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Flyers 2021-22 Phantoms/Prospects info

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Or a mod can we unpin the old one and pin this new ones thanks.


Time for a new thread turn the page time.





I am expecting a good year from Lappy and the Phantoms.


He is getting a very well stocked team.


As we sit.


Cates - Lacyznski - Allison

Ratcliffe - Rubtsov - Tuomaala

Sandin - Willman - Sushko

Fitzgerald - Mayhew - Lycksell



York - Wylie

Zamula - Millman

Hogberg - Clendening







Man that is a very stacked team i think.


Ersson could start in the ECHL and i expect Sandstrom to prove he is ready for a look in the NHL by next season.


No reason for Lappy not to back a solid playoff run with this roster. Anything less is a major disappointment in my eyes.


Lehigh Valley Phantoms Hockey | Allentown, PA 18101


And before some one chimes back about some of this guy like Allison down here hey i am just going on what i see looking at where the contracts are is all. Someone line Brassard or Thompson or even both could be Phantoms for all i know not claiming anything just laying it out how it looks now guessing.


Guys like Foerster and Wisdom should be back in juniors.


And Samu may be advised to stay in the SHL for another season. But i am good with him coming over and getting a head start at least in juniors if not the AHL.


Any way feel free to let me know something or someone i forgot.






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2 hours ago, OccamsRazor said:

I see we have a chirper on our hands. And he has skill to back it.



Or let's hope.

Yeah … pretty cool.  I posted this in the other thread.


thanks  for starting new topic.


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2 hours ago, OccamsRazor said:

Or a mod can we unpin the old one and pin this new ones thanks.

Ask and you shall receive 😉

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8 hours ago, jammer2 said:

I think Errson steals the top job on the Phantoms. 


He will in time but i think he starts with the ECHL club till a spot presents it's self or someone gets injured or called up.


He needs time to adjust to the smaller ice and it will give time for the guys ahead of him play vs the AHL talent and i think it straightens itself out by the following year.


I think Sandstrom backs up Carter Hart for 2022-23 on a very team friendly deal and then by then you have Ustinmenko and Ersson battling for the starter spot with LV.


And i think by then the Flyers could decide to sign Fedotov and finally bring him over from the KHL to start his transition to the NA size ice he will be turning 25 come November if not now then when?


I have to say the Flyers are very very stacked in the crease one of these guys needs to pan out.


Sad part there is only one net so some of these might be flipped for assets since there isn't very much room and can't keep em all.

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I sure hope they can salvage German Rubtsov's career sounds like this kid has just had some very bad injury luck. I'm not sure how true this is but sounds like he had a serious injury.


Brent Flahr on German R-

Yeah, well, he couldn’t even hold onto his stick or shoot (the puck), so that was the other problem. They came over and they just thought it was a sprain, and he dislocated it — ligaments weren’t even attached to his wrist. But everything’s good to go here now.


If he can get going maybe he still has time to steal a spot but time is running out and guys are gaining on him and there are not but one or two spots up for grabs.


Kid was always suppose to be a sound 200 foot guy but he just hasn't put it together on the ice.


In fact he is already a bust until he proves otherwise he turned 23 this past summer and i'm not sure how much time they give him but he has some stiff competition for sure.


Flyers finally gave up on Pascal Laberge and moved on will they do the same to this kid soon?



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