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Found 10 results

  1. Sam Bennett is the absolute perfect fit for the Leafs 3C woes. They will not win a cup with Kerfoot at center (or even on the team..). Bennett is a warrior and has everything they need to complete the strongest roster possible (I mean they still need 1 more shutdown RD of course). Just last year there were rumors that the Leafs and Flames were looking to swap Barrie for Bennett so it's not far-fetched. If Dubas doesn't go hard after this guy it will be a real shame..There is no other way to fix the Kadri failure other than by acquiring Sam Bennett. I would forgive that massive blunder if he pulled it off.. Plus he's a GTA boy! COME ON DUBEY, JUST A FEW MORE PIECES!
  2. All playoff discussion between the Flames and Avs series should go here.
  3. In this blog, I want to talk about the Calgary Flames that has a core of young players and emerging as a great team in the western conference. Calgary like Edmonton and Toronto have a core of young players that lead the team. Like Edmonton they are a complete team, they have a solid goaltender and defense which is what Toronto is lacking. Also, they have a great offensive weapon that can score a lot and can come from behind in the game. They can also explode on the other team like they did a couple of times, when it happens it's like they are in a different zone. I think that Calgary has an amazing group of players that plays together and plays as a team and as one unit. They are playing great hockey, and they have incredible resilience, they don't panic if they fall behind and continue to play their game. Which in a lot of cases they manage to come back to the game and win it or force overtime. I like the style of their game that is taking the game to the opponent zone, they are always trying to put the pressure on the opponent by that they are always pushing the puck into the offensive zone. I don't often see that they are getting pushed to their own zone for an extended period of time. I like to see that they play with a lot of toughness in their games and in their defense. I think that the physical game that they play it helps the team to win games and this how you need to play and to succeed in this league, they don't let anyone push them around and to get easily into their own grease. They always play hard and tough, if someone tries to get into their grease and into their defensive zone they pay the price of getting hit, this is the way to play in my opinion. Calgary has one weakness that it"s in the goaltending which is good but not good enough, as it was in the playoff that they were swept by Anaheim. They had a problem in the defense, and the goaltending wasn't good enough, he let some soft shots to go by him that evidently cost the games and the series. Their defense didn’t play good also and most of the games they were chasing after Anaheim instead of dictating the game unlike the regular season that they had great success. Which is a problem against an elite team like Anaheim because if you let them feel comfortable, it is almost impossible to get back into the game. These are problems with the young team, and I hope that they can bounce back next year and get back to the success of the second half and do better in the playoffs next year. In my opinion, they need to bring a better goaltender that will help them in the playoffs and another good defenseman even that they have good players on defense and overall they got great defense. There were a few calls that I thought that shouldn't have gone to them, but the defense and goaltending are what cost them the series and the playoffs. I think that the experience that they got this playoff will help them next year and they will want to get back to the playoffs and be better. This will motivate them next year to be better, and I have faith that they will be better. I think that Calgary is building the team in the right way on a core of young and talented players, which in my opinion is the right way for the long run. They also have veteran players that can share their experience. They need to strengthen the roster with other good players and a better goaltender, but the roster that they have is great, and they have the foundation to be a great team in the league. If they do it, I think they will have success in years to come.
  4. The kid has some good puck handling skills. I do think though that an NHL Goalie would have gone with a quick poke check and nullified that attempt.
  5. -taken from tsn.ca- Jarome Iginla's tenure with the Calgary Flames has come to an end. The team announced late Wednesday night that it dealt Iginla to the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for college prospects Kenneth Agostino and Ben Hanowski as well as Pittsburgh's 2013 first-round draft pick. You can watch Iginla's news conference in Calgary on TSN and TSN.ca today at 12:30pm et/9:30am pt. Iginla has scored nine goals and 13 assists in 31 games with the Flames this season. Holding team records for goals, points and games-played, Iginla's time with the Flames comes to an end in the final year of a five-year deal he signed prior to the 2008-09 season worth an average annual value of $7 million. The long-serving captain has scored 525 goals and 570 assists in 1219 career games with the Flames. Over Iginla's 15 seasons with the Flames he has won two Maurice “Rocket” Richard trophies as the league's leading goal scorer as well as an Art Ross Trophy, the Lester B. Pearson Award, the Mark Messier Leader of the Year Award and the King Clancy Memorial Trophy. "We as an organization owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Jarome," said Flames GM Jay Feaster. "Not only for what he did for the franchise during his tenure as a player here and as our captain, but also for the fact that now as we recognize that despite our best efforts, and despite the work we've put in, we've fallen short of the goals we set for ourselves as an organization. "We respect very, very much the fact that Jarome worked with us to enable this to come about." He has been named to play in seven NHL All-Star Games, has been named to three NHL First All-Star Teams and one NHL Second All-Star Team on top of winning two Olympic Gold Medals. He was originally drafted in the first round (11th overall) by the Dallas Stars at the 1995 NHL Entry Draft, The Stars dealt him to Calgary along with Corey Millen in 1995 in exchange for Joe Nieuwendyk. Agostino, a forward, is in his third year at Yale. The 20-year-old, Pittsburgh's fifth-round pick in 2010, had 15 goals and 37 points in 33 games. The 22-year-old Hanowski is in his fourth year with St. Cloud State. The forward, drafted in the third-round by Pittsburgh in 2009, had 16 goals and 29 points in 34 games. "In these two players we've gotten two players we believe are going to play in the National Hockey League and are going to contribute and will play for us for a long time," Feaster said. Both players are currently in the NCAA playoffs with their teams.
  6. A few comments on last night's contest with the Kings… Simply put…Frolik was the Ironman last night and it proved that Captain tazer can make anyone look good except for Carbomb. The Blackhawks however failed again to close out a game for the second time in a row. Shaw should of sat out as it was clearly evident that he still had flu like symptoms. Missing…The Chicago Police Dept have issued APB's for Bolland, Stalberg, Krugs, Bicks and the Blackhawks power play. The bigger and more physical Kings forechecked the hell out of the Blackhawks last night and why not, they knew the Hawks are not a physical team. From the Bollig fight on, the Kings outshot the Hawks 28-14. Some are saying that the Blackhawks are missing Hossa and Sharpie and in my opinion that is simply not the case. The Blackhawks scored 4 goals last night and on any other night 4 goals should be enough to secure a victory. The reason they have lost two straight is that the Ducks and Kings are built for the playoffs using their physical play and the forecheck to wear down and an opponent where as the Blackhawks are a finesse team built on speed for the regular season. I hope this changes by April 3! Tonight the Blackhawks look to break a two game losing streak as the the Flames visit the Madhouse. The Flames ended a three-game slide this past Sunday with a 3-2 victory over the Blues. Jarome Iginla scored to snap a third-period tie for the victory and Miikka Kiprusoff made 36 saves. Kiprusoff, whose 3.43 goals-against average is one of the NHL's worst marks, had a rare outstanding performance. He has posted a ghastly 4.54 GAA in the last 11 games played at the Madhouse and he is expected to start in net tonight. Tonight's Expected Lineup: Offense: Saad Tazer Frolik Hayes Rat Kaner Bicks Shaw Stalberg Bollig Krugs Mayers Defense Keith Seabs Hammer O-do-ya Rozsival Ledpipe Netminder: Razor Iggy update: Word today is that the Pens are back into the running in the Jarome Iginla Sweepstakes. While being interviewed last night, Penquins GM Ray Shero confirmed that the Pens are still in on Iggy. Other news indicates that the Flames are askoing way to much for his services. With that said the Hawks appear to have stepped back and a major deal could be brewing between the Hawks and the Islanders. Reports coming out of New York have stated that the Hawks have been scouting the Islanders winger Matt Martin. Stay Tuned. Did you know? 1) The Flames are 0-10-1 in their last 11 visits to the Madhouse GO BLACKHAWKS!
  7. The MVP Challenge continues with the Calgary Flames. -----play and earn tokens for "pickem" Note: poll and topic end 8 / 4 1. Tokens are earned for the MVP Summer Challenge by voting and posting discussion in each team MVP category or playoff challenge. 2. All team MVP's will be chosen from a poll of 5 team candidates. 3. Members earn five tokens per vote and for each and every quality discussion post within every MVP topic to a maximum of 50 tokens per Challenge. 4. It is recommended to participate in discussion prior to voting, as discussions will influence votes. 5. A new Team or MVP matchup poll and discussion will begin M-Th each week until Hockey Forums 2012 MVP is chosen in October. 6. All poll topics posted within one week will close Sat evening the following week. 7. If any re-do polls are needed due to major player trades they will be repeated on Fridays. (hopefully we won't need many of these) Consider the following questions when discussing and voting for each Team MVP and Matchup category: 1. Who is this teams most valuable player factoring in point production, leadership qualities, and overall tenacity/grit? 2. Which player is most essential to the teams success next season. 3. If you were the GM of this team and needed to rebuild with one player, whom would you choose? 4. Which player would cause their team to struggle the most if out with a season ending injury? 5. Which player and or prospect projects to be the teams most valuable player next year? Also, since the MVP Challenge is part fantasy: 1. If you were the coach which linemates would play with your MVP to enhance his play? 2. What parts of the players game need most improvement? 3. What type of numbers do you think this player can put up this upcoming season? 4. And any other player related info, stats, videos, etc to enhance discussion.
  8. Thanks Flames for downing the Jets tonight and keeping our playoff aspirations alive A Washington loss to the B's and a Sabres W over the streaking Sens will leap us into 8th and a TB loss would be nice
  9. Over the course of the next few months BrowntoBure will be scouring North America, speaking to a fan from each NHL city to find out the answer to the question that just won't seem to go away. Why do they hate us? First up, one of Vancouver's oldest foes, The Calgary Flames. Today we caught up with Trevor Martins, producer of the Sekeres and Price show. Which airs 10am-2pm, Monday to Friday on the Team1040 in Vancouver. Here's what he had to say: So living in Vancouver, how exactly did you become a Calgary Flames fan? Born and raised in North Vancouver, lived in best city on Earth my whole life. The reason I’m a Flames fan is pretty simple really. I started getting into hockey when I was a young kid, maybe 6-7 years old and at the time, the Flames were a powerhouse and won the cup. My earliest hockey memory was the Flames and Habs in the final. I was 6 years old. I jumped on their bandwagon, not knowing what a bandwagon was and haven’t jumped off since. Been through some tough times being a fan, the 7 years in the late 90’s/early 00’s and quite frankly, it’s a tough time right now. But the peaks and valleys of being a fan are worth it. Who is your all time favourite Calgary Flame? All time favourite would have to be Al Macinnis. I loved his big shot. Jarome Iginla is definitely up there as well. Love everything about him, everything he represents, on and off the ice. What's your first memory of a Flames/Canucks game? As much as I want to say the 89 epic series, I can’t really remember it. I do have that game 7 of that series on DVD though. Mike Vernon shutting down Smyl and Tanti in OT was unreal. But my earliest memory has to be a bad one for me. I was at the game at the Coliseum, wearing my Fleury jersey, when the Canucks beat the Flames 11-0. I was 9 or 10 years old. I remember my father giving me a hard time the whole drive home as he was a Canucks fan. A lot has been made in the last couple of years about the Canucks being the most hated team across the NHL, would you agree that they are? I don’t think there’s any doubt the Canucks are the most hated team in the league. Whether or not I agree with that sentiment is a different story. The media outside of Vancouver has done a lot to further that angle. I frequent message boards of the Flames and there is no doubt the Canucks are the most hated team with everyone else a distant second. I think people hate the Canucks because of their antics and because they win doing so. They have agitators and they have unlikeable personalities. That’s not to say they’re the only team that dives or complains, but rightly or wrongly, the damage has been done and it will be a long time for the Canucks to shake the reputation of being a team that uses certain antics to win games. I don’t think this current era of the Canucks with the Twins/Kesler/Luongo etc will ever rid themselves of this rep. And like I said, the fact that the Canucks are really good and can't be stopped, a sense of jealousy sets in amongst the Canuck detractors. I will say however, those antics have been way less this season. But some of the stuff in last year’s playoffs was a bit much. It was hard to respect some of those antics. Do you share the same opinion of the Canucks, Or is there another reason you don't like them? If this interview was done a few years ago and the Canucks were in the way of the Flames winning a division, you might get a better answer from me. I used to despise the Canucks, almost at an unhealthy level. But I guess I’ve grown up a little. I’ve come to accept the Canucks are far and away a better team and that the Flames just can’t compete against right now. I just worry about what the Flames are doing on and off the ice. I can’t really pin point one reason as to why I don’t like the Canucks. I’ve just never liked them. But it reached new levels after the 2004 series and into the season following the lockout when the Flames and Canucks had a good competitive rivalry going. Now, the Canucks just dominate and it’s more frustrating than I can tell you. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy watching the Canucks lose. I cheered on the Hawks, Preds, Sharks and Bruins last year. Vancouver is the team I dislike the most. They’re a team that I love to hate. It’s the Canucks, then everyone else in terms of team I enjoy watching lose. What are your favourite and worst memories from this rivalry? Favourite memory- Pretty easy. Game 7 in 2004. Iginla’s best game as a Flame. The missed empty net by Iginla, leading to Cooke’s late tying goal. I literally had my head in my hands for the entire intermission, only to see Gelinas score the OT winner. I went insane, jumped up and down. Not only was it the first Flames series win in 15 years, but it was against the Canucks. The following day, I went into the big communal area at BCIT with my jersey on and got booed by about 100 people. I loved every second of it. Worst memory? Bure in 94. I cried. End of story. What are you going to do if the Canucks win the cup? Go into hiding, take a few days off of work. Last year, before Game 6 in Boston, I posted on my Facebook and asked all my friends to give me 24 hours to grieve before giving me a hard time. I was fully prepared for the Canucks to win in Game 6 or 7. But when they lost, I gave my friends who support the Canucks the same 24 hour rule and didn’t give them a hard time. If you'd like to participate in this and give us some insight from your teams perspective, shoot us a message or get to us on twitter @BrowntoBure

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