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Ottawa Senators hire broadcaster Pierre McGuire as senior VP of player development

8:21 AM ET
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    Greg WyshynskiESPN

Pierre McGuire has gone from "Inside the Glass" to inside the Ottawa Senators' front office.


The Senators announced early Monday that McGuire, 59, has been hired as a senior vice president of player development. The former NBC hockey analyst, whose run with the network ended this month after 15 years, will work closely with general manager Pierre Dorion and team owner Eugene Melnyk.


"On behalf of the entire Senators organization, I would like to welcome Pierre McGuire back to Ottawa," Melnyk said in a statement. "We are excited to add Pierre to our hockey management group. His experience will be instrumental as we continue to build an elite team. Pierre's knowledge of the game and its players is highly regarded and I am confident that he will positively assist our team as it progresses to the next level."


McGuire started in the NHL as a scout with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1990 and was an assistant coach in 1991-92 under Scotty Bowman when the Penguins won the Stanley Cup.


McGuire moved over to the Hartford Whalers as an assistant coach, eventually adding assistant GM and head coaching duties to his résumé, leading the Hartford bench for the 1993-94 season (23-37-7) as the youngest head coach in the league at 32.


After that stint in Hartford, he was a scout for the Senators, briefly serving as assistant head coach in 1995-96.


McGuire is best known for his work as a TV hockey analyst, first with TSN in Canada and then with NBC when the network acquired the NHL's U.S. broadcasting rights deal in 2005-06. His extensive knowledge of players' biographies and career trivia, and how often he'd tap into it during gameplay, made him both popular and infamous among viewers.


He was also a pioneer in NBC's "Inside the Glass" color commentary model, as NBC built a glass box between the benches to allow its analysts to have an ice-level view of the action and better access to coaches and players.


While working for NBC, McGuire sought to become a general manager in the NHL. He interviewed with the Montreal Canadiens, Penguins, Minnesota Wild and Tampa Bay Lightning for their vacancies, among others. McGuire was rumored as a contender for the Senators' GM job back in 2011.

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1 hour ago, Brewin Flames said:

Pierre McGuire has gone from "Inside the Glass" to inside the Ottawa Senators' front office.



I guess we'll be hearing this afternoon they have traded for his boyfriend Cindy Crosby.



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For all the "Regis" jokes we hear and make (hey, I like a good "Kristofer Pierre Irwin Letang" meme as much as the next person :bigteeth: ), for all the fun we made about his gross man crushes on anything Pittsburgh, he now gets the chance to prove that he really DOES know players and hockey beyond what high school they went to..........and can put that knowledge to real use.

The Ottawa Senators seem poised to begin a journey to where they will soon be an NHL powerhouse given the talent that is there and McGuire has the opportunity to help steer ownership and GM Dorian on the right path to long term success.

If seemingly talented players start flopping in Ottawa, or get moved and consistently do better elsewhere, then I suppose the Pierre jokes can continue.
But if the Sens start pumping out NHL caliber player after NHL caliber player, then begin to look the part of the serious contender, year in, year out, then I gotta believe Mr. McGuire had LOTS to do with it as well and props, like it or not, are gonna have to be given.

Given that the entire Atlantic Division, and by extension, the entire Eastern Conference, looks to be loaded with really good teams over the next several seasons, having the Senators be at the top of that heap would be a real accomplishment for Pierre and all involved in Ottawa.

Something to keep an eye on.

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7 minutes ago, TropicalFruitGirl26 said:

for all the fun we made about his gross man crushes on anything Pittsburgh


I haven't the foggiest clue what you are talking about but that would be just plain wrong...



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you try typing with surgical gloves on!!!!
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4 hours ago, flyercanuck said:

Like the players in Ottawa haven't been made to feel uncomfortable enough by the owner....



Stories of Artem Alekseevich Anisimov, Yevgeny Anatolyevich Dadonov, Braeden "Brady" Tkachuk, or Ryan Michael Dzingel don't intrigue you???  :ph34r:

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