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Officiating against the Flyers - Bias is evident today

Guest OH1FlyersFan

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This game blows. I'd go ahead and pack it in, and come out swinging in the 2nd and 3rd periods. Why not? They're not calling anything against NJD and they're calling everything against the Flyers. You can't play against both the dumb-ass refs and the Devils. You can't win in this situation. So, take them apart. Make the penalties count for something big. And fire a few pucks at the refs while your at it.

The Flyers played an awesome 3rd period. Bryz looked good. Too bad that team didn't show up in the 1st and 2nd. But even still, take away the goals the refs gave New Jersey on a couple of bogus calls, and the chance for us to go on the powerplay on a couple of missed calls, and there's still a great chance we win this game - despite the fact we only played one period.

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I send Lavvy a couple of bucks for any fine he gets if he just rips then a new one.

There were too many blown calls by the refs, all against the Flyers. Hebert should not be allowed to officiate in the NHL.

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Bak and Idaho,

He just mentioned the amount of time they were on the PK and then how the whistles disappeared in the 3rd when they were being hauled down.

He made some fairly veiled shots that would be obvious to anyone who saw the game.

I don't have a link, I just saw it on the post game on Comcast.

He made his point and was visibly upset, but held back from saying what he really thought. He steered the focus back onto the performance of the team and said that he didn't get a chance to evaluate them because they spent so much time on special teams in the first 2 periods. Then he mentioned how they seemed to stop the whistles when the tide turned in favor of the Flyers.

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