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One of my fondest hockey memories was during the 2015 WJs when Canada beat Slovakia 5-1 in the semis...their goalie Denis Godla kept it from going into double digits. After the game they awarded player of the game for each team, not sure why but they gave it to another Slovak. We all started chanting "Goalie!, Goalie!, Goalie!". One of his teammates skates over and tells him what we're saying, so he raises his stick and we give him a standing ovation. Bet he never forgets that moment, even thoug

You guys are so negative. Kids going to turn out to be a superstar....after Fletcher deals him and our 1st for Neal Broten.

Tournaments cancelled FFS! 

An idiotic horrible decision. If no tests were done the tournament will continue like it was in entire WJC history before when we had flu viral infection. Every team has extra players as always in case of infection or injury. Asymptomatic player will be playing if not tests were done. Symptomatic player will not play and will be taken tylenol or ibuprofen until viral symptoms are gone. All 100%  players for this tournament were vaccinated and also Covid test is positive for Omicron weaker virus as well, because both are corona viral infection. No specific Omicron tests are developed yet. 

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It's either live-with-it as Alexandron wrote or the bubble.


Man, this really sucks. Bedard and Power were already in just a few games doing such exceptional stuff.


Now we'll just have to hope Omicron doesn't wreck the rest of the NHL season as well.

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Damn. So our historic and fantastic 1-0 shoutout win again the USA machine is worthless. That's a bummer.


On a positive note, they were numerous questions marks about the Swiss junior team but with a 1.000 victory pct, no goal allowed and a shooting efficiency of +∞, I guess the future is bright.

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Hearing from Dr. Phil Johnson, Fargo team physician, it was the only logical conclusion. Myacardia concerns with young players, as I understand....appearing on Hockey on Hennessy out of Grand Forks. UND players Tyler Kleven and Jake Sanderson on team. Fighting Hawks exhibition Saturday, Eastern power Cornell next week.

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