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A testimony to the coolness of the Flyers toward their fans

Guest Poulin20

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I have a cool story for you guys. As you well know from me spouting on about it ad nauseum I adore the mid 1980s Flyers. I talk about them on here all the time as they were and always will be "my guys" and my favorite Flyers teams until I see us win a Cup.

I have spoken to several "my guys" by E-mail (including Dave Poulin and Brian Propp) and gotten some cool responses. I also have an on again off again e-mail conversations with the Flyers "Sign Man" Dave Leonardi.

Through all this I have noticed the e-mail is a medium that well known people people seem to be very comfortable chatting with "the public" over so I thought I would use it to ask the Flyers for something cool.

As you also may know I talk alot on here (and at the former Philly.com board) about the first game I went to in 1984 vs Gretz and the Oilers. One game got me completely hooked on hockey and spectator sports in general whereas before I had no interest. That game is special to me and I still think about it alot so I thought I would shoot Flyers Senior VP of Business Operations Shawn Tilger an E-mail asking for a video copy of that game.

Well wouldnt you know it that within 5 mins this guy gets back to me and is really excited about honoring my request. He sent his staff to the Flyers and NHL archives to hunt down this game (I knew the date so that helped). They find it and burn a DVD for me and have it waiting for at the STH table last night. All day he kept e-mailing me at work telling me of their progress and of how they could get it into my hands.

I was really impressed as Tilger could have passed me off to staffers immediatly but insteqd handled it personally and basically told me that because it was important to me it was important to them to make it happen.

As a peasant STH who sits up in the nosebleeds I have been treated like a king by this organization time and time again and continue to be impressed by the coolness they show toward their fans...

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I have a similar story. I took my kids to the Flyers wives carnival back in 2007. At the very end of the broadcast, they showed my older son sitting with Simon Gagne, when he was getting his picture taken. Of course, I didn't see it-since we were at the carnival. I got a ton of calls from friends who where watching it, saying they saw him. I called the PR department the next week and asked if I could purchase a copy of the complete broadcast. They said they wouldn't charge me, but would send a copy in a few days. Sure enough, a few days later I get a letter thanking us for attending the event/supporting the charity..and a copy of the DVD. For nothing.

Stuff like that may happen all the time, but when it happens to you, it certainly goes a long way!!

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