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Opening Night for Sabres tonight

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The Sabres will not face Price tonight. It will likely be an AHL goalie, 3rd in the depth chart after Montreal lost in Toronto in their opener last night 2-1.  So the Sabres one would think might have a slight edge in that department?  They should be able to have some scoring?  I hope.   It will be interesting to see if its sold out?  Being a great hockey town it is.  But, the Eichel thing looms like a black cloud.  The arrogant prick must get the surgery.  One or another. If the Sabres must, let him get the damn disc replacement and be done with it.   Would it be better to lose him?  If the bone fusion did not work out, I believe he could still get the replacement later?  But I do not know what level it is at.

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