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The Sabres Should Retire Ryan Miller's Jersey Number

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  • TropicalFruitGirl26 changed the title to The Sabres Should Retire Ryan Miller's Jersey Number

I suppose if Miller and the team maintained a good relationship (at least non adversarial), I can see cause to retire Miller's #30.

Dell is wearing it because it ISN'T retired...and he wore that same number in San Jose.... he couldn't wear it while in New Jersey because that one IS retired over there.
You know, some little known guy named Martin Brodeur wore it :shifty: 

Anyways, I can see Dell wanting to keep that number because it is free and it was his as well.

Now if the Sabres want to plan to have the number retired and have Miller come out to the arena for the ceremonies, great, but I would think they'd at least let Dell play out his one year contract.
Sabres are hurtin REAL bad for goaltending and if Dell is a guy who comes out of nowhere and gives them that, the last thing you'd want to do as an organization is have something silly like a number retirement he is wearing to bug him or have the media bug him about it.

Usually teams know right away if they want to retire a number and even if the player in question leaves the organization, due to trade, retirement, whatever, that number is 'set aside'.
Buffalo didn't do that with Miller, even though Miller still does hold many team marks.
Doesn't mean they can't retire it, but honestly, this type of thing shouldn't be brought up now.

Plan it internally if they want, talk with Miller, make future plans for it, fine.
But don't put this in Dell's way who is going to have a HELL of a time keeping pucks out of the net with the shoddy Buffalo defense he will have in front of him as it is!

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I wish Miller would suit up, and retire as a Sabre.  Play one damn game.  Who cares how it turns out.  Let him play one game and retire his number.  And retire him as a Buffalo Sabre.  He is not going to be remembered as a Duck.  No way.   His wife is the reason he never came back I am sure.  Damn bimbo models and the power they weld.  

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