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Hey Leafs fans ..Burke couldn't find a decent center desperate enough to play there so he's going to convert JVR, a 3rd line overweight winger into your #1 center....oh yeah and he's locked up 6 years..enjoy..

Seriously- are they moving JVR to Center?? I believe he did play Center at UNH.

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yeah theres an article on TSN. they want him to be there center..and yes he did play center for UNH and Team USA..

Thanks. I just read the article. I actually don't think that is a bad move. It would never work in Philly because of our depth at centre. But for Toronto? Why not? There is less corner work required by the centre vs. wing and he has the skating ability to cover 200 feet. Plus, Toronto is used to soft centres (Sundin). :-P

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I actually can't wait to watch Couturier win face-offs against JVR. :D

I actually can't wait to watch Couturier play- period. Seriously, Couturier will school JVR at center in everyway imaginable.

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