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Nylander traded to the Penguins!!

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Okay it was Alex not Wee Willie. For something named Sam Lafferty. Just had fun with the headline.

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1 hour ago, yave1964 said:

Okay it was Alex not Wee Willie. For something named Sam Lafferty. Just had fun with the headline.


Ok yave, so I gave you a "like"...and I'll follow that up with...jerk!     :lol:

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Well...you know, it's ABOUT DAMNED TIME!

Willie Nylander is a fine player who is continuously living in the shadow of Mitch "Small Man" Marner, Auston "Peachfuzz Stache" Matthews, and Johnny Pajamas!
Nylander deserves more of the spotlight as he is every bit as good as those guys!

Now, with the Pittsburgh organization, and guys like Malkin and Crosby slowing down a bit, Nylander will get his time to shine and be "The Man!".
Great shooter, good wheels, very offensive minded....should fit in FANTASTIC with the Pittsburgh Penguins!

I can't wait to see the looks on Leaves® fans faces when the Pens meet Toronto in the post season, and Nylander nets the series clincher!!
Meh...scratch that...in order for Pittsburgh to meet Toronto, the boys in blue would ACTUALLY have to get past the first round :ph34r: 

Anyways....yea, Willie Nylander...your time is NOW!
Make the most of it young man, make the most of it!
You now get to play alongside a guy who truly makes linemates better, a true winner, a guy who actually has a freakin Stanley Cup,  and will gladly turn the torch over to you in the near future when it is time....Sidney Crosby!

I bet Nylander's family is tickled black n gold now that he.....  what? What's that you say?

**Someone in the background whispering in TFG's ears**

Ohhhhhh, THAT Nylander.
Well, now...that is different then, isn't it?

As my good friend Emily Litella would say:

917775767_EmilyLitella-NeverMind(small).gif.7da507e1aa49d840fd117ab47680bb9c.gif.fb98823819dec116eaaa103e51fc4b96.gif                     😁 

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