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Who will the Wings lose in the draft?

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Expansion draft coming up, figured I would look at the Wings roster and see who we are most likely to lose to the Kraken.


First we have a lot of young kids who are exempt, Zadina, Seider, Veleno and a bunch of talented kids mostly playing in Europe are exempt, we dont have to protect them. They are safe.


Defense we have no brainer in Hronek, Cholowski is a young talented player who has bombed so far but needs to be protected. Stecher is a near no brainer based of a damn solid year last season. In net with Bernier an UFA you have to keep Greiss


  Forwards have Larkin, Bertuzzi, Rassmussen, Fabbri and Vrana as no brainers, leaving two slots to go to two of the below:


Givani smith 

Adam Erne




  I think Svechnikov is safe to consider a bust, we even waived him back and forth to Grand Rapids a few times last year and nobody claimed him. He did play ok with th Wings but I think we expose him. It comes to the other three, I think Erne and Smith being a bit younger makes them definitely ahead of Namestnikov who will be exposed, I would love to see him back but not at theexpense of the other two. 


  So that means players we would leave exposed:


Dekeyser- unlikely to be taken at 5 million for next year

Namestnikov Solid third liner

Lindstrom who is a servicable 6/7 defenseman

Svechnikov former first rounder not yet established

frans Nielsen. Yeah. right.

Panik. Unlikely to be taken but usable third liner who can play up a line in a pinch

Pickard. a meh third goalie, AHL cannon fodder


  Thats it. 


Odds are it will be one of either Lindstrom or Namestnikov, neither of which will set us back any. Unless a trade is made where we give them a pick to take Pickard or Panik or somerthing along those lines.


 A quick aside, anyone remember who the Wings lost to the Knights? Tomas Nosek, who has been a servicable bottom six forward playing all three forward positions, a quietly solid draft pick for the Knights who had the greatest expansion draft of any team in any sport ever. Another quick aside, as a rule when they joined the league four years ago, the Knights do not have to lose a single player in this draft. 

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