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Game 51: Devils at Flyers; 5/1/21 @ 7, NBCSP

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7 hours ago, Howie58 said:

That said, I think a slow start next year will cost AV his job--and perhaps that of CF as well.  


I look forward to the Titanic Deck Chair Rearrangers "fixing" the problem.


Wait, no I don't...

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I power washed my deck instead of watching this team go through the motions. It looks awesome. I highly recommend the SunJoe®  2599. It's electric- puts out 2080psi which is enough for around the house, comes with some useful attachments. doesn't break the bank either. 


The rest of this year...IDGAF. Win them all lose them all- doesn't matter.

This season has been a surprising let down. 

"On paper" strengths never materialized, guys expected to step forward didn't. It's been a difficult year to be a fan.

I'm hoping this can be viewed  as adversity overcome for some of the young guys in their careers. 

The teams in the Flyers division are all full of young exciting players, we're excited about a guy that doesn't quit.

So the outlook feels really bleak.


At least there is the Sixers, they're fun. They may not always win but they are always entertaining. 


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21 hours ago, GratefulFlyers said:


I hope not and I don't think he will unless something behind-the-scenes convinces the suits this was his fault somehow.


Frankly I don't think it was anyone's fault, individually or collectively. I said before it's Because Covid and I think that explains a lot. It does not however explain the Flyers' goal differential this year, which is MINUS 42. WTF is all I got on that.


Rad and others have complained about the leadership group. Their points are valid, not just imho but clearly and plainly valid. For a decade they've been alternating by year, Make / Miss the POs. They haven't found ways to build on success. Some of that is on the GM(s) poor decisions, some is on the coaching. But the players who've been around since this Make/Miss started have to take responsibility for too. Not sole responsibility but a good chunk of it.


It seems to me there's a huge hole in the personality of a team that swears it's a Stanley Cup contender but never makes it out of the 1st round. Once in 9 years is the punchline to a joke, nothing more. Good teams, Cup-winning teams have a will to win. Maybe it's a hate to lose mentality. Whatever, I can't describe it very well but it's like porn, when you see it you know it. Whatever it is the Flyers sure don't have it.



They suck because of covid?


Can you explain this? Because the rest of your post goes on the give examples of why they suck, and none of it is covid



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1 hour ago, mojo1917 said:

The teams in the Flyers division are all full of young exciting players


And who seem better than them now as obvious once you glance at the standings...well ok NJD are below them however the Flyers can't beat them.


All i know is Chuckles really has his work cut out for him this offseason and that makes me nervous.

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