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Quotable: Bryzgalov's Got His Sports Confused

Guest Irishjim

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By Enrico Campitelli Jr. (




Flyers goalie and master of his own universe Ilya Bryzgalov got the shutout in goal for the Flyers last night. Then, of course, he lost in the shootout.

Bryz was asked this afternoon about how he feels about that pesky shootout that we all love so, so much.

Bryz on shootouts: "It feels like there's a soccer net behind me."How come the Flyers' opponents goalies never have to use a soccer net in the shootout? Could be a nice handicapper given how awful the orange and black have been at the finishing stunt.

original photo by Paul Rudderow

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Truthfully, they should practice winning in regulation. Don't even let the other team think about the pity point possibility. More realistic topics that I feel are more important include:

- Defenseman hitting the net from the offensive blue line, from each corner and down the center of the ice.

- Forwards practicing screening goalies, while others take turns shooting from the slot, faceoff circles, and point. This helps the goalies too.

- Odd man rushes (2 on 1 and 3 on 2). This helps everyone involved.

- 5 on 5 drills where one group starts in the defensive zone against the 1-3-1. The target behavior is to make successful breakout passes, maintain control of the puck through the neutral zone, and get a shot on goal / offensive possession. A save or goal has the roles reversed.

Shootouts are sadly important in the regular season, but if the Flyers can put teams away before OT, they are irrelevant. Some of these other scenarios I think are a bit more important to their every-game success.

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Again, great points. And it is obvious the Flyers have tried hard not to let games get to a shootout. But a point is a point, and there isn't any reason to just give them away because the team doesn't come prepared to outperform their opponent.

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