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2021 Round 2 Quarter Finals : Montreal Canadiens vs Winnipeg Jets (MTL Wins 4-0)

Who Really Claims the Title of Canada's Team?  

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  1. 1. Who Really Claims the Title of Canada's Team?

    • Habs With the Upset Sweep Special in 4
    • Habs Ask No Quarter and Give None in 5
    • Habs Take a Tough Competitive Series in 6
    • Habs Break the Hearts of Jets Fans As Well in 7
    • Jets Just Too Fast for MTL in 4
    • Jets Take This Canada's Team Title Seriously, Win in 5
    • Jets Match Wits (and Hits) with MTL...Skate Away in 6
    • Jets Get Pushed, But Les Habitans Cinderella Turns Back Into a Pumpkin in 7

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My first reaction also was: good hit. But it's no longer the case. That ship has sailed.   It's almost certainly charging. And if it is charging, it's a penalty, which means it is an infraction that resulted in an injury. That's always been an issue in hockey.   But more importantly, the charging is irrelevant. Because at some point in his path, even near the end of his path (which, let's be honest was probably 100 feet or more) Sheifele has occasion to see his target. And he

I respectfully disagree.  If charging is call (and it was), how can future players in a puck race defend against a player trying to score on a wraparound?   Watch it in real speed and throw out the freeze frames and slo-mo's.  If Scheifele is there 3/10's of a second earlier, he prevents the goal.  He's travelling at about 30 km/hr in a straight line to stop the goal (either by playing the body or the puck) and realizes with less than half a second before impact that he's too late.  Th

Folks, this IS the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  Some of these players may never get a chance at the Cup again.  Scheifele was in a no win situation.  If he checks up, he is acussed of not giving an effort to prevent the goal.  If he plays as he should and give everything he has and makes contact, he is called a dirty player. As for retribution, Weber was on the ice and made no honest effort to get involved.  Some pushing and shoving, more trash talking than anything else while the zebras were in

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6 hours ago, Brewin Flames said:



Just you wait...mine will be 18 in 2 weeks, just graduated, and off to college in august, leaving home for the first time on her own....got pride and yet so much fear for her.


The things you know about what teenagers tell you...make you really wonder about the things they don't. People suck.


I don't even want to think about it....man times flies like nothing i have ever seen when you make a person and watch them grow before your eyes.



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On 6/8/2021 at 3:44 AM, lynxrattle said:

We'll find out what the Habs are about very soon. I'd expect them to be crushed by the Avs/VGK with no problems at all. Maybe I'm right the third time, but I don't want to be right. I like the Habs keeping on proving everybody wrong 😁

I know you don't want to be right the 3rd time, but in general, Hockey Gods like number 3. Maybe they will be right again - it does not matter for them Fleury or Grubauer, because Price could be better? 😁. It seems Habs are our Stanley Cup surprise this season already; they won in 7 games 1st round after losing 1-3 series; and they also won 4-0 series during a 2nd round. 

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