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cold rinks

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A town across the lake runs the youth program out of two different rinks. One is the college rink, which is a beautiful, comfortable place. The other used to be a bowling alley and has seen better days. It's cold, clammy and doesn't smell all that good.

One of the organizers told me that the really young players are always scheduled for the nicer arena. It's a better venue for the kids and parents.

He said that after a couple years, when everyone is good and hooked, they're not so fussy about where they play.

Sound thinking.

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@WingNut722 - well, I've never been to Buffalo so that makes us even I guess. Actually, Halifax is a wonderful city that is not much like Buffalo at all. It is wet and clammy though and sometimes, down at the water, it can smell pretty foul.

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but Halifax has way better pubs. I know, I've been to all of them many times.

One of my regrets is that I've never been to the maritimes. We've sent kids there and they've been cared for and greeted with universal good will.

Also, I sure would like to get me some of that screech.

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