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Found 11 results

  1. THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 64 Domination, Destiny, and the Stanley Cup Playoffs The Conference Finals stage of the Stanley Cup Playoffs is in full swing and I am not going to lie, it has lacked excitement…This show will not lack excitement. Brad Burud and Blake Friars breakdown both the Eastern and Western Conference Finals. They talk Courture, Jones, Hamilton, and Marchand. Then they roll into some hockey headlines. Tavares at Worlds, Kessler, Lucic and the new Seattle franchise are all on the docket. We wrap with another entertaining edition of three questions. Don’t worry, we will do our best to be more exciting than the Eastern Conference Finals. (unless your a B’s fan). PODCAST
  2. The Instigator |Episode 30 Welcome to Playoff Hockey: Johnny Gaudreau Welcome to playoff hockey Johnny Gaudreau…. Gaudreau has been a complete no show for the Calgary Flames this playoff season….why is this? What do we expect from him? With the Flames on the brink of elimination. Flames fans expect a hell of a lot more than they are getting. Brad Burud of Inside Edge Hockey News expresses his frustration in the play of Gaudreau. Although the Flames disappointment is not solely his fault , but if he is truly the driving force of this team - he probably should be leading by example. The Flames are done and it looks like Johnny Hockey will have a lot of explaining to do and how will this effect next years playoff expectations. This performance will be a hard one to forget…actions speak louder than words. PODCAST
  3. THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 60 Surprise 2-0 Leads and Cheap Shots It is Stanley Cup Playoff time. Brad Burud of Inside Edge Hockey News and Blake Friars are fired up. The playoffs have had it all…overtimes, surprise 2-0 leads, amazing saves and great action. It is also getting a little feisty and cheap. Have you been watching the Toronto/Boston series? Brad and Blake breakdown each of the series. Talk about surprises, trends and let you know how their predictions are looking thus far. Then its on to happenings around the league. Buffalo has a help wanted sign hanging up for a coach. Is Todd McLellan the next head coach in Los Angeles? Will Joel Quenneville save the franchise in Florida? And how will New Jersey handle the first overall draft pick they won at the NHL Draft Lottery? PODCAST
  4. The Instigator |Episode 29 Why is the Playoff Format Broken? Why is the current system a problem. Looks like the league and players do not feel that way. The NHL and NHLPA announced yesterday to extend the current system through next season. I am shocked that this is a hot topic this year. I don’t remember it being an issue last year. The current system is built because we have divisions. The object is to win your division. That is were teams rivals are.. Naysayers argue that playoffs build rivalries. Yes I agree but playing teams in close proximities cultivate rivalries and make the regular season more exciting. PODCAST
  5. THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 58 Trending Playoff Teams and Unemployed come Sunday Everyone is getting very excited for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Brad Burud and Blake Friars discuss what teams are hot heading into the playoffs and what teams are cold heading in. Everyone wants to be peaking, but some teams are sputtering down the stretch. With Saturday being the final day of the regular season, will any coaches or general mangers hit the unemployment lines. Lots of coaching changes this season and I have a gut feeling they are not done. Blake and Brad tell you who will be sent packing. Then we race around the league and talk about the surge in Carolina, Lucic for Kovalchuk, Luongo, Markstrom, Bobrovsky and the CODE. Oh and of course three questions. Enjoy, and make sure you follow us on Twitter @DebateHockey. PODCAST
  6. THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 56 Playoff Format and Playoff Ready Goalies It is very close to the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Brad Burud and Blake Friars talk playoff format. Should it be 1-8 in the conference? Should it be choose your opponent? or Should it stay as is? They definitely have their opinions on this one. Then it is time to argue what goalies are playoff ready. In a year in which goalies have struggled the list is a little shorter than usual. Who is primed for a big playoff run? The wild card spots are up for grabs with 10 games remaining. Brad and Blake will tell you who will fill those spots. PODCAST
  7. The Instigator |Episode 13 High Scoring = Boring Hockey The Stanley Cup Playoffs are off and running and goal scoring is at break neck pace. Is this good for the game? Does it make for more exciting games? Or does it make for really, really boring hockey? Fans have been screaming for more goals for years and years. Well you got that in round one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and it just happened to be the worst first round for entertainment in years. PODCAST
  8. THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 24 Stanley Cup Incidents and 2-0 Series Leads Debate 1 |Stanley Cup incidents – We review five incidents that took place in week one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs Debate 2 |Eastern Conference Series Recap Debate 3 |Western Conference Series Recap Brad Burud and Blake Friars are all fired up about week one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. They review five questionable incidents, a few of which resulted in suspensions. They also run down each first round series and breakdown who has been good and who has not been good. They also discuss the amount of series that got off to a 2-0 start. PODCAST
  9. THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 23 2018 Stanley Cup Preview and Predictions Debate 1 |2017-2018 Regular Season Prediction Recap Debate 2 |2018 Western Conference Stanley Cup Playoff Preview/Predictions Debate 3 |2018 Eastern Conference Stanley Cup Playoff Preview/Predictions Brad Burud and Blake Friars are pumped and ready to get the Stanley Cup Playoffs underway. First off we review the NHL regular season and discuss our predictions from opening night. We nailed some and we look like fools on some other picks. Then we dive into the Western Conference and Eastern Conference Stanley Cup Playoff matchups. We breakdown and argue each matchup, and most importantly tell you who will win and why. PODCAST - LISTEN
  10. 2016 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs – Round 2 Predictions The Stanley Cup Playoffs now move into round two. The first round was filled with surprises, and to be honest with you my predictions on this round were quite embarrassing. In a league where anything can happen, the first round sure proved that. Another factor is the leagues equal balance. It was evident in the first round where many of the series had no clear favorites. I don’t think the second round will be any easier to predict, but I will give it a shot. Eastern Conference Tampa Bay Lightning (2) verses New York Islanders (WC1) Tampa returns to their second straight season of advancing to the second round. The Lightning is a team that is currently facing adversity. With superstar Steven Stamkos out with an injury, it is up in the air how far the Lightning can keep this going. Young stars such as Tyler Johnson stepped up their play in the first round and the result was a convincing win over the Detroit Red Wings. The New York Islanders grinded and fought their way to a six game victory over the young Florida Panthers. John Tavares completely dominated the series. The goaltending by Thomas Greiss was also very impressive. The play of Tavares must be off the charts for the Islanders to beat the Lightning. On the other hand the Lightning must have exceptional play from goaltender Ben Bishop to continue their playoff run. My Pick: New York Islanders in 7. Washington Capitals (1) versus Pittsburgh Penguins (2) Pittsburgh made short business of the New York Rangers knocking them out in just five games. The Washington Capitals bolted out to a 3-0 lead on the Philadelphia Flyers, and had to fight to win the series in six games. Washington was scoring in bunches to start the series, but in games 4-6 the scoring dried up. For the Capitals to be successful against Pittsburgh they must regain their scoring touch, and depend on goaltender Braden Holtby to come up big. The Penguins just have to keep the scoring train moving full steam. The Penguins scored 4+ goals in three of the five games in the first round. This was a killer for the Rangers, and help inexperienced Penguins goaltending survive the first round. Pittsburgh must continue this scoring in round 2, and the goaltending of Matt Murray must be strong. No sign of injured goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury returning in the near future. My Pick: Pittsburgh Penguins in 6. Western Conference Dallas Stars (1) verses St. Louis Blues (2) The St. Louis Blues have climbed the mountain. They knocked off the defending champion Chicago Blackhawks in a hard fought seven game series. Emotions and confidence is high in St. Louis. The Blues must maintain their balanced scoring, and steady goaltending to advance to the Conference Finals. The Dallas Stars rolled over the Minnesota Wild (minus the late surge by the Wild in Game 6). There are two major hurdles that the Stars must overcome. Goaltending has not been excellent, and it will have to be to get past the high-powered Blues. The second question mark is the health of forward Tyler Seguin. It is undetermined how long he will be out with a lower body injury, but without his help the mountain to climb will be very difficult. My Pick: St. Louis Blues in 5. San Jose Sharks (3) verses Nashville Predators (WC1) The San Jose Sharks had a very solid first round victory over the Los Angeles Kings in five games. Goal scoring was up for the Sharks, and goaltending by Martin Jones was good. Jones must continue his solid play, and the Sharks must pressure the defensive minded Predators. Net front traffic is critical to the second round success of the Sharks. The Nashville Predators knocked off the favorite Anaheim Ducks in seven games. The Predators do not score a lot of goals, but they find a way to grind out the one-goal victories. They play a very work-man like style. They don’t come at your with a lot of superstars, but they work their way to success. Goaltender Pekka Rinne must be on top of his game against the Sharks. My Pick: Nashville Predators in 7. INSIDE EDGE HOCKEY NEWS * Photo Credit : USAToday Sports Images
  11. Playoff Pool Party Crashers With the first round starting to draw to a close many fantasy hockey owners are starting to get a feel for how their Stanley Cup Playoff Pool will shake-out. Every year in the first round there is a group of players that has fantasy owners shaking their head, and wondering where that player came from. This year is similar to past years when looking at the playoff statistical leaderboard. There is a few guys that you did not expect to see. Here is a rundown of each positional playoff pool party crasher. Center: Tyler Johnson – Tampa Bay Lightning Having Tyler Johnson on the playoff point’s leaderboard is really not a surprise, but this year he was a bit of a forgotten soldier. In the regular season he posted 14 goals, 24 assists, for 38 points. Not too bad, but he had a little bit of an injury plagued season in which he only played 35 games. He was a bit of a question mark coming into the playoffs because of a upper body injury. Since day one of the playoffs he has been producing. He has 2 goals, 5 assists for 7 points in just 4 playoff games. Very impressive. If he stays healthy he will continue to be a force to be reckoned with. Right Wing: Reilly Smith – Florida Panthers Okay no one saw this coming. We all knew that Smith was a serviceable NHL forward that could put up points, but the impact that he has had so far is shocking to say the least. In the regular season Smith posted an impressive 25 goals, 25 assists for 50 points in 82 games played. Thus far in the playoffs Smith has 4 goals, 4 assists for 8 points in 4 games. No one expected him to be a two point a game player. Will he be able to keep up this pace? Left Wing: Jonathan Drouin – Tampa Bay Lightning Drama pretty much sums up the regular season for Drouin and the Lightning. After being unhappy about his playing time he demanded a trade, and his wish was not granted. He eventually reported to the AHL, and now (after mending fences) finds himself in the Lightning lineup. He not only is part of the lineup, he has been playing a intrical role in the Lightning’s success. In five playoff games Drouin has managed 4 key assists. This is not an earth shattering stat, but is when you think about the uncertainty that he would even play. If his ice time stays up, so will his points. Defense: Dmitry Kulikov – Florida Panthers Well this is a head shaker. Kulikov had just 1 goal, 16 assists for 17 total points in 74 regular season games this season. This year in the playoffs he has 1 goal, 3 assists for 4 points in 4 games. That is a point a game pace for a defenseman that has never been thought of as an offensive threat. His ice time will continue to be good, and if Florida keeps up this offensive pace so will Kulikov. Goalie: Frederik Andersen – Anaheim Ducks The Ducks struggled out of the playoff gate with John Gibson between the pipes. The reigns have now been handed over to Andersen, and he has been amazing. He has allowed only one goal on 58 shots in the two games he has played. He has one shutout and has astronomical stats. A 0.50 goals against average, and a .983 save percentage. Now we all know he will not be able to keep up this pace, but his performance has been a huge surprise since he was not even the playoff starter in Anaheim. He has been a key reason the Ducks have been able to draw even in their series with Nashville. INSIDE EDGE HOCKEY NEWS * Photo Credit - USAToday Sports Images

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