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P.K Subban's antics

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. Subban



For the sake of all the players across the NHL, the Devils have to do something about P.K. Subban and his slew footing antics. Slew footing is something that has been an issue for Subban throughout his career but it has been especially bad over the last two months, committing the dangerous action four times in that span. 

The Incidents

This issue started in a preseason game against the New York Rangers on Oct. 6, when Subban swung his leg into the back of Ryan Reaves leg causing him to fall and leave the game with an injury.


The play was debated by fans on Twitter whether it was intentional or not, at the time it could have been up for debate but after the rest of the incidents, it now seems intentional. Subban would not be suspended or fined for the play by Reaves did miss time, albeit it was only the Rangers final preseason game. But still, not a good look for Subban. 


The problem came up again when the Devils played the Calgary Flames on Oct. 26 when Subban took out the leg of Milan Lucic quite clearly, causing Lucic to almost bend his leg the wrong way. Subban was fined this time, but it was basically a slap on the wrist with the fine only being $5,000, when he makes $9 million. 


Only three games later, Subban was at it again when facing the Anaheim Ducks on Nov. 2 when he tripped Trevor Zegras. For a second time, Subban would be fined, this time $15,000 for his slew foot. Again, this was basically a slap on the wrist for Subban


But that wouldn’t be the end of it as his antics happened for a fourth time just a few days ago when the Devils took on the Rangers again on Nov. 14. Subban went to challenge Sammy Blais for the puck and kicked his skate out from under him, causing Blais to fall and bend his knee awkwardly. Blais would leave the game and it was announced that he will be out for the rest of the season with an ACL tear. Subban would not be fined for the play.

What Are The Department of Player Safety And The Devils Doing About This?

Something needs to be done about Subban. This is a very big problem that needs to be dealt with and it seems like the Department of Players Safety wants to, once again, look away and do nothing. Just handing out fines instead of suspending Subban is only making it worse and putting more players in harm’s way of his actions.


Recently, the DoPS has been basically useless, handing out fines for things that should be suspensions and being extremely unclear and inconsistent with fines or suspensions. And the case with Subban is no different. The decision to not suspend him is honestly quite ridiculous.


If Subban does this again, which would be his fifth time this season, the NHL and the DoPS need to seriously suspend Subban before he hurts more people. He should have the book thrown at him because every single one of these slew foots has been a textbook example of Rule 52 in the NHL Rulebook, which is the slew footing rule and it outlines what classifies as a slew foot.


The Devils should also step up and do something about Subban. He is one of the most senior players on the team and for him to be doing this is setting a bad example and hurting the team on the ice. He is causing the team to get into trouble with teams going after him by committing these slew foots. The Devils should do something even though they shouldn’t have to.


They could sit Subban or suspend him themselves, but both of which probably won’t happen. But overall, the Devils should think about what they should do about Subban, especially since he is in a contract year and harming the team overall.

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Meh, not sure why the font is so dim...sorry.


As far as PK goes...he's always had a history of slewfooting, and always seems to make it look like coincidental contact, going all the way back to his montreal days.


But this early in the season, and he's already injured 4 players...that is not coincidence. Sammy Blais getting the worst of it.



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