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Found 10 results

  1. Sam Bennett is the absolute perfect fit for the Leafs 3C woes. They will not win a cup with Kerfoot at center (or even on the team..). Bennett is a warrior and has everything they need to complete the strongest roster possible (I mean they still need 1 more shutdown RD of course). Just last year there were rumors that the Leafs and Flames were looking to swap Barrie for Bennett so it's not far-fetched. If Dubas doesn't go hard after this guy it will be a real shame..There is no other way to fix the Kadri failure other than by acquiring Sam Bennett. I would forgive that massive blunder if he pulled it off.. Plus he's a GTA boy! COME ON DUBEY, JUST A FEW MORE PIECES!
  2. All discussion regarding this playoff season between the Bruins and Leafs go here.
  3. Nobody seems to have created a thread for this, so I'm going to. Not a great start tbh. [Hidden Content],game_state=final,lock_state=final,game_tab=box-score
  4. The Maple Leafs organization has recently stated that there will again be NO "C" this year. They are not going to keep pace with Edmonton by naming Matthews captain and he may or may not be named an assistant captain. Lamoriello has said "With the number of leaders we have in that room, we don't feel it's necessary." Last year they went with four "A"s given to forwards Tyler Bozak and Leo Komarov, and defensemen Matt Hunwick and Morgan Rielly. With Hunwick signing in Pittsburgh who should get the fourth "A" ? Or shall I say will Austin Matthews be wearing the " A " this season? Do you think 23 year old Rielly is being groomed for the "C"?
  5. Hi, I am presently living in Toronto.....there are some avid fans that believe Toronto Maple Leafs will win. They haven't won the Stanley Cup since 1967. Any recommendations on why? I gave up on them but I believe there is a larger issue that fans and management are overlooking. Aleksandr Noudleman
  6. Lupul was hit in the right arm on a shot by Dion Phaneuf and immediately left the ice for the dressing room in a game against the Penguins. He is out indefinitely. Last weekend the 29yr old Lupul signed a new contract that will pay $26.25 million over 5 years, with a $5.25M cap hit. Opinion seems to be pretty divided over whether or not this is a good deal for the Leafs as Lupul will be 34 when the contract ends.
  7. Is the 22yr old Kadri the real deal this year? The seventh pick of the 2009 draft has had 2 PP goals in two games. Kadri has been sent up and down to the Marlies several times over the last two season and really never seemed to do what it took to stay in the line-up, not sure if it was needed physical strength, mental or just maturity, but he looks like he is here to stay. Kadri is playing on a third line with JVR and the hard hitting Komarov which appears to be as good as any third line in the NHL. more info and an interesting read comparing Kadri to Brayden Schenn. but for the record so far this season Kadri currently has 2 PP goals and Schenn - 0
  8. The MVP Challenge continues with the Toronto Maple Leafs. -----play and earn tokens for "pickem" Note: poll and topic end 8 / 25 1. Tokens are earned for the MVP Summer Challenge by voting and posting discussion in each team MVP category or playoff challenge. 2. All team MVP's will be chosen from a poll of 5 team candidates. 3. Members earn five tokens per vote and for each and every quality discussion post within every MVP topic to a maximum of 50 tokens per Challenge. 4. It is recommended to participate in discussion prior to voting, as discussions will influence votes. 5. A new Team or MVP matchup poll and discussion will begin M-Th each week until Hockey Forums 2012 MVP is chosen in October. 6. All poll topics posted within one week will close Sat evening the following week. 7. If any re-do polls are needed due to major player trades they will be repeated on Fridays. (hopefully we won't need many of these) Consider the following questions when discussing and voting for each Team MVP and Matchup category: 1. Who is this teams most valuable player factoring in point production, leadership qualities, and overall tenacity/grit? 2. Which player is most essential to the teams success next season. 3. If you were the GM of this team and needed to rebuild with one player, whom would you choose? 4. Which player would cause their team to struggle the most if out with a season ending injury? 5. Which player and or prospect projects to be the teams most valuable player next year? Also, since the MVP Challenge is part fantasy: 1. If you were the coach which linemates would play with your MVP to enhance his play? 2. What parts of the players game need most improvement? 3. What type of numbers do you think this player can put up this upcoming season? 4. And any other player related info, stats, videos, etc to enhance discussion.
  9. This has the title anyways to be an entertaining thread. Inspired by This Blog by Down Goes Brown .

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