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ASG Rosters

Guest Digityman

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Blue -

Forwards - Lupul, Datsyuk, Malkin, Hossa, Perry, Kessel, Kane, Iginla, Gaborik, Eberle, Seguin, Benn

Dmen - Chara, Timonen, Suter, Campbell, Phaneuf, Wideman,

Goalie - Thomas, Price, Howard


Forwards - Alfredsson, Spezza, Giroux, Stamkos, D Sedin, Michalek, H Sedin, Neal, Tavares, Hartnell, Pominville, Couture

Dmen - Karlsson, Letang, Weber, Girardi, Yandle, Elder

Goalie - Lundqvist, Quick, Elliott

Advantage -

Forwards - Red

Dmen - Blue

Goalies - Toss up.

Hartnell makes the difference.

I say 250 on Red.

Don't forget to place your picks ---> http://www.hockeyfor...o=matchups&id=2

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The Ottawa fans really made that draft entertaining last night. The constant harassment of Lupul/Leafs was excellent. After the new trade rule was announced a fan yells "trade Lupul!". The booing every time Lupul spoke and the "Leafs suck" chants. Watching Lupul's skin crawl every time he was booed. Also when Coture was given the giant key for his car before James Duthie could finish his sentence a fan yells "it's the key to Kessel's car". My favorite though was near the end when someone yelled "Where's Ovechkin?!"

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I wonder if Timonen will be a defensive pair with Suter?

   “We’ll see how it goes,” Flyers defenseman Kimmo Timonen, a former Predator, said after Thursday’s all-star draft.  “If we can get any of those two guys, perfect…..To be honest, if they want to win in Nashville, they have to keep those two guys.”

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