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NHL needs to find way to bring in more fans

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10 hours ago, TropicalFruitGirl26 said:

As for the NHL bringing in new fans, well, of COURSE they need to find ways to do that.
That is a never ending process. You always want new blood in even if you already have an established and hardcore fanbase.


Right, the point of the league being more popular and more valuable than ever is that they are doing that. And to your other point - you're absolutely right that "more fighting" wouldn't bring in more new fans. Winning does.


Did anybody think that Tampa would be a top 5 hockey market? It was last season. They haven't been out of the top 10 in 10 years.


Vegas would be, but their arena isn't big enough. They have 100+% sellouts since they were established.

People ridiculed the North Stars moving to Dallas at the time. Dallas routinely sells 95%+ of capacity. Nashville has 100%+ sellouts the last three years.


Vegas. Tampa. Dallas. Nashville.


For all the whining about how the league is "watered down" there are far more people across the States watching hockey now then there ever has been.

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2 hours ago, Hockey Junkie said:

Apples and oranges pal.  


Especially if I meant AFTER Dallas.

Then, it's applesauce and oranges.

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On 8/19/2021 at 7:01 AM, ruxpin said:

I actually don't pile on your team.


Reporting on a fire isn't lighting the match, it's just telling it like it is...at least from my perspective. I do the same with the Flyers (which means I'm not often very positive about them).


Seriously, I come at the Sabres somewhat sympathetically because I think their fans deserve better than the garbage they've been force fed the past 10-14 years or so.   I don't quite lump Philly fans that way.  You go on Facebook or Twitter and way too many Philly fans (whether Flyers or Eagles) are way too blindly rah rah.  I guess maybe that's the same way elsewhere, but those fans deserve to keep drinking the sand.


The honest to God truth is that the Pegulas are terrible hockey owners.   Maybe they do well elsewhere (clearly, they do), but they are simply terrible at hockey. I think you have to cheer for them to be sold.


But the Flyers are in a similar spot.  Obviously, Comcast knows how to make money (though it's astounding how poorly their company is run), but the people running the Flyers are also simply terrible at hockey. 


I'm not the one beating up on the Sabres. Seriously, that's their own players doing that.   When nearly everyone on the team is running for the exits (O'Reilly, Risto, Reinhart, Eichel, etc) there is something horrifically wrong. I honestly wish it weren't so. I've said a million times their fans deserve better.  But facts are facts. Vive le révolution!

I have no problem with you Rux.  You are one of my favorite members here.    Actually I think Adams deserves more criticism than the Pegulas. They basically saved both franchises financially so we have to thank them for that.  The Bills are where they are because of their deep pockets.  The Sabres will get better.  Hell, they have more draft picks than I can count coming up.  3 number ones next year.  But if they handle the Eichel deal right, they could improve immediately.  But I am not sure what Adams is going to do. if he mess's this up they need him gone. And now not later. I am still for keeping him.  I do not see any fair return.  The Reinhart deal scares me because Florida won that one. I have to go read these other 6 notifications and see what is in store for me.  later

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