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Paul Maurice Resigns as Jets HC

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Paul Maurice resigns as Jets head coach: ‘They need a new voice’

paul maurice resigns
Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images


Paul Maurice has resigned as head coach of the Winnipeg Jets, the team announced on Friday.


The shocking move comes with the team in fifth place in the Central Division with a 13-10-5 record. Heading into Friday’s game against the Capitals the Jets have dropped three of their last four games.


Assistant coach Dave Lowry will take over for the remainder of the season.


The 53-year-old Maurice has coached the Jets since Jan. 2014, leading them to a 315-223-62 record. He has coached the fourth-most games in NHL history (1,684) with four franchises — Winnipeg, Toronto, and Carolina.


Speaking to reporters on Friday, Maurice said he had taken the team as far as he could.


“This is a good team. I’m a good coach, but sometimes when you take over a team and it’s kind of like you’re starting at the bottom of a mountain and you’re pushing a rock to the top you can only get it to a certain place,” he said. “That’s where I feel I’m at.


“I would say I’m better positioned than anyone to know that they need a new voice. They haven’t quit on me. They’re a good bunch of men. My relationship is strong with all of them, and I’m cheering for them. I am. But when you have a 26-year professional hockey coaching career, you know.


They need a new voice. They need somebody to help them get to that next place. It doesn’t need to be more experienced, more talented guy, it needs to be a different voice because it’s the right time for it, and I know that.”


“I think he definitely felt that he couldn’t push the buttons, and we came to an agreement,” said Jets general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff.


Maurice mentioned that the NHL Return to Play bubble playoffs and the 2020-21 season with no fans was the first time he did not enjoy coming to the rink. Those COVID-19 pandemic-related issues plus him questioning if he was the right coach for the job all played into his decision.


“If you lose some of that passion for the game, the love of the game, you can still be good, but you can’t be as good as you should be or could be, and that’s how I feel I am,” he said.

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1 hour ago, J0e Th0rnton said:

lol. Lowry's dad is going to coach? has there even been a father son combo in the NHL in a coaching situation before?

I remember the Howe's of course in Houston and then Hartford but Gordie in spite of having a huge voice in the room was not the coach.

 I cannot remember if Ted Nolan coached Jordan or not, that is the only possibility that comes to mind

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9 hours ago, yave1964 said:

I remember the Howe's of course in Houston and then Hartford but Gordie in spite of having a huge voice in the room was not the coach.

 I cannot remember if Ted Nolan coached Jordan or not, that is the only possibility that comes to mind


Funny enough, Bill Dineen coached the Howes in Houston. He later went on to coach his son Kevin on the Flyers. Only one I know of.

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The Dineeens!!! Damn good, I am so jealous you remembered that one!


Story of old Bill, who was loved and revered throughout the game, he got his nickname 'Foxy' from Gordie Howe when after his rookie year he went and negotiated a 500 dollar raise before his second season with notorious negotiator Jack Adams.  Dineen felt good about it and even boasted about it to Howe who laughed hard and told Dineen that the 500 dollar raise brought him to the league minimum for a second year player, and from that day until he passed Gordie called Dineen Foxy. Read the same story with minor variations in both players bios. The two of them were the best of friends.

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Oddball question



Dont laugh, my initial reaction a year or so ago when I heard Bob McKenzie bring up the possibility was a hard no but his numbers:

24 years coaching in the NHL, 11 with Carolina and 9 with Winnipeg. If he had made it one more year in Manitoba he woulda been the only coach to coach ten years with two different organizations.


6th all time in wins behind Arbour, Bowman, Quenneville, Trotz and Hitchcock

4th all time in games coached


 Here is where the argument falls apart, in spite of coaching more games than all but three players, he has only coached 92 playoff games, good for  32nd all time. He made it to the SCF and lost in 2002, other than that in 24 years his teams only made it out of the first round exactly TWICE. 


 So one of the all time winningest coaches in history, if he lands on his feet he easily could be 3rd or 4th all time within a year or two in total wins and games coached. Does that make him a HOFER or does lack of postseason success kill any chance?


 Personally my opinion is if he lands on his feet with a team that wins a cup, absolutely he gets in. Not winning a cup wont keep guys like Sundin or the Sedins or Jumbo out, but they are judged by a different standard than coaches whose only stat that matters is wins and winning the big one. If nbot, in spite of nearly unparrelelled excellence in the regular season for over two decades he is more of a compiler. 

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25 minutes ago, Icechipper said:

Heard on Fargo-based Around the Rink, Travis Dunn and Scott Taylor reporting James Patrick, University of North Dakota blue line blueblood from Manitoba, now coaching junior, as a future coach solution.

Your top two teams, Jets/Wild same division fairly natural rivalry. How do you deal with having your two favorite teams in the same Division? I am a Wings fan, life long to the days of Marcel Dionne and Danny Grant just baarely past the Gordie Howe era, my wife and youngest daughter are rabid Bluejackets fans which should be a natural rivalry with Michigan/Ohio but somehow it never really developed so when the Wings are not on I root for Columbus and she roots for my Wings when the two dont play. Dont know what I would do if my wife were a Canadien or Lightning fan, lol probably get a new wife

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