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Hitting, Kids, Hockey and Academics

Guest Podein25

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Un****ing real.

I'm watching the local news and they are interviewing a local researcher (PhD in something - I have to check exact credentials, don't think it was an MD) on "checking" (hitting) in hockey and concussions (all part of the Sid Circle Jerk) and she says that she is against hitting in hockey (she would abolish to age 16).

First, she uses the word "checking" synonymously with "hitting" which is just imprecise. Checking means separating a player from the puck, but you don't need to hit someone to do that (although it is more fun). If you want to use it you have to say "bodychecking," the short version of which is "hitting" in the world that I live in. Guh!

Secondly, when asked how players were expected to learn how to hit, if it wasn't legal, the best she could do was to say something like: "we need to find the best way to do that." Oblivious to the fact that an actual game of hockey is the best and the only place to learn how to give and take a "bodycheck."

I need a drink.

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Goddam news people are always interviewing some phoney who's an "expert". The "expert" usually has a book that they trying to sell. The book is about something that the "expert" spent a couple of hours googing.

You and I have witnessed the same things. Almost all of the serious injuries in hockey (as in everything else), are accidents. Teammates colliding, skate cuts, falling into the boards, doors open, posts, et alia.

God save us from do-gooders and "experts".

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