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Negotiations between Gabriel Landeskog and the Avalanche begin to get contentious

Tom Hunter  7 hrs ago

When the most recent NHL season came to an end, most fans of the Colorado Avalanche believed that it would only be a matter of time before a new contract was announced for the team’s captain.


Now less than two weeks before free agency is set to open, reports are starting to emerge that Gabriel Landeskog could be heading to the open market.


Wednesday morning, reports started to emerge that the negotiations between the Avalanche and the 28-year old forward had not been going well.


As the day went on, more and more news broke – including quotes from the player himself – that the two sides were very far apart in their expectations for a new deal.


“I can’t help but be honest with you that I’m a little bit disappointed that it’s gotten this far and it’s had to come to this point,” Landeskog said.


“We’ll see what happens, I’m still hopeful that we can agree on something and come to terms, but if it was up to me, I would have liked it to be done eight months ago, 10 months ago.”


This came on the heels of Darren Dreger - among other insiders - reporting that the two sides “aren’t close” to a new contract and that the negotiations are heading down a tough road.


With all of this coming out in the same day, it becomes quite apparent that Landeskog’s agent is trying to negotiate through the media.


Peter Wallen represents the handsome Swede and the way all these “reports” are being framed speaks to an agent who is trying to push for a resolution sooner rather than later.


If Landeskog does end up going to the open market, several teams are expected to make a push for the veteran winger.


The St. Louis Blues, Toronto Maple Leafs, Seattle Kraken, Los Angeles Kings and Philadelphia Flyers, among others have all been reported as having interest in Landeskog.


One wrinkle in these negotiations is that the Avalanche will need to make a decision as to whether of not they should put Landeksog on their protection list for the upcoming expansion draft.


Those lists need to be submitted by the weekend and if the Avs leave their captain exposed, Seattle will have a extra week to negotiate with the pending UFA.


If the Avalanche are unable to re-sign Landeskog, it would create a huge hole with the team. Not only on the ice but in the dressing room and in the hearts of fans. Landy is one of the most beloved members of the team and does a ton of incredible work in the community.

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20 hours ago, Brewin Flames said:

If the Avalanche are unable to re-sign Landeskog, it would create a huge hole with the team.


I just suggested that Chuckles should offer JVR in a trade for his rights and then the Avs could plug him into his second line spot.


I know JVR isn't the same type of forward as GL but his production isn't to far off and the Avs get a foward signed for only 500K more than Landeskog was making for two more years.


Not sure if Joe would be into that. But 7 mill for a 50-60 point forward isn't that bad a a solid stop gap so they can sign their other guys.

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55 minutes ago, Stephen said:

With EBERLE taken by the kraken and more cap space freed up,the islanders will offer and sign  landeskog 7-8 mil for 5-6 years ..

I have heard the Isles are going after him…The Flyers are stuck with immovable stiffs like Jake and everyone in the division is improving… I hope we can do something.

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