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Schneider: Keep or Trade

Guest BrowntoBure

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Lets fire this bad boy back up again.

Definate risks to both options here,

Schneider's value will never be higher, but with the Canucks being up close to the cap already it really handcuffs them as to what kind of player they could bring in without having to clear salary as well, and they'd have to find a backup... Don't think Eddie Lack is ready to fill that role quite yet.

Luongo though very strong again this year does have the occasional game where he gets roasted in the playoffs, whether it be from the team in front of him or his own performance, but I for one feel a lot more comfortable with the safety net of Cory Schneider to fall back on, should things go south again.

Gillis has a very tough decision to make leading up to the deadline, thoughts?

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I really doubt Gillis will trade off either one of his goalies by the trade deadline. He would need to have an offer he can't refuse. I see them making a move though at the draft. I think it might be in their long term best interests to trade Luongo and his huge contract. Then if not by trade, pick up a suitable backup to go forward with in free agency. Imo, Schneider will be the better goalie over the next 5 years. Luongo is all ready 32 and signed for far too many years.

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Luongo has a NTC which he can opt out of if he wishes next year, with a team option the following year and Gillis has already said that he will not ask a player to waive a no trade. So with that, and his contract it would be pretty tough to move him... I agree though, the only way they should move Schneider now is if they get an offer they simply can't say no too. With Schneider being a RFA they will most likely not get much better than a 1st and 3rd rounder... but if they can ride both of these guys to the cup nobody in Vancouver will care what happens .

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From a Flyers stand point (take this with a grain of salt), I would be willing to do the following:

Schneider & Edler from Van

JVR & Bobs & Lijla + 2012 2nd rounder from Philly.

On the cash side Van saves about 100K against the cap. Van gets a potential #1 goalie that needs to be groomed for 1-3 more years and a high potential power forward LW in JVR. Lijla is to replace Edler (well at least give you another d body).

Philly gets a really nice 3/4 dman (potential 1/2) that can play all situations and has good size. They also get the #1 goalie that they need who is ready to step into the job today. The Bryze situation can be resolved later.

Lets get 'er done! :-)

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