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Giroux ... not the same ...

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Giroux Scores.

The only parallel that exists is that they are both Flyers hockey players that sustained concussions.

Lindros played like a bull in a china shop, hittingfi everything in sight, & fought all the time. Hits by Kaspar, Stevens, et al were deliberately to take him down. He played with a target on his back, & likely had dozens of concussions likely entirely due to his style of play.

Giroux is a finesse player. You almost never see him putting his head recklessly in direct harms way like E did. G has prob had as many fights in his entire career as 88 would in a week.

Calling him the "Next Lindros" is not only erroneous but also extremely short sighted & premature.

Production wise, any player comes off a major injury & can struggle to get back into the rythym they were in prior to the injury - especially when their Hall of Fame line mate has also been injured.

The main thing you seem to be overlooking is that considering G is the 2nd leading scorer in the league, likely every opponent's main focus going into playing the Flyers is to shut down #28 first & foremost. I think that has more than anything to do than anything with the shift in his play / production.

That said - he does seem to be targeted for cheap shots more lately (Volchenkov today), which is concerning for the future. Lavy / the players will need to address this. But I think he's being targeted because he's a big scorer now - not cause everyone hates him for beating the sh!t out of everyone the way Lindros did.

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...since his concussion. Does anyone think maybe he'll ever be the same player he was before the concussion ?

no we should dump his ass.... he sucks now, and has turned yellow to boot :rolleyes:

i mean cripes sakes it's been a month, he should be scoring 4 a night....

competitors compete...G is a competitor he will be fine, he will find a way to counter the attention he receives now that he's an art ross candidate and a leader on a good team.

i haven't noticed anything different from his play other than he has less time to create because other teams are looking for 28 in orange.

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i haven't noticed anything different from his play other than he has less time to create because other teams are looking for 28 in orange.

Well, it could be that in the back of his mind he's worrying about the next hit, it could be what you just mentioned above, or it could be he's just (as hockey cliches go) "on the schnied" -whatever that means. But sometimes what makes great players great is this magic that cannot be measured that certain players possess. Well what if he lost that magic when Simmonds knee hit his head and now he just has his skill and work ethic to rely on ? ( as stupid as that sounds ).

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