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  1. INSIDE EDGE HOCKEY NEWS – RADIO SHOW | EPISODE 14 Getting Ready for Christmas Hockey Style Brad Burud takes a break from the day in and day out hockey talk of the National Hockey League. It's time to talk Christmas gifts. Hockey fans love hockey related Christmas gifts. Gift ideas of all price ranges are discussed, and then hockey author Howard Shapiro joins the show to discuss his new book Kates Really Good at Hockey. An interesting take on youth hockey and what it teaches kids away from the ice. A great read for the young hockey fan, and a great Christmas gift idea. Then it is time for a listener poll. What is the greatest hockey related Christmas gift that you have received? PODCAST
  2. HI there, with the new NHL season around the corner I decided to write a piece on the Sens upcoming season and why they have no room for error. If you have the time to give it a read it would be greatly appreciated. [Hidden Content]
  3. The Instigator |Episode 12 Humboldt Prayers On Friday, April 6, 2018 the hockey world changed. It changed forever. A horrific bus accident that left 16 people dead rocked the hockey world. The Humboldt Broncos SJHL junior hockey team has been devastated. The tragedy has weighed heavily on the hockey community, but to their credit the support for Humboldt has been amazing. Humboldt you are in our prayers. We are there for you. PODCAST
  4. In this post, I want to talk about the Canadian Olympic team and my thought about it. As it is the team of the country that my father was born and his family. Also, I have a Canadian citizenship and passport, and I also feel as a Canadian because they way that I raised. I started to follow the Canadian Olympic team the same time that I was starting to follow the hockey. It is part of me and my love for all the Canadian hockey, and it's an important part of my being a Canadian. Also, it"s the pride of Canada and it's a significant part of me as a Canadian. Canada has a fantastic team and always was at the top of the world with Russia and the USA. The team was also in the upper part in all the world tournament and having a dominant team. I am always a little sad that I couldn't watch the team in the 80s when Wayne Gretzky played, to see him play as he is a legend in Canada hockey. In the last five tournaments Canada won four of them, and in 2010 it was the only one that they didn't win, they lost in the final game to Sweden. It was a heartbreaker loss that influences me a lot, I remember reading in the media about it, and I was in a bad mood after that for a long time. Canada has surprising teams with a roster of fantastic players, every time they are putting up a great team. I see their games that I can find because it"s a problem to find a site that broadcast the Olympics, they are playing great, they are always coming through in a big way. Because of the status that hockey is in Canada which is the national sport, a lot of young kids going into the hockey and with the infrastructure that they have they develop a lot of great players. This result in that Canada has great teams all the time, and it leads to great success on the world stage. I think that the mentality of the team that starts at the coach position which is Mike Babcock, all the way to the players. They have the mentality and desire the be the best in the world and always play hard. They always strive to perfection and to play the game correctly, and they have a lot of self-criticisms. I think that the hockey tradition in Canada is something to admire and to look up. I respect in the Canadian team and system that they always strive to completion and have an amazing self-criticism. I remember that in the last world tournament even though won it all. But in a couple of games didn't play right, after that in the interview all the players and the coach mentioned it. They told in the interview that they were disappointed in their game and that they needed to improve, which is not obvious for a team to say it after you win the tournament in a dominant passion like Canada team did. I think that it shows a lot about the team mature and able to criticize itself to get better. It demonstrates the mentality of always wanting to be the best and not settle for less even if you win and the mindset of a real profession. In my opinion, Canada is the best in the world, and they prove it every time in the world stage, by winning all the last world tournaments. I think that their mentality and self-criticism is something to admire and shows their professionalism. They have an excellent system of producing great players each year. I am proud of the Canada team which gives pride to Canada and Canadian hockey.
  5. Edanl

    Ottawa Senators

    In this post, I will write about Ottawa Senators which is the capital of Canada and has a great hockey team. In the last couple of season Ottawa was at the top of the league, and this year they have a fantastic year. This year Ottawa finished second in the Metropolitan division and not far from Montreal, there was a part in the season that she was very close and only two points separated them. But then they had a series of injuries to key players that caused them to lose some games, and it was a concern that they might not make the playoffs. But in the end, they got all their stars back and finished the season strong and in second place. Ottawa has an excellent and balanced team, and they have a great offense and great defense which is leading by Erik Karlsson and Dion Phaneuf which they need to sign them to multi-years contract. They have high attack power and great defense that keep the opponent to a lower score. They are also very disciplined in their game and don't get unnecessary penalties most of the time. All of their games are close, and they have a situation to win in every game. I see a lot of games that they come from behind, and all the credit is going to their defense. They did an upgrade to the offense when the trade for Burrows with Vancouver in the last couple of days in the trading date. With burrows, they have a lot of offensive tools that helped them to get far in the playoffs. They are a great team which in my opinion plays the game right, fast but with great defense. I think that the roster that they have now, it's an amazing one, and it's a steady one. I believe that this roster can lead the team in years to come, but they still need to do some upgrades and adjustments in the summer to go all the way. I think that Ottawa built itself in a right way with all the pieces to be a great team in the league and a playoff team for years to come. They are a well-balanced team with a great defense and offense. They also resilience team that can hold the leads in games or comes from behind, they have a lot of tools and can handle every team in the league. They had a great run at the Playoffs this year and reached the Conference Finals only to lose to Pittsburgh in seven games. They got great performance from their stars players and from their goalie which in my opinion had a fantastic year and playoffs. I was sad that they didn't get to the finals as the last Canadian team that reached this phase in the playoffs. I was glad to see that Sydney Crosby won it as he is my favorite player in the league and Canadian Hockey. I In my opinion, if they will keep the same roster and build around it then they will have a great team and will be a playoff team for years to come. Hopefully, they will win the Stanley Cup in a few years. I think that they are on the right path and if they will continue on the same route, I see a bright future for the team and will be one of the Canadian teams that will succeed in the league.
  6. In this blog, I want to conclude the Edmonton part in the playoff and my thought of what they need to do in the summer to be better next year. In my opinion, Edmonton had a great run in the playoff as Playoffthe beat San Jose in the first round and lost in seven games to Anaheim. In the series against Anaheim, there were a few conservation calls that went against Edmonton which I think that the referees got them wrong. But I don't believe that all the blame should go on the referees and that Edmonton also had a big part in their loose. In my opinion, their defense wasn't sharp as it should have been, especially in game five when the let Anaheim tie the game after they were three goals down five minutes to the end of the game. I think that their inexperience of their young core of players is what cost them the game five and the series. In my opinion, the lack of experience is what cost them the playoffs because they got out of their game and didn't have the right composure. They let the referees and Anaheim get under their skin instead of playing their game. I think that it will teach them for next time to be more focused on their own game and don't give into the distractions. Next year In my opinion, the effect of the way that they lost the series against Anaheim will leave a scar that will take the time to heal. I was reading the playoff comments from McDavid I think that the experience will strengthen them for the future as he said in the interviews. They have a great goaltender and a great core of player that can lead them in the next couple of years which they need to keep. They need to get more defensive players to strengthen their defense. In the offensive part, I think that they are settled and have great offensive players that can score a lot of goals which is led by McDavid and Draisaitl. In my opinion, they need to make minor adjustments on the defensive part and add another good forward to help on the offensive lines. I think that they experience that they got from the series against San Jose and Anaheim will strengthen them next year, and I believe that they will get to the playoffs and do better. They will take all the things that they did right and learn from their mistakes, and I believe that we will see them better next year. I think that if they keep this core of young and great players in the years to come so, they will have great success. I have faith in Gretzky and the management that they will continue on the same path and will lead the team to success in the next years, and hopefully, they will win the Stanley Cup in the next few years. .
  7. When the NHL decided to move the Quebec Nordiques to Denver, one of the best rivalries in history of any sport ceased to exist. Whoever remembers the Quebec Nordiques playing against the Montreal Canadiens will immediately say that their battles were on par with the best of them. In other sports, like baseball for instance, an obvious bitter rivalry one would think of is the New York Yankees versus the Boston Red Sox. But, once the puck was dropped (sometimes even before the puck dropped on some instances), I cannot think of any more bloodier battles than the Nords and the Habs. Being that these two teams were located on the same province really brought their emotional bitterness to a high level. The Montreal Canadiens were an established team, a history that is only rivaled by the Yankees. The Quebec Nordiques were an up and coming bunch of players that wanted to eat away at the proverbial pie. They drafted well and just needed some great goaltending to win. The Habs usually had incredible players partly due to their history. So much blood was spilled during these heated battles. The Quebec Nordiques have incredible fans. They bring signs to other stadiums hoping to get back their wonderful team. I love the bravado with which they show their support. To this day, I cannot imagine how shortsighted the NHL higher-ups were by discontinuing a talented team that would eventually win a Stanley Cup as the Colorado Avalanche the next year Quebec relocated. Understandably, timing was everything. Nobody knew that the Montreal Canadiens and their franchise goalie Patrick Roy would part ways. If Quebec existed, there was no way in hell that the Habs would trade a future Hall of Famer to their divisional foes. Because Colorado was representing the Western Conference, Montreal (an Eastern Conference team) traded Roy away for basically pine nuts as it turned out. Colorado won the Stanley Cup in their first year as a franchise. How unfair… I don’t mind having the Avalanche around. Denver deserves an NHL team with their great tradition in College hockey. But, there are definitely several teams I can think of who could relinquish their team and nobody would mind. Hopefully, I will get to see a correct judgement done by a commissioner that botched up the move to Arizona. He must have learned his lesson with the Winnipeg Jets, right?
  8. It’s NOT The Blood ON The Ice…It’s The Blood IN The Ice HOCKEY…FAMILY…two words of six letters each, both ending in “y”. Many people would say “hockey” and “family” have little else in common, but I beg to differ…and strongly so. For me, hockey is all about family…in so many ways and at so many levels. There are those that see the “violence” of hockey and would swear up and down that hockey is not a family sport. To those of us that are members of the family of hockey – even adopted kids like me – there is no sport on Earth that is as much about FAMILY as HOCKEY. So many people see the “blood ON the ice”, while we see the blood IN the ice…in the pondwater coursing through the veins of every hockey player…at every level…the families that support(ed) them from “Mites” to “The Show” and the brothers and sisters we all see in the locker rooms and across the face-off dots. “The Room” is filled with far more than a wealth of talented individuals; it is teaming with brothers and (more recently) sisters who are not related by blood but bonded by the blood they have chosen to share by becoming a TEAM. To a degree, even the “enemies” checking us into the boards in the heat of on ice battle are brothers and sisters once we step off the pond (natural or man-made). True hockey players know not only where their teammates come from but the path they travelled to get to the level at which they are currently playing. My great friend, Mark Strobel, played against one of my all time favorite players…Ian Moran. Strobes could tell me where Ian played his high school hockey as well as juniors…though they never shared the same locker room. In fact, my wife had an interesting experience when she was in high school. Her [much] younger brother was already so well known in the local hockey community that the players on her high school varsity team asked her if she was related to him. When they discovered that she was his sister…she immediately became “part of the family” to them and not just a girl in their science class. It is a FAMILY in HOCKEY – brothers and sisters who have chosen to be so out of honour and respect for one another – TEAMmate and/or opponent. The handshake line says it all. As I prepared to pen this article, a number of these brothers and a sister welcomed me into the family of hockey by very graciously granting me not only their precious time but also a window into their history, their experiences, their philosophies, and their families. Being so grateful at being so graciously “adopted” into the FAMILY OF HOCKEY, I want to take this opportunity to thank my friends – whom I consider brothers and sister forevermore – for granting me such tremendous gifts. Thank you to (in no particular order) Mark Strobel, Bernie Nicholls, Jim Craig, Tatjana “Tiki” Tikhonov, Viktor Tikhonov, Tom Sagissor, and Ryan Walter for the gift of their time and the wealth of insight and information they offered to me…without which, this would be nothing but speculative opinion and puff. When I originally conceived this article, I expected to find many elements of the stories of my newfound brothers and sister to be identical in nature. While I did find a great number of similarities, I also discovered variances I did not – but perhaps should have – anticipated. The variances I discovered not only make perfect sense (as many of them can be attributed to geography), but the stories – and wealth of learning I achieved – also warmed my soul. I expected to find that ice time was always at a premium and difficult to come by. Growing up in the far west suburbs of Chicago – where that was certainly the norm – I, therefor, expected that to be universally true. While that did hold true for some, it was not as “universal” as I had expected. For Ryan Walter and Jim Craig, ice time came at such a premium that they often had to awaken in the “wee hours,” practicing anywhere from 3:30am to 5:30am. Growing up in the “Twin Cities” region of Minnesota, Mark Strobel and Tom Sagissor had the blessing of outdoor rinks every six or seven blocks. Of course, that meant they played on outdoor rinks from Mites through Bantams. Bernie Nicholls grew up in “small town” Canada. His father flooded the yard and built a rink right there at home. Viktor and Tiki Tikhonov had the tremendous benefit of having a father (the late Vasili Tikhonov) that worked for the San Jose Sharks. They could get on the ice at the “Shark Tank” whenever the team was in town – indoors and an NHL quality ice sheet to boot! In fact, Tiki told me she skipped school dances (including the prom) to spend more time on the ice. That is dedication and commitment…and a FAMILY tradition – handed down from grandfather (famed Olympic coach and, sadly, late) Viktor, to father, Vasili, to both Tiki and her brother Viktor. Hockey tradition -- no different than blood – in many ways life-blood itself, courses through their veins (and those of all in the FAMILY OF HOCKEY). Another commonality I expected to find throughout my interviews was the family commitment of the entire household when there was an aspiring hockey player (or more than one) at home. My expectations were borne out…and then some. Whenever possible, and almost entirely across the board, moms and dads were the chief drivers – shuttling sons and daughters to tryouts, practices, camps, games and tournaments (both in town and even hours away). Tyler Johnson of the Tampa Bay Lightning had the blessing of parents so dedicated to his aspirations and dreams that they drove him from Spokane, Washington to Calgary, Alberta just to increase the level of competition he would face. Those same moms and dads would often pack up the entire family for road trips to out of town tournaments – truly a “family affair.” In the case of Jim Craig, it is well-documented the influence his mother had on his Olympic aspirations and inspirational gold medal achievement. Bernie Nicholls’ cousin – Craig Stamp – talked Bernie’s father into allowing Bernie to go to Wichita (in Southern Ontario) to play junior hockey at 16 years old. FAMILY! Not just those “in the house” got involved…but the extended family as well. Tom Sagissor travelled from Hastings, Minnesota to Montreal, Quebec at the age of 17 to pursue his hockey dreams. It was Tom’s father that started the hockey program at home in Hastings. Hockey is in the bloodstream – not only through family heritage and bloodlines, but also through the sacrificial support that is necessary in order to build hockey people. Mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, cousins, coaches, teammates (who become brothers and sisters)…HOCKEY is such a FAMILY. The bonds that develop in “The Room” and on the ice are so powerful that I found – universally – that those bonds started on day one for all those I spoke with in conducting my research. In the words of Bernie Nicholls, “There are no cliques on successful teams. There is nothing better than watching your ‘brothers’ come up and develop.” Jim Craig went on to say that, “You don’t develop hockey players…you develop men”. As for Tom Sagissor, winning a National Championship in college at the University of Wisconsin in 1990, made the entire squad “brothers forever.” Strobes, another Badger alumnus, standout defenseman, team captain, and treasured friend (pronounced “brother”) told me that even those that “clashed” were still FAMILY from day one on. FAMILY! Even opponents were, and are, often considered to be “extended family” members. For example, Jim Craig spent ten years coaching alongside one of his Russian opponents from the “Miracle On Ice”. That shared history and bond of pondwater blood is that strong. Bernie Nicholls even told me that it was by no means unusual to go out for a beer with an opponent he had fought in a game earlier that same night! My friend Diane Bourne, who is a member of the Tampa Bay Lightning family, told me of a game between the Bolts and the Blackhawks – after which she was seen hanging out, carrying on, and even hugging Blackhawks fans and personnel. Some of her Lightning supporters were in shock and completely aghast. To Diane and to me, her behavior was all perfectly normal. While we may be enemies on the ice, we are all FAMILY the moment the contest is over. Diane’s anecdote (thank you, Diane) illustrates the entire point of this article perfectly. As Ryan Walter said to me, “That’s the hockey way.” From Bernie’s yard-rink and watching HNIC (Hockey Night In Canada) on the only channel they got as he was growing up (was any other channel needed?) to Viktor Tikhonov having to be dragged off the ice – and literally physically dragged home on a sled by his mother – at age 3…from the Strobel twins (Mark and Mike) playing boot hockey, high school hockey, and college hockey together (for “The Dean of College Hockey” – Jeff Sauer) to Tatjana Tikhonov skipping those school dances and prom itself in order to get more ice time. You just don’t find more dedicated athletes – and more committed families – than you do in the sport of hockey. From Strobes’ fantastic depiction of Duluth, Minnesota…”You can smell hockey in the air…” to the band of brothers formed by winning the National Championship for Tom Sagissor – The Stanley Cup for Ryan Walter. It is NOT the blood “on” the ice but the blood bonded within the ice that defines hockey to this adopted son and brother. Written by Steven Nels Fossedal INSIDE EDGE HOCKEY NEWS
  9. 2016 Play It Forward Golf Outing Friday October 7, 2016 11:30am Registration and Lunch 1:00 PM Tee Off $150 Per Golfer Mountain View Golf Club 890 Bear Tavern Road Ewing Township, NJ www.mtviewgolfcourse.com Registration Includes 4 Person Scramble Greens Fee (18 Hole Championship Course) Riding Cart Skill Competitions with Prizes - Long drive, Closest to the Pin, Closest to the Line Pre-Round Lunch Gift Bags for Participating Practice Range, Chipping and Putting Greens Beverage Cart on Course Included Post-Round Dinner with Open Bar Raffles Prize Auction 50/50 Drawing To register golfer(s) Online CLICK HERE To be a sponsor for the event CLICK HERE To register by mail, complete the information in this PDF
  10. Ukraine hockey league - Donbass goalie celebrates after winning game 1 of the finals in a shootout. I recorded it this morning and thought it was worth sharing. Enjoy!
  11. Hey everybody, As some of us know as hockey fans, we definitely have our favourite team and we definitely have our favourite jersey. How some of us view or make use of our jerseys are sometimes very different from each other. Some of us are very happy with just getting our favourite team’s home jersey with no name on the back. They just show support for the team they’re cheering for. Some of us want the authentic-cut jersey that the players wear on the ice; that’s if you’re a hardcore fan. It doesn’t matter how you wear it, it doesn’t matter when you wear it, all what matters is that you’re doing it for the game that you love and nothing else. Once in awhile, you might see a jersey and think; “Hey, that is an interesting design.” Someone may post a picture of it on the internet and it might get some buzz on social media. Some of you might stop scrolling and take a good look at it and give it a quick like. Some of you may look a little more into it and find out the jerseys are for a charitable cause. Some of these jersey designs are cool and some are downright ridiculous but it’s worth a good chuckle or a jaw-dropping reaction. A lot of these jerseys are made for promotional efforts and auctioned off for charity and that’s just another reason why hockey is one of the greatest sports on Earth. Sometimes though, the cause goes deeper and beyond the colours of the jersey There is definitely cultural symbolism with some of these jerseys. Some of which have caused some controversy. Military Inspired Camouflage Jerseys: A lot of NHL teams are on board with wearing these military inspired jerseys during warm ups to support and recognize the national military. Fans have polarizing views of these jerseys but they’re not meant to promote style, it’s to promote a good cause. Some people have said that these jerseys don’t serve a purpose and don’t help the military BUT if you care about how it helps the military then you have to know where your money is going before you buy military inspired merchandise. The MSE Foundation recently raised $46,000 during a Washington Capitals home game on February 5th, 2016 by auctioning military-inspired Washington Capitals jerseys. The funds acquired are used to help family members of soldiers who serve in the military, soldiers with PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) and war amputees. The jerseys were autographed and sold during the event. Not only were these jerseys sold to raise funds; equipment such as pucks, helmets, sticks and others were also sold to raise funds for this honourable cause. It’s mostly just at these private auctions where money is raised for these kinds of charities. Most official sports retail outlets that offer military camouflage jerseys are only sold for profit unless otherwise stated that proceeds from each sale goes towards a charity. Some retail outlets do sell these jerseys but some don’t because they don’t want a controversial image of using the military fashion to cash in on a quick profit. It’s not just jerseys where the camouflage design is used, it’s on hats, toques and shirts as well. Soldiers who have served in the military dislike the fact that retail outlets use the military image for profit because its a weak expression of support for the military plus the image of the military is taken advantage of for promotional purposes so corporations can make a profit. *Do you agree with sports merchandisers selling military camouflage jerseys for profit? Here is the link to the comments about the jerseys made from members of the military: Star Wars Themed Jerseys: It’s easy to admit that these jerseys are ‘out-of-the-box’ in terms of jersey design. For Star Wars fans who love hockey, they are some of the most epic jersey designs ever. The Vancouver Giants and Saskatoon Blades of the WHL each had a Star Wars night in honour of the most successful 2015 box office hit; Star Wars – The Force Awakens. Star Wars night for the Saskatoon Blades was held on November 28th, 2015 and the entire Saskatoon Blades team wore these jerseys for their home game against the Edmonton Oil Kings. The jerseys were not just meant to bring nerds to hockey games but it was for charity. The player-worn jerseys were signed by the players and auctioned after the game. Proceeds from the auction went towards the Food Banks of Saskatchewan. The Vancouver Giants had their own version of these beautiful Star Wars jerseys as well but unlike the Blades, the Giants went to the “dark side”. The Giants wore them for their home game on December 4th, 2015 against the Kootenay Ice. Just like what the Blades did, the Giants team also signed these jerseys and auctioned them off for charity. The proceeds went to the Shriners Hospitals for Children. L.A. Dodgers Pride Night Jerseys: *Dustin Brown and Drew Doughty of the L.A. Kings wearing these Dodgers inspired practice jerseys during warm-up. The Los Angeles Kings have a ‘Dodgers Pride Night’ once per season. It’s based from the partnership agreement between the Los Angeles Kings and the Los Angeles Dodgers, a Major League Baseball team. It’s a promotion as much as it is a charitable cause for both major sports teams. Fans that go to this annual event don’t only watch the game but get a L.A. Kings themed baseball and a chance to win prizes at the game. The Dodger’s inspired hockey sweaters that were used for warm up were signed and auctioned after the game. Proceeds went to the Kings Care Foundation. Flint Firebird “Tropics” Jerseys: Based from the 2008 box office hit Semi-Pro, these jerseys were an excerpt from the Flint Tropics, the name of Basketball team in the movie. Since it’s the Flint Firebirds we’re talking about here, wouldn’t it be convenient to have the “Jackie Moon” approved Flint Tropic hockey jerseys for a promotional event? That’s exactly what the Flint Firebirds did as they hosted a “Flint Tropics Night” in Flint, Michigan. The Firebirds hosted the Owen Sound Attack on February 13th, 2016 for the event. It was a big highlight for the Firewoods as they were having an awful season dealing with numerous ownership disputes and a lot of losing games. The jerseys were auctioned off after the game for charity and it was one night the Firebirds and the fans had fun regardless on the outcome of the game. St. Patty Day Hockey Jerseys: Like the military jerseys, the St. Patty Day jerseys are used by many NHL teams for pre-game warm ups but without the controversy. It’s great promo as St. Patty’s day is very popular and if you didn’t guess already the pre-game warm up jerseys are signed and auctioned off for charity by many teams. Whether its an NHL team or some junior league team partaking in this, it’s a very popular event in Canada and the United States. It always produces great results because it’s a great excuse to celebrate Spring and a great reason to order up a few pints of Guinness for yourself and your friends. How could someone hate St. Patrick’s Day?
  12. In the past I wrote an article similar to this by listing the top 10 NHL alternate jerseys and there was a rank on them. While it was still interesting, I’m now putting a new twist to this. Now you get to vote what jersey deserves to be on the top. I would love to see a debate on this because I want to know what aspect in an NHL jersey fans value. I’m only talking about the context, the artistic design and how it presents your roots based on what’s on the sweater. Yes, sometimes your favourite player has wore that jersey and you love that jersey because of that fact but this is not what I’m talking about. Is there a hidden, compelling element of the sweater that you can relate to or is there some visual detail or meaning that sticks out in your mind? I will announce what you, the fans have chosen what jersey deserves to be on top on the company Social Media pages in a separate post on Facebook and Twitter: We are only going to present jerseys that have been introduced in the post-lockout era. So after the 2005-06 NHL season. Those wacky 90’s jerseys will be saved for another day. Winter Classic and Stadium Series jerseys will also be saved for another day. The list will not include jerseys that were originally alternate then converted as primary home and road jerseys either. Here is the list of jerseys I am presenting to you and if there is any jersey you want an honourable mention on, let us know in the comment section! San Jose Sharks 25th Anniversary Jersey Introduced in the 2015-16 season, it was only fitting that the Sharks present a jersey that goes back to their roots as it was their 25th anniversary season. To me, this is a very symbolic and iconic jersey. The black alternates they have are awesome as well but this jersey holds a richer history element to it. Anaheim Ducks ‘Orange Eggplant’ Jersey Introduced at the same time as the 25th anniversary San Jose Sharks jersey, the Ducks decided to go back to the history books and incorporate their “Mighty Ducks of Anaheim” eggplant logo. Unlike the Sharks who have went ‘full retro’ with their jersey, the Ducks made a risque move of combining ‘old school’ and ‘mainstream’ and are right now proving to be very popular amongst fans of the Anaheim Ducks but other fans alike who have an interest for the colour design of the jersey. Colorado Avalanche ‘Back To the Rockies’ Jersey Okay you see the pattern here? Once again introduced in 2015, this jersey was designed to relive the Colorado Rockies days between 1976 to 1982. It was also the Colorado Avalanche’s 20th anniversary so once again, lets relive history and put a modern twist to it. The colour scheme is very well laid out with the logo as the big “C” represents the core of the Colorado State flag fused into what appears to be part of the Rocky Mountains. Oh and if you don’t know what the Colorado State flag looks like, just look at the left shoulder patch of the jersey. Edmonton Oilers ‘Alberta Oilers WHA Days’ Jersey Some call it the ‘McDavid Jersey’ because it was revealed when Connor McDavid was 1st overall in the 2015 NHL Draft. This used to be the Alberta Oilers main jersey when they were in the WHA in the 1970’s. Not too many people knew who the Alberta Oilers were until people who saw this jersey and have the history described behind it. What’s so interesting about this jersey is that when that when Connor McDavid wore the jersey for the first time as it was sequenced with the unveiling of the new jersey, it created a sense of hope and optimism. The Oilers were a cultural mess for years as it lead to bad hockey teams with no meaning and no structure. That feeling of hope and optimism especially held true when the Oilers’ newly acquired ‘generational talent’ was drafted onto their team wearing that jersey. Shortly before, there was a new head coach and new general manager coming into the organization that knew how to win. It was also the first hirings from Oilers in a long time where it wasn’t an Edmonton Oiler alumni player from the glory days of the 1980’s taking the helm. For once, it was strictly help from the ‘outside the Oiler family’ that was brought in take charge. The jersey symbolized a new beginning, not reliving the glory days despite the jersey being considered ‘full-retro.’ Calgary Flames ‘Cowboy Prairie’ Jersey Okay cowboy, giddy up. If there is something that resembles what kind of jersey a cowboy would like, this jersey is it. I personally have the EDGE version of this jersey and they are just phenomenal as you appreciate it more in person. It’s not the raw hand writing of the word ‘Calgary’ on the front, it’s the shoulder logo that what intrigued me the most. To me, it looks like a prairie field with a sunset hovering over the Rocky Mountains in the background. You only get that kind of view if you’re looking from East to West only from the Eastern side of the Rockies just west of Calgary. Talk about the depth of thought put into a little, tiny patch shoulder patch. St. Louis Blues ‘Gateway Arch’ Jersey This jersey just makes too much sense. Even though it was introduce in 2008, it’s still a very popular alternate jersey to this day. The ‘Gateway Arch’ is what makes this jersey turn from ordinary to extraordinary as the iconic architectural landmark is super-imposed in the middle of the circular center logo of the jersey. It’s simple but the colour pattern and center logo blends so well with each other. I really think they shouldn’t replace this jersey and keep it as an alternate for a long time. In my mind, nothing much beats it. Pittsburgh Penguins ‘Relive the Glory Days’ Jersey What’s so interesting about this jersey is that this jersey was not inspired by the roots of geological landmarks or Pittsburgh culture, it was about reliving the early glory days of the early 1990’s when Lemieux and Jagr basically dominated the league at that time. Now guys like Crosby, Malkin and Kessel are wearing it in the game and that is totally symbolic of those early 1990’s glory days as we fast forward in time and see what the Penguins are like now. Of course if a jersey is designed to relive the ‘good ol days’ then the jersey has to be a ‘full retro look.’ Carolina Hurricanes ‘Black Storm’ Jersey Okay so the Carolina Hurricanes are not a very popular hockey team, but the jerseys that have been unveiled in the last few years are pretty cool and this alternate ‘Black Storm’ jersey is no exception. Since Carolina is an area where a lot of hurricanes take place, it makes perfect sense as to why they called the Hurricanes. The logo on the front side of the jersey represents a storm warning flag with a hockey etched on the side. Very cool when you think about it because the storm warning flag means you got to watch out for the Hurricanes as they hit the ice. The shoulder logo is a ‘blacked-out version of the primary logo used in their home and road jerseys. Overall the use of the colours and the variations of the logos are blended together very nicely. Nashville Predators “Enhanced Predators” Jersey Although it was discontinued, many people think that this a beautiful jersey. The Primary logo is altered a bit from the primary logos in a way that the enhanced version of this logo on the jersey looks tougher, meaner and more predator like especially with those piercing red eyes and silvered face of the Predator. The shoulder logo looks cool as well as it represents an artistic and actual representation of the archaeological discovery of Sabre-Tooth Tiger skull found near the Nashville area. That is also why the Predators are called the Predators in the first place. Ottawa Senators ‘Big O’ Jersey This was an easy choice to incorporate into the list because of how a design so simple and historical can look this good in the modern NHL era. The primary Home and Road jerseys are sub-par compared this beauty. It represents the days of the Ottawa Senators before the NHL even existed. This look was excerpted from the Ottawa Senators when they existed in the 1880’s, 1890’s, 1900’s and 1910’s. Believe it or not the Sens have a history that dates back BEFORE when the Montreal Canadiens first started but in general, the Ottawa Senators roots are relatively unknown and highly underrated due to the fact the franchise folded in 1934 and reintroduced back in 1992. Not an ‘Original 6’ team because of the folding of the team but the history is still as rich as any other ‘Original 6’ team although some will argue this. The shoulder emblems of the jersey represent a shield design that represents strength and solidarity of a nation as it accommodates English speaking and French speaking fans. One of the shoulder logos is the shield that says “Ottawa Senators” in English and the other is the French version that says “Senateurs D’Ottawa.” So those are the 10 jerseys I have chosen to be on the list but again it is up to YOU decide what’s your favourite and mention a kind of jersey that should be on the list. Looking forward to seeing what the results are. For more articles, announcements and to shop for officially licensed jerseys, visit The Oilfield Hockey Blog now! Cheers hockey fans!!!
  13. Hi, I am presently living in Toronto.....there are some avid fans that believe Toronto Maple Leafs will win. They haven't won the Stanley Cup since 1967. Any recommendations on why? I gave up on them but I believe there is a larger issue that fans and management are overlooking. Aleksandr Noudleman
  14. Seeing I have already rather the “Top 5 Goalies” for your fantasy leagues this year, I will move onto a position that seems to be lacking in comparison to others in the league. Here you will get your Top 5 Left Wingers for fantasy purposes in 2013-14. To keep it in context, these are the scoring categories I base my rankings on: Skaters Goal: 2 Assist: 1 +/-: 0.25 Shots: 0.15 GWG: 0.50 SHP: 0.25 PPP: 0.25 Hits: 0.15 Blocked Shots: 0.25 Penalties: -0.10 Goalies Wins: 2 Shutout: 2 Saves: 0.25 Goal: 10 Assist: 1 GA: -1 Loss: -1 Penalties: -0.10 This should help summarize how I look at some of the players I will be looking into: Here is a look on who you should be focusing on to fill your LW slots this year, in reverse order. 5) Chris Kunitz Too many people use the word “Crosby” when referring to Kunitz, the fact of the matter is, he is a fantasy owners dream. I’m not negating the “Crosby Factor” either as obviously when you play with the world’s best, it’s bound to have its benefits! For a pure fantasy standpoint, Kunitz offers much more than Goals and Assists! Kunitz should give you a steady games played as he is usually good for the 75-80 games a year and I wold say anywhere from 30-35 goals a season. Kunitz should always hover around the 60-70 point range, but in this format it’s not only that that makes him lethal. Fantasy intangibles that go overlooked with Kunitz are the amount of hits he lays (157 last year) his +/- (+25) and a pretty stellar Power Play Points number (22). You throw those numbers in with his Goal and Assist production and you have a bona fide star in the fantasy world! I see Kunitz slotting in approx. 2.05-2.10 FPG this year. 4) Gabriel Landeskog Landeskog, in his young NHL career, has become a Fantasy stud. Playing on a young and dynamic Avs team he is ever present the main scoring categories. The great thing about Gabe is that he is a hitting machine, he plays that great wall game that you need in a winger and he lays the body. I see him putting upwards of 200 hits this season! Hits aren’t all he offers as I see him, this season, grabbing somewhere around 28-30 Goals, 40-45 Assists and likely a solid +/- in the 20-25 range. At this rate the young Avalanche captain should grab you an upward trend in points for a long time to come! Expect Gabe to grab you a nice 2.05-2.10 FPG this year 3) Taylor Hall Hall really broke out on a sub-par Oilers team last year. With 80 Points last year he was an absolute joy to watch. I see him building on last year and surpassing it in 2014-15. Although hall plays with “reckless abandonment” he doesn’t quite grab you the hit and block totals one would expect, and in the last few years it’s been hard to be a + player in Oil Country (-15 last season). Where hall lacks in those categories he more than makes up in what I see as certainly 30+ goals with another 55-60 assists. I think Edmonton will be a much better team this year and can see Hall pushing the 100 point plateau with 90-92 points this year. I expect 2.15-2.20 FPG from Hallsy this season. 2) Zach Parise Parise, unfortunately last year, missed a bit of time playing in only 67 contests. Although his game totals weren’t there he still managed 29 Goals and 27 Assists. If projecting him to play 75-82 games this year I see Parise having an explosive season with some talented line mates. Parise loves to shoot the puck, that’s money in the bank for Fantasy owners. Last season in his 67 games he had a staggering 245 Shots on Goal, add in a good 25 Power Play Points and a nice +/- and Parise is your #2 LW on the year. I expect you’ll see 2.25-2.30 FPG. 1) Jamie Benn What else is there to say about Jamie Benn, he’s just downright filthy in the fantasy world. After a season with Seguin as his pivot he grabbed a cool 79 points with 34 of them goals. After a full season on chemistry behind them I see Benn capable of the 40 goals and 100 point mark this year. Not only does he fill the stat sheet with Goals and Assists he’s a full stat sheet monster with numbers like: 279 Shots on Goal, 118 hits, 60 Blocked Shots, +21, 3 Short Handed Points and 19 Power Play Points. Those numbers speak for themselves and this year I expect growth in every category! Benn will likely grab you a whopping 2.4-2.5 FPG this year, grab him early! Soon I will be also putting in my Top 5 for the remaining positions C, RW and D! Thanks again for reading and would love to answer any questions!
  15. I have been "Fantasy Hockey Blogging" for a few years now, and thought I would drop a small one on here! I have been a (self-appointed) Fantasy Hockey Guru for a few years now. I play in some insanely competitive leagues that mimic all life like NHL systematics for Drafting, ELC's, Contract renewals etc... so after years of this I have always had a knack of planning, scouting, building and obsessing over my teams, players and rivals. All in this has garnered me the opportunity to learn about Fantasy Hockey and look at the NHL in a different scope. As a little league background that I play in, I usually use the scoring categories as follows: Skaters Goal: 2 Assist: 1 +/-: 0.25 Shots: 0.15 GWG: 0.50 SHP: 0.25 PPP: 0.25 Hits: 0.15 Blocked Shots: 0.25 Penalties: -0.10 Goalies Wins: 2 Shutout: 2 Saves: 0.25 Goal: 10 Assist: 1 GA: -1 Loss: -1 Penalties: -0.10 This should help summarize how I look at some of the players I will be looking into: Starting off I will look at the Goalies, and will try to forcast my top 5 in each position for the upcoming year. Also looking on doing, breakout scorers this season as well as rookie surprises! So here they are, in reverse order: 5) Kari Lethonen Now most people don't look at Lethonen and scream a Top 5 goalie, but in a fantasy standpoint, he's a bona fide stud. Lethonen is good for 60-65 starts and approximately 27-28 saves per game on average. Couple this with the fact that Lindback won’t push him too hard for the starters role and that Dallas will be an improved team I see him grabbing a nice few wins (35+) some complimentary shutouts (5+) and a decent Goals Against (likely in the 140-145 range). This will make Kari a very solid fantasy producer where you can hope on about a 5.2-5.4 Fantasy Points per Game (FPG) 4) Sergei Bobrovsky Bob, in the last couple seasons, has become a Fantasy STUD. Playing on an ever improved Blue Jackets team he has really rocket amongst the stellar fantasy providers. I see BOB getting close to 65 starts this season as CBJ looks to make another Playoff appearance. The thing with BOB; even though CBJ is getting better he still faces A LOT of rubber. You can look for close on 28-29 saves per game which translates into some nice point totals (even when coupled with a loss). With high shot totals and a respectable Columbus team I see BOB giving you a very healthy 5.4-5.5 FPG. 3) Semyon Varlamov Patrick Roy likes to ride his starting goalie and I don't see this changing with Reto Berra as the back-up in Colorado next season. You can expect 65-66 starts from Verly this year, which means some valuable points on a young dynamic Avs team. Varly faces an absurd amount of shots for a better team, so he gets a lot of shots but also gets the run support. Varlamov will likely get close to 30 saves per game this year, with 40 wins and a few shutouts he will be a huge point grabber. I am expecting somewhere in the 5.6-5.8 FPG range this year! 2) Carey Price Price was amazing last season, there is no arguing that! Fantasy wise he was just as good. With Montreal likely to be a Top 4-5 seed in the East this year I can see Price grabbing 65 Games with 35 wins (at least)... now thats some nice Fantasy value. I don't think Price will have as many saves per game as some of the other shot stoppers, but I see him getting 27-28 Saves per game this season. Where Price grabs some huge points is in the Shut-Out category. When he is in the zone he is almost unbeatable, with that being said he's good for 6-7 shutty's this year that’s some point production. I am looking at Carey getting somewhere in the 5.9-6.0 FPG this year! 1) Tuukka Rask Ok... Ok... Bruins fan picking Tuukka as #1!!! HOMERRRR.... no, but seriously the numbers will speak for themselves. Rask playing on one of the top teams in a weaker conference will get a large win total this year! I could see Tuukka getting 39-40 wins this year as Coach Julien will ride him with an inexperienced backup in Svedberg behind him this season. Rask grabs the wins and he gets (like Price) the Shutouts! Look for another 7 this year all the while with 27-28 Saves Per game, I see Tuukka grabbing you a sweet 6.0-6.1 FPG As it's all in fun this is just how I look into my Fantasy picks for the years coming up. Other leagues will vary in scoring, matchups etc. but this is just a little based on some leagues I play in. Hoping to do every position as well as some sleepers and players you would never think to pick that actually grab you some great value from the bargain bin. Also, in the future can post my team with how it's developed and look into my AHL and ECHL teams I have as feeders into my 25 man NHL squad. Thanks for reading my first blog around here and would love to have any insight or answer any questions you all may have.
  16. This is a precursor blog and will include my team I have assembled in the last 4 years. I will break down some of the rules each roster allows and will give you a deeper look into how in depth these leagues can get at a certain level. First off, I will start at the roster and cap management. On the Major roster you are allowed 25 players that can accumulate points (head to head for the week). We follow the same Salary Cap as the NHL on a year to year basis, this allows for great roster turnover and realistic thinking for each GM (and some nice FA bidding Wars). Here is my Team information including GM name, NHL roster size, My Cap situation and what my projected cap space is for next year. Owner - Tyler Total Roster Size - 23/25 Total Payroll - $64.8m Cap Space - $6.3m 2014-15 Projected Cap Space - $34.0m As you can see I am in pretty good cap situation, only 2 spots to fill (which I will from my minors) and a boatload of space in cap for next year, but that means I have a tonne of players to re-sign! So getting into my main roster, here are my Centers: (Player Name, Cap Hit, Season their contract ends) Centers (4) - $18.4m Ryan Getzlaf, $5.9m (2015-16) Patrice Bergeron, $3.6m (2016-17) Anze Kopitar, $5.2m (2016-17) T.J. Oshie, $3.7m (2016-17) Sexy, I know!! I have put a lot of work into getting these names and keeping them away from FA and they are all locked up for the next few years to nice contracts. I took home the Wayne Gretzky Award last year for the best group of Centers in the league. Let’s take a look at my LW, certainly my biggest need at the moment: Left Wing (3) - $7.7m Mason Raymond, $1.8m (2015-16) Bobby Ryan, $3.6m (2016-17) Brandon Saad, $2.3m (2015-16) LW is at a premium and I was happy to hang onto Ryan for a good priced extension as hit totals in the last few seasons were marred by injury. Grabbed Raymond at a great time and he produced way over expectations and I was able to grab Saad last year at the Trade Deadline! Right Wing, I am overstocked at the moment; maybe too much of a good thing, but I have some names on the Trade block now! Right Wing (6) - $14.9m Jarome Iginla, $3.0m (2014-15) Marian Hossa, $5.1m (2015-16) Emerson Etem, $0.7m (2015-16) Ales Hemsky, $1.1m (2015-16) Radim Vrbata, $3.2m (2016-17) Kyle Okposo, $1.8m (2014-15) I was able to grab Hemsky cheap this off-season in hopes he comes out strong in Dallas, and with him on a beauty 1.1M per year I think it will be a steal! Okposo will be a huge decision for me at the end of this season as he will need a big raise from his paltry 1.8M per year. Here is my core of Dmen, I love this group as they get me a tonne of points not only with offensive output but in a huge way of blocked shots, hits and PP Points. Defensemen (6) - $16.2m Ryan Suter, $4.5m (2014-15) Jake Gardiner, $1.4m (2014-15) Patrick Wiercioch, $1.0m (2014-15) Torey Krug, $4.0m (2016-17) Sami Vatanen, $0.8m (2015-16) Alex Pietranglo, $4.5m (2015-16) I was able to grow a lot of these through my farm system like Gardiner, Krug (who I grabbed long ago before he was a household name), Vatanen and Wiercioch. NOW, here are my pride and joy's lol. I was able to grab these guys when they were backup's (except Quick) and I help onto them hoping they would turn out to what they are now, and it's paid off huge. Only issue is that Bernier and Bob need massive raises at the end of this season as they are on contract years! Goalies (3) - $6.2m Jonathan Bernier, $1.2m (2014-15) Sergei Bobrovsky, $2.0m (2014-15) Jonathan Quick, $3.0m (2016-17) Nice looking trio of tendy's here!!! Only allowed to have 3 active Goalies in this league as well, this keeps goalie hoarding to a minimum! Buyouts (0) - $0.0m Let's take a look at my AHL team, which is the direct feeder into my NHL team (Cap does not count against NHL cap until they are called up. All these players are on 2-Way contracts and we have a AHL cap as well, that way players are not stashed. Some hardcore drafting and trades built me this gem of a farm team. St. John's IceCaps Total Roster Size - 16/30 IceCaps Cap Space: $2.2m Brock Nelson, $0.5m (2014-15) Zemgus Girgensons, $1.5m (2015-16) Mika Zibanejad, $1.0m (2014-15) Nick Bjugstad, $0.2m (2014-15) Alex Galchenyuk, $2.5m (2014-15) Taylor Beck, $0.7m (2015-16) Jermey Morin, $0.7m (2015-16) Tomas Tatar, $0.2m (2014-15) Brendan Gallagher, $0.2m (2014-15) Richard Rakell, $0.7m (2015-16) Mark Cundari, $0.8m (2014-15) Olli Maatta, $1.0m (2015-16) Jonas Brodin, $2.0m (2014-15) Codi Ceci, $1.5m (2014-15) I need to make some moves to call up some guys as they are only in the minors right now to keep my cap relief and player limits in compliance in the off-season. Guys like Zibanejad, Galchenyuk and Gallagher have to be called up ASAP while I wil want to call other up as soon as I move contracts from the NHL team. Minors note: A player has to be given a contract before they hit 40 NHL games played and can only keep 2 way status contracts until that 40 game limit as well. Most my 2 ways will end this year as I was able to give them their 2 way contracts close to their 40 Game limit! Below we see my "Junior Team" this will consist of guys I own but not have tendered contracts to, they can be in this category until 39 games of NHL experience sets, then they have to be signed to a contract. Only a small sample here as I have graduated a lot of players from this list and only had 1 draft pick this season (Hawryluk) as I was active in last years trade deadline in moving most my picks for the rookie draft! Moncton Wildcats Total Roster Size - 2 Jayce Hawryluk, N/C (0 games) Joesph Morrow, N/C (0 games) So, as you can see, this is very in-depth and as life-like NHL GM as we can make it. This team I have been GMing since the start of the league in 2010 and is something that is a blast to play because of the depth of knowledge you get to use that would apply to a real NHL GM's job. Thanks for reading and would love to answer any league questions or fantasy questions!
  17. Hello everyone, With the Men's Hockey Events around the corner, this video should prepare you for Canada's Quest for Gold: If you enjoyed, please share (via Twitter, Facebook, etc.) Comments/feedback are always appreciated. Go Canada Go!
  18. A report/survey was done by Hockey Canada & Bauer that showed 90% of the families studied opted out of enrolling their kids in organized hockey...90%!! Reasons stated were: safety issues, affordability & the simple reason that with the trend towards pro coaches & parental pressures toward elite status, the kids were just not having 'fun' anymore. I can see concerns esp. with all the talk of concussions these days, not to mention horrid accidents like Taylor Hall had last year (in practise!), but to keep them from playing because it's no longer considered a fun sport is pretty sad, to me. Many coaches are more concerned with gaining the status/trophies from their elite players & well, some parents flourish on the 'ego' of it all....'Hey did you know my kid is a contender for....?" Playing hockey just for the sake of playing hockey needs to return...achievements, awards & status aside. [Hidden Content]
  19. The 2013 IIHF World Hockey Championship wrapped up a couple weeks ago in Sweden and Finland with this year’s winner being the host Sweden team. This year the tournament had its fair share of interesting story lines from the amazing place of the Switzerland team to France pulling off one of the biggest upsets in the tournament’s history. So, with the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games just around the corner there might be some early signs of what’s to come in Russia when the world’s elite will play for gold. Canada once again came up short in the quarterfinals, losing to host Sweden 3-2 in a shootout. The early exit however, has become somewhat of a ritual for the Canucks over the past four tournaments. The Canadians have not captured a tournament win since 2007 when they defeated Finland 2-1 in the gold medal game. However, this year the biggest blunder by one of the stronger teams in the world came at the hands of the Russians. A very strong Russian team that included superstars such as Alex Semin, Alex Radulov, Ilya Kovalchuck, and Ilya Bryzgalov lost a shocker to France 2-1. France has never been a force in World Championship play, in fact their strongest finish in the tournaments history was 6th place. A finish they have never been able to meet since they achieved this back in 1930. To also put the loss into perspective, France did not qualify for the upcoming Olympic Games. However, the biggest story of the tournament was the stellar play of Switzerland. Switzerland finished the round robin with 20 points, good enough to be the top team from either pool. The Swiss defeated the Czech Republic, moving on to the semifinals where they will met the USA. In their semi-final match against the Americans, Swiss played another dominate game and took the contest 3-0, sending them to the finals for the first time in team history. The Swiss historically have never fared much in the tournament except for playing somewhat of a spoiler to other nations. The Swiss’ only other significant achievement came back in 2010 when they defeated Canada 2-1 for the first time in the tournament’s existence. The Swiss during the tournament defeated both the Czech Republic and Sweden (the eventual tournament champs), both of who will be in the same pool as the Swiss during the Olympics, which could be a good sign for the Swiss moving forward. However, it is important to know that the teams that are taking part in the World Championships right now will be greatly improved come the Olympics with the additions of many more NHL players who will join their fellow countries. Though, the approval of NHLers being allowed to compete in next year’s games has yet to be determined. So, heading into the 2014 Olympic Games it will be very interesting to see if more shocking upsets and Cinderella stories will be made. Could we be starting to see an emergence of new hockey powers in the world? For now only time will tell. Follow me on Twitter @Craig_Hagerman
  20. Since the lockout has started an influx of NHLers have flocked to Europe to play hockey in various leagues including the KHL and elitle leagues in Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, and more. For many die hard hockey fans this is the next best thing because at least then they will still have the opportunity to watch their favourite players this season. However, others are starting to get the feeling that once the lockout ends many players may decide to stay and play in Europe. So, what do you think? Follow my blog at: [Hidden Content] and on Twitter @acanadiangame to keep infomed on what is happening with the players while the lockout carries on.
  21. [Hidden Content] Interesting. They already use computer technology in other sports (ex. golf), so why not hockey?

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