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2022 Winter Classic jersey unveiled

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There is a lot I like about this uniform.

The color scheme is not always great. The green, red and white is an easy combo to **** up.

These sweaters need the white stroke around the stripes or this would be a full on hot mess.

The old timey looking gloves and breezers look good with this too. 

I really like the Wild's 3rd sweater with the Green and cream, that has a retro feel already. It seems like the existence of that required these to go full 1930s.

I really like the MPLS StPaul and the state in the center of the logo, that looks super retro and very cool.

I don't like the font weight of the C on the sweater why is that not the same as the MPLS ? 

This is eating whole poop sandwich, they went full retro and I think this result is pretty cool. 

If all I can hate on is an inconsistent font weight on a minor embellishment, that's pretty good imo. 





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2 hours ago, Puck_Pun said:

Ehh, it's OK, not a fan of the white stripes


The white stripes  -- particularly the one high on the chest -- are WAY too much.   The whole thing looks like project time at the Helen Keller Institute (NTTAWWT) but removing that white line high on the chest and one of them on the arms and it's probably okay.   It's just way too busy.   A dog got into a clothes closet and 4 different socks, 2 shirts and bermuda shorts stuck to him.

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Another boring ugly Christmas Sweater.  Glad its a one-off.  The patches on the elbows are pretty ugly.  If they removed the stupid top stripe because fans hated it, they should get rid of those yellow elbow patches too.  I will gladly not buy one of those sweaters.  It would be so much better if this team had simply used the Retro Reverse jerseys from last year.  IMO, those jerseys were way undercapitalized.  

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I didn't even noticed the elbow patches. Let's declare officially a 'fail': too busy and christmasy. And the fact to have leather-brown pants and gloves just to make it look old is dumb. Anyone mixing green with red should be sued and sent in jail.



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