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Game 36 (2nd Try): Bruins at Flyers; 1/13/22 @ 7, ESPN

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6 hours ago, GrittyForever said:

Boston missing half their starting D as well as playing back to back. I think that had a lot to do with it. 


And the Flyers missing their #1 D-man for the entire season has something to do with it too. But no argument - it's obvious which team belongs in the PO conversation and which one doesn't. I was just happy to see the Flyers actually compete for a change. 

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Well they have to "develop" him.

Pastranuk 3-Flyers 2. That’s how teams win certain games and gain important points in the standings. A veteran player steps up and shows everyone how it’s done.The Flyers still don’t have a true gamer who can rise to the occasion and  single-handedly win a game. Our guys usually disappear and go on 15 game scoreless streaks. Farabee might potentially become that kinda guy for the Flyers. I don’t think he is as skilled as Pastanuk but he is probably our most naturally skilled young guy at this po

I agree. Seems like they are just confusing the kid....         Kid needs to be given bigger minutes and better line mates and with their pathetic record now allowed to play through his bumps in the road.   Getting him confident and playing well should be key moving forward because they are not going to make the playoffs this year.   So if anything can be taken form the season at least get them playing well to end the season to prepare

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