recommended to participate in discussion prior to voting, as discussions will influence votes. 5. A new Team or MVP matchup poll and discussion will begin M-Th each week until Hockey Forums 2012 MVP is chosen in October. 6. All poll topics posted within one week will close Sat evening the following week. 7. If any re-do polls are needed due to major player trades they will be repeated on Fridays. (hopefully we won't need many of these) Consider the following questions when discussing and voting for each Team MVP and Matchup category: 1. Who is this teams most valuable player factoring in point production, leadership qualities, and overall tenacity/grit? 2. Which player is most essential to the teams success next season. 3. If you were the GM of this team and needed to rebuild with one player, whom would you choose? 4. Which player would cause their team to struggle the most if out with a season ending injury? 5. Which player and or prospect projects to be the teams most valuable player next year? Also, since the MVP Challenge is part fantasy: 1. If you were the coach which linemates would play with your MVP to enhance his play? 2. What parts of the players game need most improvement? 3. What type of numbers do you think this player can put up this upcoming season? 4. And any other player related info, stats, videos, etc to enhance discussion.
  14. In yet another display of the vast intelligence running rampant through the streets of Boston, several fans took to twitter tonight to express their displeasure at their team being eliminated from the finals. Unfortunately they chose to do so in very disgusting manner as they hurled racist comments towards Joel Ward of the Washington Capitals, the man who scored the overtime winner. Joel is black, which apparently doesn’t sit to well with Bruins fans, which is ironic considering the colour of their uniforms. Speaking of irony, remember the Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot last year? Of course you do, because I know me personally, I can’t go a day without hearing about it. Many Bruins fans have taken to twitter to express their displeasure with the comments made by their peers and to distance themselves from them by stating that they are not all racist, it’s just a small group of idiots. You know how many cop cars I set on fire? Zero. Just like the vast majority of Vancouver Canucks fans I had absolutely nothing to do with the riot, but that didn’t seem to matter. It’s funny when you want to be distanced from a certain event, as to not be painted with the same brush as a group of idiots. But, when we asked the same thing of you, there was no holding back on the endless piling on. To me the best part of this is the hilarious display of ignorance from Bruins fans, who probably should be reminded that, Willie O’ree, the first black player in the history of the NHL first laced up the skates for, you guessed it, the Boston Bruins. I’d imagine the Bruins organization will be issuing an apology to Joel Ward in the very near future, I just hope he gets it. He’s going to be very busy in the 2nd round of the playoffs. Speaking of which, Joel. When you’re done, I’m sure there’s plenty of people in Vancouver who would like to buy you a beer, and don’t worry, It won’t be any of that Samuel Adams piss water that comes out of Boston. As for you very special Boston B’s, the B stands for Bigots. Keep your heads up. The NHL playoffs are over and that’s a drag, but look at the bright side, the NBA playoffs are about to start in a couple of weeks and your Boston Celtics will be making another run at a championship… It’s too bad for you the core of that team is black. Follow us on Twitter: BrowntoBure https://twitter.com/#!/BrowntoBure
  15. Happy St. Patty's Day all. Nothing like playing the Bruins on the 17th of March. Especially when they are struggling and the Flyers team chemistry is strenthening. But I hardly see this as an easy win. I'm looking for another big game from Bryzgalov. To the best of my knowledge the injuries are the same from the last game. Kubina has been skating on his own, but hasn't joined the team yet at practice. Mezsaros and JVR aren't skating at all yet. Projected line-ups: Flyers Hartnell - Giroux - Jagr Wellwood - Briere - Voracek Read - Schenn - Simmonds Talbot - Couturier - Rinaldo Carle - Timonen Grossmann - Coburn Lilja - Gustafsson Bryzgalov Bruins Lucic - Krejci - Caron Marchand - Bergeron - Seguin Pouliot - Kelly - Rolston Paille - Campbell - Thornton Chara - Seidenberg Boychuk - Corvo McQuaid - Ference Thomas Lets Go Flyers
  16. The Sabres gained a much needed win in the race for 8th against the Boston Bruins in fact the Sabres didnt just gain a win they also blew out the Bruins 6-0!. The big bad pesky tough 1st in the divison and 2nd in the conference Bruins were pushed around by the lowly finally able to find their game 12th place Sabres, who are making a big push lately since coming out of the All Star Break. The Sabres are now 4-0-1 in their past 5 games their longest point streak since ending last season on a 5-0-1 run. They also extended their home point streak to 5-0-5, their longest streak since going 9-0-3 from Dec. 9/09 to Jan. 29/10. Buffalo hasn’t lost a home game in regulation since December 10. It was also Buffalo’s largest margin of victory this season, and just the second time they’ve scored six goals in a game. This game demonstrated what should of been demonstrated way back when Miller was run by Lucic, the Bruins were frustrated and angry after every goal and hit the Sabres made. The Bruins weren't the rough and tough team that out hit and out tough the Sabres in almost every game and they were frustrated. A notable example is on the 6-0 goal when Ennis deked Thomas out of his jock strap and fed a sweet pass across the paint for a wide open net tap in for Stafford in the final minute, Seguin slammed the bench door in disgust. Kaleta almost had a Gordie Howe hattrick to boot getting into a fight and scoring a nice goal through the wickets of (Mcquaid?) and then sneaks short side under the pad of Thomas for his 5th of the season.Thomas could snub the White House but he could not snub the Sabres. PK36 had a good post game quote: "It’s huge. It shows we’re ready to play and we’re not going to get pushed over,” said Kaleta. “The past little while, our mentality has been going in there and getting the battles done and going out and competing. I thought we did a great job of that tonight.” Interesting games to watch tomorrow night: Nashville vs Ottawa, (Return of the Fisher) Islanders vs Canadiens, Winnipeg vs Washington, and Lightling vs Rangers.. As the Sabres get tomorrow off to prepare for their next game against the Dallas Stars we lie in wait for the conclusion of these games to see if the Sabres stay or go down in the standings these are the standings 8-15 . 8) Ottawa 61 9) Florida 59 10) Winnipeg 56 11) Islanders 52 12) Sabres 52 13) Lightning 51 14) Canadiens 51 15) Hurricanes 49 ANYTHING can happen just ask Florida, a 4-0 loss to the Capitals drove them from division leaders and in the playoffs to behind playoff lines. SO can the Sabres still do it? Who wins the games tomorrow? Where will the Sabres be by nights end? Quotes and stats courtesy of Sabres.Nhl.Com LETS GO BUFFALO!!! Do You Believe?

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