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Hayes has reinjured his abdominal problem and he’s week to week

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On 11/28/2021 at 1:02 PM, RonJeremy said:


They traded for Fox we got Ristolainen,  


The biggest joke is what they traded for Fox and what good ol' Fletch traded for Ristolainen.

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I think the organization* is still fat and happy and living in the past.   They just put a guy who was a mediocre player, a failed coach, and a failure of a GM into their Hall of Fame.

Fixed it.   No charge.  It's what I do.

That’s true but the Sixers tanked and got top 3 picks for a number of years, they should be alot better but they didn’t draft with a plan the players they picked did not fit together as a unit. The Flyers have to hit rock bottom for a few years for any shot at drafting a superstar or just get plain lucky later in the draft . Unfortunately the times we had a high pick we drafted JVR and Patrick, who is out with an undisclosed injury again. 

18 minutes ago, flyercanuck said:


The biggest joke is what they traded for Fox and what good ol' Fletch traded for Ristolainen.

The Rangers have a history of stealing great defenseman. Remember when they got McDonough and Higgins from Montreal for a washed up overpaid Gomez . Every time we played the Rangers and he was on the ice we could never get near the netpr get a second shot off. We haven't made a great trade since Desjardins and LeClair. 

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