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  1. INSIDE EDGE HOCKEY NEWS – RADIO SHOW | EPISODE 14 Getting Ready for Christmas Hockey Style Brad Burud takes a break from the day in and day out hockey talk of the National Hockey League. It's time to talk Christmas gifts. Hockey fans love hockey related Christmas gifts. Gift ideas of all price ranges are discussed, and then hockey author Howard Shapiro joins the show to discuss his new book Kates Really Good at Hockey. An interesting take on youth hockey and what it teaches kids away from the ice. A great read for the young hockey fan, and a great Christmas gift idea. Th
  2. HI there, with the new NHL season around the corner I decided to write a piece on the Sens upcoming season and why they have no room for error. If you have the time to give it a read it would be greatly appreciated. https://lastwordonhockey.com/2018/08/18/no-room-for-error-in-ottawa-senators-2018-19-season/
  3. The Instigator |Episode 12 Humboldt Prayers On Friday, April 6, 2018 the hockey world changed. It changed forever. A horrific bus accident that left 16 people dead rocked the hockey world. The Humboldt Broncos SJHL junior hockey team has been devastated. The tragedy has weighed heavily on the hockey community, but to their credit the support for Humboldt has been amazing. Humboldt you are in our prayers. We are there for you. PODCAST
  4. In this post, I want to talk about the Canadian Olympic team and my thought about it. As it is the team of the country that my father was born and his family. Also, I have a Canadian citizenship and passport, and I also feel as a Canadian because they way that I raised. I started to follow the Canadian Olympic team the same time that I was starting to follow the hockey. It is part of me and my love for all the Canadian hockey, and it's an important part of my being a Canadian. Also, it"s the pride of Canada and it's a significant part of me as a Canadian. Canada
  5. Edanl

    Ottawa Senators

    In this post, I will write about Ottawa Senators which is the capital of Canada and has a great hockey team. In the last couple of season Ottawa was at the top of the league, and this year they have a fantastic year. This year Ottawa finished second in the Metropolitan division and not far from Montreal, there was a part in the season that she was very close and only two points separated them. But then they had a series of injuries to key players that caused them to lose some games, and it was a concern that they might not make the playoffs. But in the end, they got all their stars back and
  6. In this blog, I want to conclude the Edmonton part in the playoff and my thought of what they need to do in the summer to be better next year. In my opinion, Edmonton had a great run in the playoff as Playoffthe beat San Jose in the first round and lost in seven games to Anaheim. In the series against Anaheim, there were a few conservation calls that went against Edmonton which I think that the referees got them wrong. But I don't believe that all the blame should go on the referees and that Edmonton also had a big part in their loose. In my opinion, their defense wasn't shar
  7. When the NHL decided to move the Quebec Nordiques to Denver, one of the best rivalries in history of any sport ceased to exist. Whoever remembers the Quebec Nordiques playing against the Montreal Canadiens will immediately say that their battles were on par with the best of them. In other sports, like baseball for instance, an obvious bitter rivalry one would think of is the New York Yankees versus the Boston Red Sox. But, once the puck was dropped (sometimes even before the puck dropped on some instances), I cannot think of any more bloodier battles than the Nords and the Habs. Be
  8. It’s NOT The Blood ON The Ice…It’s The Blood IN The Ice HOCKEY…FAMILY…two words of six letters each, both ending in “y”. Many people would say “hockey” and “family” have little else in common, but I beg to differ…and strongly so. For me, hockey is all about family…in so many ways and at so many levels. There are those that see the “violence” of hockey and would swear up and down that hockey is not a family sport. To those of us that are members of the family of hockey – even adopted kids like me – there is no sport on Earth that is as much about FAMILY as HOCKEY.
  9. 2016 Play It Forward Golf Outing Friday October 7, 2016 11:30am Registration and Lunch 1:00 PM Tee Off $150 Per Golfer Mountain View Golf Club 890 Bear Tavern Road Ewing Township, NJ www.mtviewgolfcourse.com Registration Includes 4 Person Scramble Greens Fee (18 Hole Championship Course) Riding Cart Skill Competitions with Prizes - Long drive, Closest to the Pin, Closest to the Line Pre-Round Lunch Gift Bags for Participating Practice Range, Chipping and Putting Gree
  10. Ukraine hockey league - Donbass goalie celebrates after winning game 1 of the finals in a shootout. I recorded it this morning and thought it was worth sharing. Enjoy!
  11. Hey everybody, As some of us know as hockey fans, we definitely have our favourite team and we definitely have our favourite jersey. How some of us view or make use of our jerseys are sometimes very different from each other. Some of us are very happy with just getting our favourite team’s home jersey with no name on the back. They just show support for the team they’re cheering for. Some of us want the authentic-cut jersey that the players wear on the ice; that’s if you’re a hardcore fan. It doesn’t matter how you wear it, it doesn’t matter when you wear it, all what matte
  12. In the past I wrote an article similar to this by listing the top 10 NHL alternate jerseys and there was a rank on them. While it was still interesting, I’m now putting a new twist to this. Now you get to vote what jersey deserves to be on the top. I would love to see a debate on this because I want to know what aspect in an NHL jersey fans value. I’m only talking about the context, the artistic design and how it presents your roots based on what’s on the sweater. Yes, sometimes your favourite player has wore that jersey and you love that jersey because of that fact but this is not what
  13. Hi, I am presently living in Toronto.....there are some avid fans that believe Toronto Maple Leafs will win. They haven't won the Stanley Cup since 1967. Any recommendations on why? I gave up on them but I believe there is a larger issue that fans and management are overlooking. Aleksandr Noudleman
  14. Seeing I have already rather the “Top 5 Goalies” for your fantasy leagues this year, I will move onto a position that seems to be lacking in comparison to others in the league. Here you will get your Top 5 Left Wingers for fantasy purposes in 2013-14. To keep it in context, these are the scoring categories I base my rankings on: Skaters Goal: 2 Assist: 1 +/-: 0.25 Shots: 0.15 GWG: 0.50 SHP: 0.25 PPP: 0.25 Hits: 0.15 Blocked Shots: 0.25 Penalties: -0.10 Goalies Wins: 2 Shutout: 2 Saves: 0.25 Goal: 10 Assist: 1 GA: -1 Loss: -1 Penalties: -0.10 This should help summarize how I look at some of the
  15. I have been "Fantasy Hockey Blogging" for a few years now, and thought I would drop a small one on here! I have been a (self-appointed) Fantasy Hockey Guru for a few years now. I play in some insanely competitive leagues that mimic all life like NHL systematics for Drafting, ELC's, Contract renewals etc... so after years of this I have always had a knack of planning, scouting, building and obsessing over my teams, players and rivals. All in this has garnered me the opportunity to learn about Fantasy Hockey and look at the NHL in a different scope. As a little league background that I play in,
  16. This is a precursor blog and will include my team I have assembled in the last 4 years. I will break down some of the rules each roster allows and will give you a deeper look into how in depth these leagues can get at a certain level. First off, I will start at the roster and cap management. On the Major roster you are allowed 25 players that can accumulate points (head to head for the week). We follow the same Salary Cap as the NHL on a year to year basis, this allows for great roster turnover and realistic thinking for each GM (and some nice FA bidding Wars). Here is my Team information incl
  17. Hello everyone, With the Men's Hockey Events around the corner, this video should prepare you for Canada's Quest for Gold: If you enjoyed, please share (via Twitter, Facebook, etc.) Comments/feedback are always appreciated. Go Canada Go!
  18. A report/survey was done by Hockey Canada & Bauer that showed 90% of the families studied opted out of enrolling their kids in organized hockey...90%!! Reasons stated were: safety issues, affordability & the simple reason that with the trend towards pro coaches & parental pressures toward elite status, the kids were just not having 'fun' anymore. I can see concerns esp. with all the talk of concussions these days, not to mention horrid accidents like Taylor Hall had last year (in practise!), but to keep them from playing because it's no longer considered a fun sport is pretty sad,
  19. The 2013 IIHF World Hockey Championship wrapped up a couple weeks ago in Sweden and Finland with this year’s winner being the host Sweden team. This year the tournament had its fair share of interesting story lines from the amazing place of the Switzerland team to France pulling off one of the biggest upsets in the tournament’s history. So, with the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games just around the corner there might be some early signs of what’s to come in Russia when the world’s elite will play for gold. Canada once again came up short in the quarterfinals, losing to host Sweden 3-2 in a shoot
  20. Since the lockout has started an influx of NHLers have flocked to Europe to play hockey in various leagues including the KHL and elitle leagues in Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, and more. For many die hard hockey fans this is the next best thing because at least then they will still have the opportunity to watch their favourite players this season. However, others are starting to get the feeling that once the lockout ends many players may decide to stay and play in Europe. So, what do you think? Follow my blog at: http://its-acanadiangame.blogspot.ca/ and on Twitter @acanadiangame to keep infom
  21. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=622584 Interesting. They already use computer technology in other sports (ex. golf), so why not hockey?
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